How do I deal with a paranoid person?

How do I deal with a paranoid person? Topic: How do I deal with a paranoid person?
June 16, 2019 / By Amice
Question: A co-worker of mine has, for years, suspected she is being the object of persecution - that people want to overhear private things about her life in order to harm her. All appeals to reason have failed, and now that she's in her last stages of pregnancy, it is even worse. it seems I'm her main confidant at work, yet every time she calls me -at my cell phone- she wants to know if I can talk alone or if there is somebody who can overhear the conversation. This is driving me nuts. What can I do, short of telling her off?
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Warwick Warwick | 7 days ago
come out and tell her you're a cia agent and that they've been tracking her for some time now...then just stare at her until she laughs. problem solved.
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Warwick Originally Answered: How should I deal with this person?
Beginning of last week, suggested do something together, I texted her my availability later that day. She never texted me back, and I didn't think much of it. Next time I saw her, she apologized. Monday, offered to go out after her shift. She never responded. I texted her around 9 again. No reponse. I called at 9:30... no answer. I was a little bit mad, but I wasn't super pissed at this point. ***twice is enough to tell you that she is a flake ***how you handle future incident where she suggest or offers, you control the situation for once. ***you tell her a time or a date when you feel ok with going out and you tell her to give you a call or text 1/2 hour before to re-confirm if it is still on. ***if she does not call or text 1/2 hr prior, then she had other things to do or she is flaked out on you, but at least you know and will no longer be caught off guard. Tuesday, she apologized for "being a jerk." Yesterday, I said, "Did I do something to upset you? If so, I would like to apologize." No response. ***further concrete stuff to say that her time is more important than yours to even provide a courtesy response ***keep it professional, keep the friendship at the workplace, because her personal time is disorganized and disrespectful towards others At this point, I'm really trying to figure out what's going through her head. ***waste of time since she never says what are the reasons, she just says sorry over and over again, most people who repeat the same errors would explain themselves so there would be some understanding, this of course is people who actually feel sincere remorse for wronging a person over and over again I'm trying to figure out if I did something wrong. ***you did nothing wrong except to being a better person than her ***maybe her life is in trouble ***maybe she is mentally disturbed I'm thinking about going in to where we work today and confronting her face-to-face. ***any personal issues should be handled not at the workplace ***very bad idea
Warwick Originally Answered: How should I deal with this person?
Ignore her if you feel like she's blowing you off on purpose. She probably has a lot going on. Don't read into the texts too much and handle it in person if you want to be her friend.
Warwick Originally Answered: How should I deal with this person?
Are you saying you suspect somebody has poisoned your sister? Maybe someone has - but not intentionally. Maybe your sister should have an allergy test and it might be something really simple light cat hair causing the problem. if you think you have enough evidence and this isn't a bout of paranoia then go to the police.

Rylan Rylan
i used to be a bit paranoid. i slowly realized i couldn't control everything, though. Hopefully it's just a phase but 4 years is pretty fckng long.
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Rylan Originally Answered: How do you deal with a hostile person?
They are already angry and defensive. So you don't want to do anything that will make them more so, like confronting them, or becoming angry or defensive yourself. So, try to stay completely calm. Let them talk and blow off steam. Say nothing or very little until they calm down. If possible, tell them that they have a good point (here and there). After they have vented, say why you are there and what you would like to check out--again, as calmly as possible. Don't accuse them of anything--If possible tell them that you are sure the problem is just a mistake, or an oversight, and maybe they could help you straighten it out. Usually this works. If it doesn't, just tell her you'll check back with her later, and leave, as you did. She may realize that she was out of line, and be more receptive later. If ithat doesn't work, and you still need help, ask to talk to her supervisor. Supervisors are usually more courteous and more adept at solving problems. I hope this helps!
Rylan Originally Answered: How do you deal with a hostile person?
People are very touchy where money is involved. Or maybe she was in the middle of a personal crisis. I wouldn't take it personally unless she keeps it up. Then you could just ask her.

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