Why do i suck at everything.?

Why do i suck at everything.? Topic: Why do i suck at everything.?
June 20, 2019 / By Andrea
Question: I suck at EVERYTHING , im not kidding. I suck at math , all school subjects, But I love science and english , but i suck at them!? Its really annoying! I try everything I can , im a really give it a go girl , but everything I do , i suck at!? How do I become good at something , if its something i suck at really badly , like art , its so boring to do , but i want to be good at it , but everything i do is a complete shambles :c , please help me.
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Westley Westley | 8 days ago
First of all change your attitude. One of my teachers told me if your not good at something or don't like something change your attitude! Tell your self you CAN and WILL do it! If you have a positive attitude their will be a positive outcome. Also study daily (even if it's for just five minutes) it can help! Also ASK QUESTIONS! Many people are afraid to ask questions because they think people will think they are stupid, but that is not the case. The more questions you ask the more you learn! Also if it is something like art practice practice practice! Also you can go on Youtube and get help from tutorials. As you get better you can try drawing things on your own. Just don't give up! :)
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1.) yes. Your brother is an idiot. He's 9. That's his job. Everything that goes with being 9 goes with everything you have described. #2.) I am getting the idea that your mother is "over protective" of your younger brother.. and it's not so much that she loves him more, it's more as "he's an egg that can be dropped on the floor and broken any moment" ..."Get your mother to love you"... You might have to wait another 9 years until your brother is not a child. It sounds like your mother forgot that you are not an adult yet. She must see you as autonomous, and close to adult hood, as she expects your behavior to be completely that of adult. If you are going to enter collage THIS FALL- then her expectations are not too far off. If this is the case.. You need to 'suck it up and drive on' A common problem with mothers, is that they can only focus on one child at time. Now that your bother is no longer a baby, he needs a different kind of attention- the attention you previously received.' It's not your fault- your mother might have a hard time focusing on more then one child. When your brother was a baby, his care was more of the physical kind- no longer. If either one of you requires more care, it's going to be a 9 year old. It's just instinct- she may not even be aware she is doing it. When this starts again, you might want to bring your relationship into sharp relief. Allow them to see what is happening. "I know you have a perception on what is going on here- and it's not the same perception that I have. If you were me- how do you THINK I am going to respond to this?" (Being told you can't play ping pong with your dad) If all else fails.. and you can't get through to them... you can drop this bomb: " I am really fearful of how our current relationship is going. Do you really want me to go out and start my life with this perception of how "we" are? I'm really afraid that our relationship is going to sour. What happens when I get married and have children. Are they going to have grandparents?" The threat of non existent grand-kids can work.. but I would not try that until all other courses of action have failed. You may not have any desire to have children.. EVER.. but most parents want grand kids.. regardless of your plans If you have a few more years before you enter collage, you are not an adult. Your parents still have some time to teach and guide you- and you require their protection and love while this happens. If you are going to enter collage, it's time to go to sleep tonight, and wake up an adult tomorrow. seriously. Start acting like you are an adult living at your parent's home. Your teen-aged rules are still in force (how can they not be?) but place in your mind that you're an adult, living in your parents home. Adults: clean up after themselves pitch in for rent and food do pretty much everything themselves- including washing clothes, cooking lunch, and at times, giving back to the host/hostess by cooking lunch for them, If you eat a supper cooked by your parents- start thanking them for the meal- as if you have no REAL right to it. If you are an "Adult" you really don't.
Westley Originally Answered: Why does my life suck?
I don't think it's a matter of your Mom liking you. In fact, I'm sure she loves you. It sounds like your parents have provided you with a wonderful home and great opportunity for your future. I think you need to realize that your brother is only 9 yrs old. He's still a child. Of course he has no concept of money or much of anything else. At that age all most kids can think about is what they want to do. You are his big brother and believe it or not, I think what he's trying to do is to get your attention. He looks up to you even though he bugs the crap out of you. Since you are older he sees you get to go places and do things that he can't do. Be a bit more patient with him. Like I said ,he's a child. I think if you would just relax a bit and not get so mad about little things you would have a much happier home life. If you think your life sucks, you obviously never watch the news. You should be thankful for all you have.

Sammy Sammy
Well i'm not sure if you study for your subjects or not but you should probably study for those. Sometimes subjects like math really make me upset & make me feel like I am gonna fail it but when I actually study & at least try I end up getting at least a C in the class (which isnt the best grade) but it shows I was trying. You might just not be a school kind of girl. I hate school with a passion. Especially the work I get. But eventually in the long run if you work at it & get through all the stuff you suck at it will all pay off in the end. Hope this helps! :D
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Naftali Naftali
The way to become good at things is to practice! Study. Work long hours. I speak from experience. When I was in school, I just managed to pass math, physics, and chemistry. I enjoyed them though. No one ever made me do homework or study until I spent a year on a student exchange trip overseas. My host parents made me study and I started doing much better. Now I'm a professor at a good university. I spend most of the day doing math and physical chemistry. The other piece of advice I have is that you need to know how to study. Ask your parents to get you a tutor. It will be worth it. Also make sure to visit your teachers after class, as often as they'll let you. Ask for advice about what was important in that day's lesson so that you can study. It is very difficult to keep working hard until we have success. But trust me, you will have success if you work hard. So keep at it! Good luck.
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