Is Fantasy Good For Us?

Is Fantasy Good For Us? Topic: Is Fantasy Good For Us?
June 16, 2019 / By Anabelle
Question: Hello, For a college research paper, I was asked to study a particular area of interest. I have always wondered about others views on the subject of fantasy. If you could please just spare a minute to give your opinion, it would mean so much to me. Have a great day, -Brett
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Weaver Weaver | 3 days ago
I think all genres of writing are a good escape for readers. Fantasy is a way to live in a mystical magical place and meet creatures and learn about legends and fairy tales. It is a great escape into someone else's mind and allowing them to take you there. The world building that the writing indulges in is good for them as well as the one who reads it. It is an outlet of expression and art in the form of the written word. So I believe that fantasy is a wonderful outlet on many levels since it can encompass a war between good and evil, heaven and hell, a mythic quest, a battle to save the planet, kings and queens, lands of indescribable beauty, it can teach morals and lessons, or just be an incredible love story for the ages. Fantasy can be anything for anyone.
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Weaver Originally Answered: What's a good fantasy book for my ISU?
The book Graceling by Kristin Cashore. Here is a summary: In the world of the Seven Kingdoms, a few people are born with Graces -- talents beyond the ordinary. At age 8, Katsa discovers what hers is: killing. Trained by her uncle, the king, to be his enforcer, Katsa also secretly forms The Council, a group dedicated to helping the helpless. But when she rescues an old man who has been kidnapped by a neighboring king, Katsa meets a man who is nearly her match in fighting, and discovers a mystery that threatens all of the kingdoms.

Salal Salal
I am an "older" reader (55) and caught onto sci-fi fantasy in an English class in college. I agree that it is a way to just let the imagination loose, and I find going away to another land where things can be solved by magic, and where anything can happen quite refreshing. It is les predictable than say, a mystery, which I read also. Many times I am thinking, yes you told us who did it early on, so now what? With a fantasy, anything can happen!
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Murphy Murphy
Fantasy is a what happens when we write or express our wishes. I think it's really important, to wish for more exciting and dramatic things. Like magic :) It's personally my favourite type of genre to read; it transports you to a place so different to reality which I find amazing, especially if I'm sad or depressed :) hope i helped in some way :) xx
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Kennard Kennard
i tend to think that a well-written fantasy is actually better than realistic fiction in terms of importance, because a fantasy can remove everything from our common world but can use these differences to reflect on the universal truths about humanity without any of the restraints of the real world. the concept of quests so typical in fantasy narratives simplifies the human desire for meaning in their lives, so including quests satisfies readers because most us feel like we are striving for something (even if we don't realize it), and its encouraging for readers to see that it *is* possible to succeed in our personal quests. battles in fantasy don't have to account for blurring of good and evil in a real human; because everything is created, an author can create extreme divisions of character and use them allegorically to teach readers and inspire them to an ideal state that cannot be achieved through realism. by having different races in fantasy novels, authors can reflect on how the same things matter to every type of person--readers can look at, say, an elf, realize that it has the same wishes for peace, and can hopefully use that to understand that the different human races in the real world are really not that different from one another. it helps to build a sort of universal human character. as for fantasy monsters, their purpose is two-fold. first, a monster can represent the most elemental form of any human problem (doubt, hatred, lust, etc), so the hero fighting it is symbolizing the human struggle against our lesser nature. secondly, monsters serve to remind us of a time when the world really *was* scary, and remind us that there are things in our real world that we are not masters of. very humbling. fantasy takes imagination, so any work of fantasy encourages us to think in abstract and creative ways, which can help us learn to solve problems outside of reading and to creat new solutions of course, this stands for the well-written and deep stuff. there has to be a meaning behind what the author is doing; sometimes there's no point behind the fantasy, and it has less importance to us. EDIT:: also, fantasy being based in folklore (or at least including some type of mystic past) encourages readers to evaluate our own history and to look back on the old tales. this in turn ties us more deeply to the spread of humanity through the ages and gives more meaning to our lives by identifying our own mythic histories.
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Hizkiah Hizkiah
Fantasy is my favorite genre, because it's helped through a lot. For me it offered a sort of refuge of various hidden worlds, in which I could escape. Plus everything doesn't always have to be serious and realistic. Sometimes you just want to read for the pleasure of it.
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Here is what a fantasy writer has to say....... http://www.neilgaiman.com/p/Cool_Stuff/Essays/Essays_By_Neil/Where_do_you_get_your_ideas%3F

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