Work from home Mommy?

Work from home Mommy? Topic: Work from home Mommy?
June 25, 2019 / By Amy
Question: I really just wanna be with my 2 year old and i hate having to leave her at daycare for 40hrs a week..so how the heck can i work from home?? where do i start? i dont wanna get caught up in those internet scams where you do data entry and stuff like that yea not interested...i am currently working as a book keeper have an extensive admin background and have a degree in graphic design oh and an awesome polynesian dancer....so im kinda lost on how to make a transistion in working from home and still being able to pay the bills any1 or any mommy out there with success stories and tips i'd really enjoy em thanks or just a little biz i can start from home thats profitable ...like jewlery making or soaps...who knows somethin id have fun doing
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Wayland Wayland | 1 day ago
I have started two businesses, and here is what I have found. 1) You need to take your time, be persistent, and consider starting your business a 5-year plan. Money will not run to you, unless you find something "nitch" that is unique to your skills, knowledge, and business perception. 2) Don't listen to anyone who tells you that it can't be done, and there will be even family and friends who may make comments that may try to dissuade you from "having a normal job". 3) Be prepared to work long and hard hours to research every aspect of your business (if you want to succeed...). You are the accountant, the marketer, sales person, IT department, and office manager, just to name a few. The important thing is to know what you want to do, accept the fact that unless you have some very nice "angel investors", you will need to put in a lot of work without pay. This sometimes seems like it's not worth it, but if you can just remember this - you want to look back 5 years from now and say "...I'm glad I started this 5 years ago". If you never start, time just goes by, and you could be saying the same thing, asking the same questions in 5 years, and your 2-year old will be seven. As far as the business, it sounds like you have narrowed down some choices. Bookkeeper, Administrative Assistant, Graphic Design, and AWESOME POLYNESIAN DANCER. Is there a need for any of these things? I know a ton of people who do all of the above, but Polynesian Dancer jumps out at me. Of all your varied talents, which ones can be done at home without doing the drudgery of data entry. Rule out bookkeeping and Admin Assistants are usually needed at the office. Here's an idea, and I am a person who looks for a "niche" business, that way you have less competition and if the service is needed, business COMES TO YOU. Consider this as a business: Start your own school giving home lessons to young girls to teach them how to dance. It sounds exotic, and you must make it attractive to middle class people who send their kids to ballet, piano, tennis, cheerleeding, tumbling, karate, and tons of other lessons. As well as lessons for girls of all ages, you could hold a camp every summer, or multiple times a year. I'm sure you could find high school girls who would love to help. Also, parents have trouble finding a "cool" birthday party theme for their young girls. My last two girl's parties have been a) Glamor Girls and b) Pony Party rides. I have seen enough Chuck-E-Cheese parties to make me feel ill.... Why not offer a Birthday party service? The mother of the birthday girl pays you a lump sum, then you rent a small place and host the birthday party. Keep in mind that most girls love to dress up. Guess what - it's a Polynesian dance party!! Sounds cool to me already. In addition to dancing, with the (hula?) skirts, have a flavor of all cultural items from Polynesia, it's your area of expertise and it sounds like you enjoy it. Bonus - When times get bad in the economy, people will always continue to spend money on their children and entertainment. Now you have a business that is somewhat "niche", has many possible forms of income, and is resistant to slow economic times. Best of all you can start this only on the weekends or after work, which is about the only way to start and continue to pay the bills. Good luck, may you and your family prosper!!
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Wayland Originally Answered: Stay at home mommy!?
Become a mystery shopper. A friend of mine does that--basically you go to different stores, restaurants, banks, etc. and try out what they have (the company you work for will tell you what to do) and you review their service and the product itself. The company pays for your gas sometimes, always pays you to write up the report (usually circling numbers and writing little comments here and there--need to use good grammar), and they'll pay for the product. It's a great way to get out with the baby, as you need to appear like a normal everyday person and you can bring baby. My friend, when she started, made an extra 800 dollars a week doing it.

Saladin Saladin
Work-at-Home ads/surveys/Mystery Shopper/stuffing envelopes/data entry/typing/get paid to read emails/view ads/assembling stuff usually don't pay off. Be especially wary of ads that promise huge annual salaries; they often require expensive upfront fees with no guarantee. You risk losing your money and wasting a lot of time and energy. http://scamalertusa.blogspot.com/
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Murdy Murdy
I have an e-commerce business that might be right for you. If you're interested in more details, send me an email.
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Kenelm Kenelm
Create a website (easy to do with no experience) and learn how to sell it for a lot of extra money at http://www.how-to-sell-a-website.com . It takes a little bit of a time investment, but can pan out rather quickly (a few weeks) to make a lot of extra money.
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Hirah Hirah
Have you asked your current job about the possibility of you working from home? If they are not open to you doing that at least part of the time for the reasons you have presented, you could look into becoming a virtual assistant that works form home. Try Assist U- I have never worked for them, but they are reputable from what I have heard. Balanceyourbooks also hires bookkeepers who work from home. Or start your own bookkeeping service from home. Some people are obviously reluctant to give personal information to someone they have never met. But, it can be done. Build on your good reputation at work.
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Hirah Originally Answered: Is it better if I work at home from home based business online, or 40 hours a week?
I think the best plan is to have a job while you build up your home based business on a part time basis. By keeping your job you can support yourself with the earnings from your job so you can reinvest the profits from your business back into your business to help grow it faster. As your business income grows you can gradually cut back your job to part time and work your business more until you are able to completely replace your income from your job with your business. Be sure to add in the value of any benefits you get from your job like medical insurance that you will have to pay for yourself after you pull the plug on your job. Instead of paying to go back to college, invest the time in educating yourself and get an "on the job" education as you build your business. Read information online, from books, listen to recorded training materials and attend free webinars and conference calls whenever you can. It will take some time and effort, but eventually you will be able to have the freedom to work from anywhere you want to be - live in a remote area where there are no jobs, work the hours you want to work and take a vacation whenever you want to take a vacation.

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