Why do the Democrats/Liberals in here are all ways posting facts?

Why do the Democrats/Liberals in here are all ways posting facts? Topic: Why do the Democrats/Liberals in here are all ways posting facts?
June 16, 2019 / By Amity
Question: That since Reagan the average wage of Americans has not gone up with the cost of living? But then they make there argument that we should grant amnesty to the illegals that are here? Then they say Reagan was the worst President ever? Don't you think that the illegals that Reagan granted amnesty to help create lower wages. So why would you want obuma to grant amnesty to more illegal which will drive down wages. And why would you want him to enact policy that is the same as Reagan's. It should read gone down under Reagan sorry The facts are what I read from the left in here I am just restating what I read in here
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Watkin Watkin | 10 days ago
I am happy to post facts about Reagan for you: - Reagan's popularity frequently dipped below 50% during his first two years. http://www.fair.org/index.php?page=1832 - Reagan began the systematic dismantling of regulation that was meant to prevent Republican greed from collapsing the economy, as it did to bring on the first Republican Great Depression, and did again at the end of Bush’s term. - With Reagan, Republicans wasted no time in giving the rich a big wet kiss by shifting the tax burden (once 90% under that Socialist Dwight D. Eisenhower) to the middle class. A large number of tax loopholes were written into the tax code that catered to special corporate interests. Reagan’s next move was to bust unions, and stagnate wages while simultaneously increasing credit to give the illusion of wealth. - "Trickle-Down" worked exactly as intended, to benefit the wealthiest at the expense of working class Americans. It increased economic inequality and shifted most of America's wealth to the top. - Republicans then went after education – doing away with civics classes and making education another brass ring that could be grasped only by accumulating massive debt. Debt served to create a society of indentured servants who may think they work for XYZ Company, but really work for the bank. - One of the last pieces of this recipe for Oligarchy was to deregulate the media. Reagan did away with media ownership laws as well as the Fairness doctrine, which made propagandists like Rush Limbaugh possible. The airwaves were then flooded with pro-corporate, anti-worker Republican propaganda to keep the people stupid enough to vote Republican. - Inequality grew by leaps and bounds under Reagan. - As governor, Reagan oversaw the largest tax increase in Californian history. Democratic Governor Jerry Brown cut back the tax rate when he came to office. - As president, Reagan expanded the federal government by about 90%. Reagan allowed the welfare state to enlarge and the military budget to explode causing monstrous budget deficits and government growth that dwarfs government growth under Clinton, even when Clinton had a Democratic Congress. - Reagan also bombed Libya, put the "war" in War on Drugs, allowed the continuation of Selective Service registration (despite his campaign promise to end it), helped the Khmer Rouge terrorize Thailand, imposed brutal trade sanctions on Nicaragua, funded the murderous brutal Contras, sold missiles to Iran, gave assistance to Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden, and lied to the American people. - The foreign policy of Ronald Reagan did more to impoverish and kill the poor and helpless humans of the world than any world leader before or since - with the possible exception of GWB. He was going to defeat communism (which was already falling of its own weight) and he didn't care how many children were burned alive or how many people starved to death on the way. - In 1988, Reagan’s last year in office, outlays as a percent of GDP were running at 21.3% with a deficit of 3.1% of GDP. The budget deficit over Reagan’s eight years averaged 4.2% and ran as high as 6.0% in 1983. (In 1980, the last year of Jimmy Carter’s presidency, government outlays were running at 21.7% of GDP and the budget deficit was 2.7% of GDP.) - Reagan raised taxes twice in 1982, and then raised them again in 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, and 1987. In spite of all those tax hikes, Reagan didn't grow his way out of the deficits caused by his 1981 tax cut. - It took an eighth tax hike from George Bush Sr. in 1989, a ninth in 1990, a tenth from Bill Clinton in 1993, and then another economic boom to erase Reagan’s deficit. Sure, a strong economy helped, but without all those tax increases the deficit would never have disappeared. -Reagan increased unemployment from 7% to 11% in his first three years. The unemployment rate did not get better until his fourth year. - Reagan taxed the wealthy at 50%. (Governing to the right of Reagan, Obama taxes the wealthy at 35%.) - The practice of rewarding incompetent cronies with gigantic useless contracts for unneeded military hardware was elevated to art form under Reagan. Reagan's legendary megalomania, hubris and abject ignorance led him to believe the tales of any crackpot who managed to slither past the goons who comprised his inner circle. Star wars missiles, atomic shields, space-age death rays, you name , he would fall for it and blow billions of your tax dollars on it. - Ideologically, he was a hater and an imperialist and far-right loony-tune. He hated the poor. He hated gays. He hated leftists. He hated communists - and he was pretty sure you were one if you disagreed with him. He never met a social program he didn't scorn. He never met an American in need he wanted to help. His response to the AIDS epidemic is one of the most sickening cold-blooded expressions of pure murderous political evil in the history
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Watkin Originally Answered: How do Progressives Liberals and the Democrats plan to create Jobs private sector jobs Democrats support tax?
Democrats (including Progressives, Liberals, Moderates, and even Bluedogs) have been creating private-sector jobs all along (see whitehouse.gov and recovery.gov for details). By focusing on rebuilding our GOP-outsourced manufacturing jobs base (acknowledging that many of these jobs are gone for good), the Obama administration focused on a Green-Energy technologies initiative that would wean this nation off of a dependency upon foreign oil (perhaps why Koch Family oil barons and National Petroleum Institute have been colluding with right-wing Republicans in the political arena) while also making us NUMBER ONE in the manufacturing of ALTERNATIVE ENERGY RESOURCES. There are now more than 40 states with new or refurbished manufacturing plants helped in 2009 and 2010 by "stimulus" (Recovery and Reinvestment Act) dollars, even though multi-millionaire Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) repeatedly and without valid reason FILIBUSTERED President Obama's vital "Jobs Bill" (see C-SPAN2) until the deal was struck in late 2010. One primary example is found in Wixom, Michigan (Michigan being a state devastated by the GOP-caused outsourcing over the years, the collapse of the housing and credit markets in 2007, and the entire FINANCIAL SYSTEM MELTDOWN in late 2007 on into 2008): A former Ford Motor plant on 340 acres now home to three new renewable energy (solar- and wind-powered) companies, hiring American workers to manufacture their products). Corporations who are NOT paying their fair share in taxes are sitting on TRILLIONS of dollars in profits since President Obama took office---not spending, not sharing, not hiring---like GOP-colluding spoiled-brat 3-year-olds holding onto the football so that no one else can play or profit. Democrats are attempting to convince these wealthy (thanks to Democrats' and President Obama's wise fiscal policies) corporate leaders to quit being so stingy---invest in American workers! If the Democrats can convince the fatcat CEOs to spend their hoarded proceeds on expansions and hiring, this is what is needed. Lowering the deficit can also be done of the 39% tax rate for the wealthiest corporations as well as the millionaires and billionaires is put back into place, thus generating more than $900 BILLION in lost revenues! Stable economy = jobs created. Jobs created = stable economy.
Watkin Originally Answered: How do Progressives Liberals and the Democrats plan to create Jobs private sector jobs Democrats support tax?
i'm a conservative, although i do understand the will for ipod's, i telephones, laptops and computers, it particularly is real production that gets this usa's economic device going.... no longer throwing extra money to the difficulty, like warning to the wind. we could desire to come back to doing issues back in this usa like self adequate style engineering, innovating, producing... yet to initiate a corporation you want some help, and to get that, you want the banks to cooperate. simply by lines of recent government regulations, banks are afraid to lend as they may be objectives as quickly as back of government 'pink-lining'... If the economic device comes back, people have money, they spend, extra hiring, and extra reductions, meaning extra residences bought, extra automobiles offered, etc.... while issues are good, each little thing rolls, yet,...... while situations are perplexing its perplexing to assert the place you will spend your money, and thats in case you have it to spend.... Neither Blue or pink can resolve what purely the individuals themselves can resolve.... i'm neither pink nor BLUE.... i'm pink WHITE and BLUE!!!! usa has to make up its innovations on provider, or Manufacture..... it particularly is this that's the Conundrum.... Lucifur and Hobbit if the banks do no longer supply out loans and we ought to save borrowing on an already borrowed mastercard... Then what's the answer??? Do no longer something merely save stimulating an already considerable provider economic device with borrowed money??? You had extra effective take a glance at what the device has accomplished to usa... extraordinarily entitlements!!!! .... seventy 5 years!!!??? nicely.... a minimum of i be attentive to while Alzheimers kicked in for you.... seventy 5 years in the making... Ummm im for the small corporation guy, no longer the corporate pigs you assume that all people conservatives are for.... Ive worked with my arms all my existence.... I see you have worked inclusive of your precise hand alot.... do you solute inclusive of your left????

Sage Sage
Yeah, let's blame illegals for everything!!!! "Since 1980, median real household income has risen less than 15 percent. The only period of strong middle-class income growth during this time came in the mid- and late 1990s, which by coincidence was also the one time when taxes on the affluent were rising. "For most of the last three decades, tax rates for the wealthy have been falling, while their pretax pay has been rising rapidly. Real incomes at the 99.99th percentile have jumped more than 300 percent since 1980. At the 99th percentile — about $300,000 today — real pay has roughly doubled." http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/24/busine... Stats are from CBO and the Census.
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Murdock Murdock
Liberals never let facts get in their way ! And someone had it right when the Jackass was picked as the democratic Party symbol ..........
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Murdock Originally Answered: Are ALL Liberals and Democrats Anti-Christs?
sell liberals into slavery to the aliens.....problem solved.......boy are they gonna be pissed when they expect the libs to work....

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