What other things could I do to improve my college admition chances?

What other things could I do to improve my college admition chances? Topic: What other things could I do to improve my college admition chances?
June 16, 2019 / By Amilia
Question: I am trying my hardest to make straight A's (even though I think I might get a high B this semester), I am planning to join two or three clubs next year. Currently I am participating in a soccer team and I have volunteered in a charity organization for three years in a row (christmas stuff). I really have no clue on what's good or bad for my college application, so I thought I would ask on here. Thanks in advance.
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Wat Wat | 9 days ago
The spelling tip is a really good idea- and don't rely on spell check! You have to be able to recognize the mistakes that the checker misses. AND- here's an absolute must- learn how to write well- especially essays. You'll be doing that a lot as you get closer to college apps and it is amazing what high school seniors cannot put together on paper... And grammar matters! And people do notice! (You're doing quite well on these already.) Be involved in some extra-curricular activities (which you have some of already)- choose something that you're really interested in, not just 'quantity'. I didn't do a lot along that line, but what I did, I did well (Choir, Science Fair, Spell Bowl- obviously, you don't need to focus on 'cool stuff';-P). Maintaining a good GPA is 'good' but don't necessarily aim for all A's. Being well-rounded is more important. Good Luck!
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Wat Originally Answered: Activities to improve chances of college acceptance?
During the summer, you could start doing volunteer work to accumulate community service hours. Colleges look for students who are involved in their communities outside of school, so I highly recommend doing this. Doing it over the summer is best, that way, during the school year, you can concentrate on academics and the sports you play. During lunch, visit your guidance counselor and ask them for a community service form. You'll have to fill it out, get a parent's signature, and so on. Without this form, your hours will not be logged in and, thus, will not count. In other words, it's imperative you get this form! Aside from good grades, colleges also look at the rigor of the courses you took. Honors and AP courses are more rigorous than regular level courses, so make sure to sign up for some! Colleges want to see that you weren't afraid to challenge yourself academically. AP stands for Advanced Placement and is considered college level, but offered to high school students. The easiest AP courses, generally speaking, are AP Human Geography and AP Psychology. Honors clubs also look good to colleges. So, for example, if you love English, you could join your schools' National English Honor Society or write for your school's newspaper. Hope this helps!

Sachie Sachie
There are a lot of things that colleges look for. You already have two of them covered, which are academics and activities. If you are taking a lot of AP/IB classes and such, that will help your application even more because colleges look for students that challenge themselves intellectually. In terms of activities, usually you want to be involved with more than just one club or organization because it shows that you have the ability to focus on several different things in addition to school. It also means that you would likely spend time doing other things when you're in college as well. But along with that, SAT/ACT scores are very important. Your college application essay is also very crucial (usually is a sign of your character and abilities), letters of recommendation. I think the last thing that is essential is your leadership abilities. Having a leadership role in a club, group, or team shows that you're willing to commit and lead a group of people. Colleges are always looking for that trait in applicants. Not everyone can cover all aspects of those traits, but just do what you can. Basically, try to show the best parts about you and show to the application college why you would be a good fit in their college.
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Murdoch Murdoch
You are already thinking along the right lines--leadership activities are looked upon favorably--as are other group-related extracurricular activities--I think that personal cultural activities are also good--For example--if you play a instrument or dance, etc...you don't just ahve to be part of a club--if you demonstrate an interest in a specific activity and show your interest andwillingness to learn--it shows that you can learn outside of what is required by the school system and that you are creative and interested in trying new things--having an open-mind, etc... And yes--study for those SAT's...those do matter... You charitable volunteering is wonderful! Keep up the good work! and Good Luck:)
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Kendall Kendall
Wow. All of those things look really good. You might try to do something with leadership. Either in a club you are in, or in the student government. I think one of the best things is a nice variety that show what a well rounded person you are. academic clubs are also good choices, debate clubs, etc. Also, if you can get involved in any contests, essay writing things or whatever, winning something like that looks great on a college app. good luck to you. you seem to be very smart.
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Hilkiah Hilkiah
participate in science fairs and win participate in talent contests and win it's about excellence and leadership, not simple membership. like how did the chess club change when you were president? how did you improve student council when you were on it. and do well on the SAT.
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Elrod Elrod
volunteer on your community. basically google "volunteer in (positioned your city there)" OR in case you want to artwork for say, a consulting agency some day (for instance) volunteer/intern with a consulting agency and study as a lot as you may there! Then, you'll get references that way too:) in case you want to be on line or are injured and may't volunteer, or too busy to, you may continually take care of or create a facebook web page/team/profile for a non-earnings and artwork with them on social networking, and so on. good success!
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Elrod Originally Answered: Sorry to post again, left some things out. College chances please help!?
if you feel really strongly about Cornell (as I did), I would highly recommend applying early decision. not only does it give you a better chance, it will show that you're enthusiastic about going there, and you won't have to worry about filling out other apps after January! your "stats" look fine to me and you sound really well-rounded, but don't worry about the numbers. focus on writing a great essay to explain your academic and extracurricular experiences, what your goals are, and how you would grow from going to that school. don't let the admission process get to you! getting admitted is just the beginning of your college career, and it's what you do when you get there that really counts. you should show in your essay that you can handle the coursework and contribute to the community. good luck!

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