I believe I've been phished for, what do I do?

I believe I've been phished for, what do I do? Topic: I believe I've been phished for, what do I do?
June 25, 2019 / By Amelia
Question: Pretty late I decided to see if there was a way to check my Chase info online, but I went to a site called myaccount.chase.com, which I didn't know to be a scammed site since my damn Norton was supposed t help me detect thiss ****. So desperate out of my mind I tried to find the right site, but out of fear of being phished for I ended upp going to another site (chaseonline.chase.com r some **** like that). There Im put in my SSN and my CC number again then found out that was a scam too now I'm afraid out of my mind and I don't know what to do, I'm only 15 and I'm afraid that alot may have happened to me already. I believe that this is my last line for help before I break down and probably give up on trying to do anything for my life. Please whatever you can please help. Would be nice if I was just bein critical over nothing, pls say that :(
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Walter Walter | 2 days ago
chaseonline.chase.com and myaccount.chase.com aren't phishing sites. They are real Chase bank websites. I've been confused before by the "myaccount.chase.com" because it keeps its records on a seperate system than the main Chase bank, typically for state programs and such. If you've lost money, look at your computer and your internet connection, I don't think it is coming from those sites.
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Russ Russ
Phishing is a internet site that could look like some element and 'phish' on your understanding. Mor intance, your handle, financial employer account quantity, some element inner maximum. some internet browsers permit you already know if its a phishing internet internet site, and for people who use internet explorer with the yahoo device bar, click 'equipment' and click on Phishing sparkling out. you are able to verify the internet internet site to look despite if it fairly is a phishing internet site, rfile it as one, turn on the sparkling out, and restore the settings. One ingredient for myspace thats a phishing internet site-'music who's peeking on your profile!!' do not use that. desire i helped. ?
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Mose Mose
Both https://www.myaccount.chase.com/ and https://chaseonline.chase.com/ are legitimate sites and belong to Chase bank. You're lucky, learn how to recognise phishing sites and STOP GIVING YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION TO SITES YOU DON'T KNOW TO BE 100% LEGIT. http://www.google.com/search?q=recognize... This information has been on the internet for f....g years and I've got no sympathy for anyone who gets phished.
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Kelly Kelly
you need to use the phone and call Chase number should be on your credit card get all your info change password credit card number and pin number then you need to go to http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx and report the crime
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