Frenulum broke! Help!?

Frenulum broke! Help!? Topic: Frenulum broke! Help!?
June 16, 2019 / By Andreana
Question: One hour before, i had sex with my girlfriend. But after intercourse without condom i felt like something broking! I immediately pulled out my penis and saw lot of blood! After i cleaned my penis from blood i saw my frenulum broken! What shall i do? Now i have cleaned it with water only, putted some Betadine on and now i have putted on it some paper to stop the bleeding! Now my foreskin is down and my glans is out! What should i do? Should i pull my foreskin up to cover the glans? How can i stop the bleeding? Thank you!
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Weston Weston | 9 days ago
Wounds to the penile skin heal very rapidly due to the high amount of blood flow into that area. You do not need anti biotic creams as this area is one of the cleanest on your body. Your hands and feet are dirtier. Apply some light pressure to the bleeding area and it will stop. Roll the skin forward, and give it a few days to heal. You can gently retract any time you want just to check on it. You will be fine. You do not have to do anything now the skin retracts all the way. It may not have been the best solution to a short frenulum,....but it worked. Go to: www.norm.org and read about the reason and function of the frenulum and foreskin. You will see how very fortunate you are to still have yours, and how misguided are those who promote circumcision. Good luck with this. Mithras
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Samson Samson
Yes pull the foreskin forward to cover glans and leave it alone for at least 6 days No sex, no masturbation no cleaning until it heals It should heal by itself you could try some ice to stop bleeding. also a pressure pad if it doesn't stop bleeding It may bleed up to an hour if bad tear. I don't think neosporin is necessary if it is clean it will heal by itself Use a condom to protect it when you eventually restart sex. + +
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Nahor Nahor
Wolf: You don't break your frenulum son it rips, or tears. You will be fine. It may be sore for a bit, just keep it clean, apply and antiseptic or antibiotic ointment, and make sure you keep it stretched back now so it doesn't heal up the wrong way. That being where when it reattaches making it hard to withdraw the skin all the way back, or making the head pull down cause it head up making it shorter. Good Luck, Steve
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Nahor Originally Answered: Im 13 uncut and have a problem with my frenulum on the penis?
You should know that when doctors cut off your foreskin, they can make extra cash income out of your foreskin. You want to be a smart consumer. You should study well if circumcisions are common or not among civilized countries. You will find the U.S. is the only place where boys are chopped by knives. I want you to think about why. Having a critical thinking skill (which means "BE SMART!!!") is crucial to justify the truth. In Japan, circumcisons are not common but doctors do not cut off guy`s foreskin unless those doctors love to make money. A typical doctor will ask you to improve your general hygine standard. For instance, when take a shower, how do you wash your body? I assume you rub your entire body (neck to the bottom of tip toe) by using a body towel. Of course, soap is well soaked to rub your skin smoothly. When you wash your body, retract your foreskin and rub the "head". You may wonder why? How do you wash your hands? Don`t you rub your hands to wash off dirt? The same thing! That`s all you need to do on a daily basis. Be aware that this is a common problem amomg uncut males. So, let me explain my experience (how I got by the problem). I could not see my pee hole (even erection!) when I was 19 years old. I did stratching excercise. Whenever I take a shower in an evening, I retract my foreskin. I was so scared, so I did not pull back all the way. I did as far as I could each time. Do not do in a morning shower due to hurry to go to school. When I release my hand, my foreskin covered the "head". Then, I pulled it back again. Repeat this process. After the shower, I pull back the foreskin in my bed room. Due to thick foreskin, it covers the head again. That is fine. Pull back again. Repeat this. Be sure, you pull back as much as you can before you go to sleep. The foreskin may cover the head while you are sleeping. This is fine. You retract it when you wake up for pee. During a day, you retract your foreskin. You have a plenty of chance to do it. Whenever you go to a men`s room, retract. Repeat this. The catch of this message is that your foreskin gets used to stay retracted like circumcised one. However, I against circumcision (I left tons of comments in this site about it). An out come is that my foreskin stays retracted. However, I cover the head when I masturbate because I rub my foresin when I do this. I place cute guy`s photo (if you like girls, replace "guy" by "girl" in my comment) in a magazine on my foreskin (so, the head is covered). These magazines are BOP, TigerBeat or Pop Star you can buy at Walmart/Target/grocery stores. I also use a photo book (Zac Efron ME & YOU) which I bought in amazon. These mags/books contain bunches of cute guy`s photos. Also, guys unger a legal age can buy these mags without violating a local law. By rubbing the foreskin on thse guy`s photo, I can ejeculate on my favorite guy`s face. Be sure, you wipe these pages after the ejaculation (Think about it why). This did not affect anything and my foreskin stays retracted, otherwise. This took me two to three years, so you need a great amount of patience. However, having a foreskin is much more pleasure as you can see. Good Luck.

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