Scented Tampons Cause TSS?

Scented Tampons Cause TSS? Topic: Scented Tampons Cause TSS?
July 20, 2019 / By Ange
Question: I have heard multiple times that scented tampons increase your risk of getting TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). I read the little information paper in the tampon box. (I use tampax pearl plastic unscented) and it did not say anything about increasing your risk of getting TSS. However, it did say that not alternating between tampons and pads, wearing a tampon too long, and sleeping in a tampon (and a few other warnings as well) will increase the risk of getting TSS. Which led me to believe if it is true that scented tampons can increase risk it would have said something. My step mother accidentally grabbed me a box of Tampax Pearl Plastic "Fresh Scent" and I don't know if I should use them. I don't think using them once would really effect me but I am curious as to if using scented tampons long term can increase risk of getting TSS, and why. Thank you all!
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Wilf Wilf | 7 days ago
Tampons of any type significantly increase your risk of TSS as well as other health problems such as vaginal infections and menstrual problems, commercial tampons like Tampax increase the risk further and this goes for scented tampons too. The problem with tampons is that they are dry absorbent wads of material being inserted into a moist delicate environment; tampons prevent normal cleaning functions by preventing the vagina flushing out dead cells and excess bacteria. Tampons absorb vaginal fluids as well as menstrual flow which dries out the vagina causing splitting and ulceration, fibres break off the tampon becoming embedded in the walls of your vagina, and tampons give bacteria the perfect place to multiply within the vagina, all causing vaginal health problems and increasing risk of TSS. Commercial brands are an increased risk because they are made from synthetics which are more absorbent as well as rougher adding to vaginal damage, as well as this commercial brands use unnecessary additives, chemicals and bleach to make their tampons whiter – this is done to imply menstruation is dirty and tampons are clean in order to increase sales – these chemicals add to risk because they interfere with vaginal pH which increases growth of harmful bacteria within the vagina, these chemicals can also leech into the body via vaginal mucosa putting your health in the long-term at risk. In the case of scented tampons you not only have all the health risks of tampons and the added health issues brought up through the use of harmful ingredients, when it comes to scent it's the same as when you see 'fragrance' on ingredients lists for toiletries, it's a combination of mainly artificial chemicals, typically 50 to 100, and they could be anything. Within ‘fragrance’ chemicals included could be allergens or even toxic, baring in mind that such ingredients have a direct route into your body through your vagina which easily absorbs these chemicals and is a major orifice of your body and chemicals then accumulate. So scent in tampons can cause sensitivity and allergic reactions leading to irritation and swelling that adds to vaginal damage and can further affect vaginal pH which increases risk of TSS and vaginal infections, and have unknown long-term health risks - yes this latter issue sounds far-fetched but it is still a concern non the less, particularly when in the past we have seen tampons contain substances such as dioxin, long-term risks are a concern. Thus the increased risk from using scented tampons and ironically scented tampons are more likely to make you smell bad given as they are more likely to cause vaginal infections. There are politics involved too, as tampon manufacturers are self-regulated they can use pretty much whatever they want in their tampons, they do not give information on ingredients to consumers – try this for yourself, email them asking for a list of tampon ingredients, I can guarantee the most you will get back is a very well-worded FAQ designed to undermine medical information on tampon risks and gloss over negative history. In the 80’s we had harmful synthetics that manufacturers knew were killing women during a TSS outbreak, in the 90’s we found out tampons contained dioxin which may have contributed to the deaths of thousands, again companies knew the risks but carried on regardless, both these ingredients were banned as they posed a significant risk to public health, but similar ingredients are still used today despite the risk and limited regulation allows it – remember too there are no independent safety checks carried out on tampons. Long and short of it is that there is no such thing as a safe tampon, Tampax and other commercial brand increase risk of TSS and other problems such as vaginal infections significantly, scented tampons do add to the risk although it is literally adding to risks rather than adding any new risks. For your information Tampax are notorious for being the front runner in all the health scandals relating to tampons over the years, furthermore they actually are more likely than other tampons to cause menstrual cramps due to the way in which the cotton/rayon fleece is cut which increases fibre loss and results in tampons expanding into your cervix adding to cramps and risk of cervical cancer. You would put yourself at higher risk of TSS, infections, etc. using such tampons. I would say if you want to continue using tampons to switch to organic brands like Cottons http://www.cottonsbrands.co.uk which are free from synthetics and chemical free, or better still use a menstrual cup which as well as far safer and cleaner than tampons are also more reliable and convenient as they can be worn for up to 12 hours without leaking at any time of your period without risk. Check out products like Divacup http://www.divacup.com or other menstrual cup brands, or softcups such as Instead http://www.softcups.com which are far safer and all round better than tampons. I would also highly recommend you looking into TSS and other tampon related health risks. http://www.toxicshock.com http://www.spotsite.org http://www.tamponalert.org.uk http://www.frontiernet.net/%7Eruthb/Tampons.html
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Schuyler Schuyler
I didn't realize that they still make scented tampons. A hundred years ago when I was in school I was taught that there is no odor associated with your menstrual flow until it mixes with oxygen outside the body. Also, the perfumes used to scent them could cause irritation and allergies. That would mean that there would be no reason to use scented tampons. I can understand why someone would want to use scented pads though. I've used tampons since I was 13 and until recently, I didn't know that you're not supposed to wear them overnight. (I'm old.) Nowadays, the chances of TSS are very slim. I was told that I would have a greater chance of getting struck by lightning. But the tampon companies are required by law to print the warning. One box of scented tampons shouldn't hurt you, unless you're allergic or something. I wouldn't worry about TSS. Just be aware of the symptoms that are also printed on the warning.
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Neal Neal
Scented tampons do carry a slightly higher risk of TSS. I suggest that you look into a whole different thing called a menstrual cup. It is worn internally but because it is soft and catches fluid rather than absorbing it does not cause TSS. Also, while people think pads and tampons are sanitized, they arent and are actually rather filthy! Thats why I use the cup which you wash yourself and reuse for 10 years... it is far cleaner and easier to use, no running out for pads at 2 am. It is FDA approved. http://www.keeper.com/
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Kerry Kerry
TSS is caused by the fact that tampons absorb everything.....both your menstral flow and anything your body would want to clean out (and keeps it in) and anything your vagina produces to keep itself clean and balanced. So it both holds in the bad stuff longer and sops up all the good stuff (why too high absorbacy increases risk). Its the combo of the 2 that cause TSS. (menstrual cups have never been assosiated with TSS because they do not absorb.....and can actually be left in twice as long as tampons) Thats why its advised to switch between pad and tampon....so your body can rebalance the vagina. The sent of the tampon you use to do it will not change the risks of tss. However there is a chance of you being irritated by it.....some people are just sensitve to things like that.
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Howie Howie
RE: Scented Tampons Cause TSS? I have heard multiple times that scented tampons increase your risk of getting TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). I read the little information paper in the tampon box. (I use tampax pearl plastic unscented) and it did not say anything about increasing your risk of getting TSS. However, it did say that...
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Emmet Emmet
Using scented tampons or pads both have the same amount of risk in them as unscented. As long as you don't sleep in tampons and make sure to change them regularly you shouldn't have to worry. Something that helps me is, wen i wear tampons i always have a small pack of baby wipes with me. It helps stop the feeling that u may have a smell or any other insecurity. If you have baby wipes with you, you wont need scented anything because wen u change them use the baby wipes instead of toilet paper, it helps u feel alot cleaner and there is no worry for smells or TSS. This is because instead of just changing them you are actually cleaning yourself in between. I hope this helps
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