Is too much intelligence and deep thought counter-productive to evolution/survival?

Is too much intelligence and deep thought counter-productive to evolution/survival? Topic: Is too much intelligence and deep thought counter-productive to evolution/survival?
June 20, 2019 / By Andra
Question: For example even the simplest thing like calling a guy you have a crush on takes so much thought, nerves, what should I say, what if he won't want to talk to me or doesn't call back - it could eat someone up alive. Or what to wear, technology (self explanatory) and so on. If humans were as smart as let's say a 10 year old and no more - enough to get food, have fun and live happily ever after would it be more better for the human race?
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Wesley Wesley | 7 days ago
As children - we would surely be more happier and blissful, and that's a fact. Would it be better - no. As children we wouldn't be able to survive, our critical thinking helps us to solve problems and deal with difficult situations in life. We need an adult mind, but we also need to awaken our inner child. Balance is the key to happiness. An ideal thing would be to have a heart of a 10-year old but mind of an adult person. We haven't been able to find balance so far. Happiness is so close - and children know that. And yet - we adults seem to think that happiness is somewhere far away and difficult to attain. It's so close, but we don't see it - 'cause we dwell on things too much. And if you think and over-analyze things, you'll see a flaw with even the most beautiful things in life.
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Listen to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9FXhWKiQ... And "Whip your hair back and forth, whip your hair back and forth".

Sammie Sammie
Too much intelligence may be a bad thing if the person over analyzes every situation thus leaving them no time to really breath and enjoy life. If every situation is broken apart and investigated every event would be on overtime for thought. There needs to be a balance between work and play. There is a place for intelligence; some examples of places are forensics, science, technology, and education. While being 10 is fun, a ten year old has no legal responsibilities and cannot really be held accountable for judgments. They cannot sign contracts and do most things without permission. Most ten year olds do not see past tomorrow, as an adult you take life more seriously. There us an old proverb which states "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" and means that if you do not have the balance between education and play then you are boring. If a man goes to work and he has to wear a suit, do you think he is going to walk around in his suit when at home? or is he going to change and put on maybe some slippers to be comfortable? Not having a balance between intelligence and fun is like the guy who would wear his business suit all day and night and never taking it off.
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Myles Myles
Nope, it'd be Lord of the Flies. 10 year olds wouldn't be able to coordinate food or division of labor well. They'd constantly battle over who was dominant or who got what, and generally not have a good system of rules or civility. They wouldn't exactly have parents around to raise them. And they'd have no ability to handle any medical issues that would certainly arise, or to handle anything requiring more than simple math skills etc. Do remember that anyone as "smart" as a ten year old in this day and age has been raised by those older. They don't get that way on their own. Humans evolved intelligence and deeper thought because it's generally been conducive to survival. All those who were less intelligent got eaten, or something comparable.
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Kenny Kenny
First part of the question was about lacking nerves, and the solution is go for it, then you won't need to be nervous anymore. The second part of the question was about the lack of responsibility, well it seems that without responsibility there was no need to even consider progress but from this you can work out that the lack of knowledge would make the world less stable than it is at the moment.
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Hollis Hollis
honestly man, humans only use even less than 10% of brain mass, which is odd coz there shouldn't be anything hindering us to use if not all, then most of it... lol, study shows that the more u use ur brain the better ur memory and analytical capacity will become, therefore the more u use ur brains on deciding even if it takes alot of power (coz 20% of energy produced by the body is consumed by the brains), it would mean the more u use ur brain the better ur decisions will be... in other words its a good thing, better memory better decision less mistakes possible... and thinking much burns calories since ur body will naturally burn it to eat up energy, talk about brain exercise lol but i warn u brain strain can cause hunger lol (sorry for my english im asian, hope u got what i meant)
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Elwin Elwin
too much of everything is bad. Einstein is so smart he has a bad hair-do. Palin is so NOT smart she couldn't explain how a stimulus worked yet wanted to be VP. I'd say have moderate knowledge but continue to seek it throughout. I may school you on investment vehicles but cannot explain the movement of atoms around a nucleus
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Elwin Originally Answered: Malcolm X's evolution of thought?
The autobiography is the main source. He began with an inferiority complex, brought largely by being one of the few blacks in his area and from having a mother with a severe mental illness. By his teens that developed into something like nihilism- he was self-centered and saw everything else as something to use for his benefit- women, whites, blacks, didn't matter- "I sold black women to white men and white women to black men" and "I sold narcotics and did narcotics", etc.. In prison he converted to the Nation of Islam (which is to mainstream Islam something like the Aryan Nations are to mainstream Christianity) and for the first time felt acceptance and benevolence and divine grace and as such felt that the sect and its leaders could do no wrong. Eventually he could no longer rationalize the church's corruption or his own observations that were completely contrary to the teachings of the Quran (which, say what you will about it, preaches the equality of the races and also that Muhammad was the last of the prophets of Allah, while Elijah Muhammad claimed he was a prophet of Allah and that the white race was literally demonic) and at this time he embraced the critical thinking skills that had been with him all along. He was very muchin transition when he died- had he survived the assassination it's possible he would have been one of the most conciliatory or one of the most radical on terms of race relations within a couple of years. When Spike Lee produced the movie MALCOLM X he divided Malcolm's life into several chapters, each of which represent a different period of thought, and used very different lighting in each one. Throughout his life Malcolm was a man of very keen observations and analytical skills, though he sometimes put them both on hold. He also stressed the value of education more than almost any other black authority figure of his times and had little patience for those who willfully remained in ignorance. He read voraciously in prison and as much as he could afterwards (though his ministry and family responsibilities of course reduced his time). From the autobiography you'll see he was an amateur linguist and semioticist- he was extremely concerned with the origins and usage of words; I've little doubt he'd have become a Ph.D. and college faculty member had he lived. One of his most biting comments on black America was the lack of emphasis on education: "How many dictionaries and reference books do you suppose we would collect if we went through a black housing project in New York? Enough to fill a car trunk or van? Or maybe a suitcase? We can't blame the white man for the dictionaries black children don't have." Another powerful comment in the same speech that says much of his views during his last transition (from loyal NoI to independent Sunni Muslim): "Poverty...provides no excuse for ignorance any more than history does. Ignorance breeds poverty, it's not the other way around."

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