Society's distorted vision of beauty.?

Society's distorted vision of beauty.? Topic: Society's distorted vision of beauty.?
July 20, 2019 / By Andri
Question: for my english paper i'm writing an essay on how advertisements in the media should change and what is wrong with it. i'm writing mine about how ads only show slim women, along with mannequins, who are always small in size. it can make bigger sized women feel like their size isn't beautiful, which may lead to self esteem issues, depression, and possible even self harm or eating disorders. for my solution i thought that the media needed to accept anyone in size to model and get rid of the skinny mannequins to send a message that size does not define beauty. what other solutions are there? thank you.
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Whitaker Whitaker | 10 days ago
Personally I think being healthy should be promoted over size whether thin or curvy or whatever. People can be healthy at a variety of sizes and it would be nice if the emphasis was on health rather than weight. But you should watch the documentary America the Beautiful. I think its right up your alley as far as your topic is concerned.
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Whitaker Originally Answered: What is going on why do females care so much how society and men define beauty or sexy?
The tabloid media is partly to blame and also women are their own worst enemies, one magazine started putting size 12-14 (UK size 12-14 not US) models on the cover of its magazines and women wrote in saying they didn't want to look at "fat" models. We do it all on our own, its nothing to do with men at all, if there were no men on this earth women would still be bitchy and critical of each other. I think its an insecurity thing, if you put someone else down you feel better about yourself (supposedly)

Samuel Samuel
Advertisers use slim to skinny women because they sell things, clothing and cosmetics in particular. That does not mean that they are universally deemed better, but research says they sell better or more. However, women should stop complaining about models being slim or a size zero. All male models are tall, which I and the majority of men are not, and you ladies have no problem with that. Whatsmore, neither do I. If people want to consider me less than ideal, I am not about to complain nor tell you that you should think otherwise. What sells, sells. That is what they call life. Get used to it. I did.
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Nahum Nahum
what we find beautiful is all about the genetic attributes of a possible mate. for instance the curves we like on slim woman are a subconscious response to the fact the more curves a woman has the higher statistical chance of her being fertile is. everything is really about genetics and alpha male crap. its best not to mix peoples mental problems with inferiority to the way we select a mate. it just gets messy
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Kentigern Kentigern
getting rid of skinny mannequins will not solve the problem. In fact, the issue is quickly becoming reversed. I can't tell you the number of times I have seen skinny girls being attacked, hating their bodies, and being told they are ugly and undesirable because they don't have curves, even if they can't help it.
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Horatio Horatio
i think of you have especially plenty pointed out the only reasonable answer - get the advertisers to develop their thought of appropriate women human beings's shapes. a thank you to try this is to get them to comprehend there is funds to be made, & only as plenty funds as they make now, by using production products & merchandising those products that contain women human beings of any length. good now, they provide the effect of being to think of they might in straightforward terms make enormous dollars in the event that they could make maximum women human beings sense disappointed with who they're & what they provide the effect of being like. they could make extremely some funds, IMO, in the event that they concentration on the tens of millions of girls people who exist interior the actual international in a sort of shapes & sizes. extremely some women people who're extra effective than stick parent don't have as plenty chic clothing to decide for between in shops, yet might purchase plenty extra clothing if shops carried extra chic stuff of their sizes.
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Horatio Originally Answered: What is beauty? Define beauty in your own terms.?
beauty,like love, is undefinable anywhere but in ones own heart it is that abstract thing that makes you feel it humbles you than lifts you up higher than you were before weather it is words or a painting a baby's smile or an old woman's tears beauty isn't in the eye of the beholder but in the soul of the unworthy

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