Is Manu Smriti a false document meant for political gains?

Is Manu Smriti a false document meant for political gains? Topic: Is Manu Smriti a false document meant for political gains?
June 20, 2019 / By Andi
Question: Was manu smriti written by Manu or someone else ? When it was written ? what was the political situation at that time? why it was written? Manu smriti appears to be a document for day to day laws for hindus. But we find that the status of low caste people is below animals in it. How can a great , pious hindu religion make some human beings as insects and pests while trees and animals are revered. All the while when human birth is said to be coveted even by gods who want to become human , meditate and attain moksha. Is there a political conspiracy? Manu Smriti was written by a brahmin scholar Sumati Bhargava for the purpose of establishing brahmin hindu superiority in 200 BC. In 200 BC King Pushya Mitra Sunga (a Brahmin) captured power from Last Buddhist Mauryan king by killing him by deceit. Sunga was his Commander in chief. Buddhism was at its peak in India. Sunga hated Buddhists. Sunga was a fundamentalist and similar to Hitler he ordered genocide of Buddhists and jains. Also he did all this : 1) Killing of Buddhist/ Jain Monks @ 100 gold coins per head reward 2) Destroying most of 84000 Buddhist stupas & pillars made by Ashoka 3) Writing of Manu Smriti by Sumati Bhargava. This made Buddhists as shudras and shudras were below animals as untouchables. Shudras life was like in hell. They were assigned jobs as cleaning toilets , rearing pigs etc. 4) Writing of Sanskrit language by Panini. Prior to panini Sanskrit was called Chandas language. Panini wrote first grammer so Sanskrit was established as a language for hindu religion. 5) Writing of Yoga Sutra by his chief priest Patanjali. 80% Yoga sutra is Buddhist. Yoga sutra started sankhya system to which Vivekananda belongs. So it was a clear genocide and brainwash of indians by Pushya mitra Sunga only for the purpose of keeping hindu brahmin superiority and ensuring slavery system for comforts of the rich and influential.
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Wendel Wendel | 6 days ago
Vedic hinuisim was a true religion from prophets. Later they started beliving many gods. And during Aryan powerful control period they introduced relentless laws to curb the powers of local Dravidian population whom they called shudras. this law has no concern with religion but it was made religion for poor by force of cruel hands. read some points then u l know: Strong Social Control of Aryans - Proved A New Turn: Despite this respect for the Vedas we see the following strange orders which represent clearly that our Aryan ancestors make some heinous rules to control their subordinates, and surely they have re-arranged all or part of Vedic knowledge, plus new addition of changes. 31 Then he (Brahma-The God) created Brahmns, Khshtris, Vishwas and shooder from his mouth, arms, thighs and foot respectively for betterment of worlds. (Manno Ka Dharam, Chapter 1, P-31) "First part of the name of Brahmn should be with the meaning of some blessed thing, khashtri should be strength, Wishwas should be wealth while first part of shooder name must represent meaning of some hateful thing. Second part of the name of brahmn should represent some happiness, khshtri should represent safety or defence, wishwas should represent growth and shooder should represent the meaning of service etc. " (Manno Ka Dharam, Chapter 2, P-31…32) "Even if owner will make a shooder free he will not be free because service is his nature and who have authority to make him free from service". (Manno Ka Dharam, Chapter 8, P-406) 262 Shooder who abuse a brahmn, khshtri or wishwas, his tongue will be cut. 263 If he remember personality of any one of higher castes rudely, a hot red iron rod, ten fingers long would be inserted in his mouth. 264 If he remind to a brahmn about his duties rudely, then king will put hot oil in his ear and mouth. 272 The lower caste will attack with a part of his body on higher castes, the same part of his body will be cut. 273 If he lifts hand or stick, hand will be cut, and if he kicks with anger his foot would be cut. 274 If a lower caste person will try to sit on a seat of higher caste his buttock would be burned with hot iron. 275 If any of this caste spit with anger to a higher caste person then his lips should be cut, if he make urine then his penis should be cut, if he make air then his cloacae should be cut. And so on (Manno Ka Dharam, Chapter 8, 262 and so on)
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Sam Sam
The Manu smriti Taks about the four constituent pillars of society all over the world whether any country or group accepts manu smriti or not it is alwys algned along the lines of manu smriti. The four groups quoted are Those who are intellectuals and spend their time learning, educating and doing research, The second group is defence forces and internal security forces named as army, navy , Air force, Para military Military intelligence and espionage, diplomats and administrators, The third group is people doing any kind of business, and the fourth group consists of labour which toils for the society. Manu named these as Brhma. Kshtriya, Vaisya and Sudra. Only in India thiese names are Used even though the practice is all over the world(Even US has Its quota of labourers). Society automatically segregates along these lines and evry group holds itself apart from other groups.The westerners found it a useful device to divide nd rule India. After Independence It is being perpetuated by the congress party.
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Murty Murty
First of all if a criminal wears a dress of Police and you accept him as Policeman NOT asking his credentials who is at fault? The so called caste system is NOT caste AT ALL! The bluffers were the so called Brahmanas but people should should be intelligent to reject them if they did NOT possess the QUALIFICATIONS of Brahmanas. The society is divided according to GUNA and VARNA. But what happened was that unqualified persons started bluffing they were Brahmanas. If you carefully read Bhagavad Gita as it is the TRUTH is in front of you. Just because someone bluffed you with counterfiet coin that does NOT mean all coins are counterfiet. Please read below: SB 5.1.14 P The Activities of Maharaja Priyavrata In this verse, the words tantyam guna-karma-damabhih are very important. We each get a body according to our association with the gunas, the qualities or modes of material nature, and we act accordingly. As stated in Bhagavad-gita, the four orders of the social system--namely brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya and sudra--are arranged according to guna and karma, their qualities and work. There is some controversy about this, however, because some say that since one receives a body according to the guna and karma of his past life, it is one's birth that determines his social status. Others say, however, that one's birth according to the guna and karma of his past life is not the essential consideration, since one can change his guna and karma even in this life. Thus they say that the four divisions of the social order--brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya and sudra--should be arranged according to the guna and karma of this life. This version is confirmed in Srimad-Bhagavatam by Narada Muni. While instructing Maharaja Yudhisthira about the symptoms of guna and karma, Narada Muni said that these symptoms must govern the division of society. In other words, if a person born in the family of a brahmana has the symptoms of a sudra, he should be designated as a sudra. Similarly, if a sudra has brahminical qualities, he should be designated a brahmana. SB 9.21.21 The Dynasty of Bharata; This verse gives evidence confirming the statement of Bhagavad-gita that the orders of society--brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya and sudra--are calculated in terms of qualities and activities (guna-karma-vibhagasah). All the descendants of Ajamidha, who was a ksatriya, became brahmanas. This was certainly because of their qualities and activities. Similarly, sometimes the sons of brahmanas or ksatriyas become vaisyas (brahmana-vaisyatam gatah). When a ksatriya or brahmana adopts the occupation or duty of a vaisya (krsi-go-raksya-vanijyam), he is certainly counted as a vaisya. On the other hand, if one is born a vaisya, by his activities he can become a brahmana. This is confirmed by Narada Muni. Yasya yal-laksanam proktam. The members of the varnas, or social orders--brahmana, ksatriya, vaisya and sudra--must be ascertained by their symptoms, not by birth. Birth is immaterial; quality is essential.
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