The New NXT show in the WWE.?

The New NXT show in the WWE.? Topic: The New NXT show in the WWE.?
June 25, 2019 / By Angela
Question: Um can anyone help me with something. Um whats to going to happen to the ECW Championship and Christain in 2 weeks?
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Wilfred Wilfred | 9 days ago
its pretty simple and it dont require essay but after paying good attention christian is most likely going to be last ecw champion he aint going to defend it against chris jericho or anybody to unify it with world heavyweight championship once ecw is done so is the championship christian will most likely go over to raw not smackdown cuz really he aint going to get a push on smackdown with edge around hes the superstar of that former tag team so christian will do his own thing on raw he could go to smackdown but raw is where hes most likely going cuz they need him more then smackdown does.
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Scott Scott
Christian essentially stated that the bulk of ECWs Roster will be 'drafted/signed to Raw or SD! as 'free agents' some recent arrivals may move to NXT, but more than likely it will be a 'staging area' where guys from development will get there bearings before moving up the roster or older guys go to help train and refine the new talent and dust off the ring rust... There's lot of talk about NXT being as much reality show as wrestling show, so I wouldn't be surprised if its as much "Tough Enough/Ultimate Fighter(wrestler)' as it is a 'third brand' I also think that Christian will be drafted to SD! and sometime before Mania the ECW Belt will be Unified with the World Heavyweight: my guess is Jericho wins EC, and challenges Christian either on first NXT or the 2/26 SD! to a Unification match (this ties into Jericho/Edge, '04 Christian/Jericho, and Jericho's past as First Undisputed Champion, not to mention reuniting the WHC to the lineage of the WWE title (if you recall the Big Gold Belt while looking like the WCW Championship was created by Raw GM Bischoff and presented to HHH in 2003 and has no ties to the Undisputed Title that Jericho unified from WCW and WWFand has sicne become the WWE Belt, while the current ECW title was split off of the WWE belt when RVD beat Cena at One Night Stand 06
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Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar
The new NXT show will debut in 2 weeks. The ECW World Heavyweight Championship will be vacated and will no longer be used on WWE shows since the show is going proudly going off the air in 2 weeks. Christian did a promo tonight on Monday Night Raw he said that everyone is going to be a free agent and they will be available to sign with Raw or Smackdown. NXT is a show that features superstars from the next generation of WWE Superstars Caylen Croft & Trent Barreta, Yoshi Tatsu, Zach Ryder, Tyler Reks and Sheamus those are all superstars from the new generation.
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Keshawn Keshawn
the guy above me is wrong they will sign guys from fcw to NXT and all the old ECW talent will sign with RAW or Smackdown
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Hucc Hucc
it will be a sucky show with new guyz that no one will watch and all the ecw superstars will be drafted to either smackdown or raw
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