My sister is turning 17?

My sister is turning 17? Topic: My sister is turning 17?
July 20, 2019 / By Andee
Question: well my sis has been through a lot, there are some problems she went through that were pretty tough to solve and get out of, so i want to give her a special gift. her b-day is coming up and it's in december. should i get her that special gift for x-mas or her b-day. i'm still getting her a gift for her b-day, but i don't know what? -my sister loves tennis, but she's not crazy about it, so getting anything with jewelry relating to tennis isn't a good idea -she liked reading the gossip girl series, but now the tv show came out and i'm not sure if she's into it anymore -she likes anklets -she likes chain bracelets, thought i'm not sure what kind
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Weldon Weldon | 5 days ago
Give her a really nice cell phone, and tell her that you got it for her so that she knows how much you enjoy receiving her phone calls, and giving her someone to talk to when times get tough.
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Yes if only you and your sister are involved, no if others depend on your input. Also, if you stay, set up the program like a business operation, a corporation.

Salmon Salmon
I'm a little rusty on the latest CD's,but maybe you can get her the lastest CD from her favorite artist. You can take her out to dinner and a movie,and maybe bring along her best friend. People usually expect a gift during Christmas,so taking her out,and showing her a good time,might brighten up her spirits. Now you've given her two gifts of love!. (Good Luck)
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Murtagh Murtagh
Lockets are always special. Maybe some with her name engraved in it... or something inspiration on it. Or even a bracelet. I think she would like that. I'd say give her the special present for her birthday.
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Kenneth Kenneth
a 17yr old girl.......and you need a present? if she uses her phone alot, a bluetooth.......if she's a music person, an ipod touch,........if you want something sentimental....name a star after her or get a talking digital picture frame of you both or write a poem bout her and take her on a girls night out.....something interactive that you do together is always fun......or you can always give her tickets to go see chris brown HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH......or maybe a book about overcoming, full of encouraging quotes and phrases
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