Have anime fans become mostly annoying weaboos?

Have anime fans become mostly annoying weaboos? Topic: Have anime fans become mostly annoying weaboos?
July 20, 2019 / By Angelica
Question: Here's what I mean The stupidest things weaboos say - Baka. You're an idiot. - Kawaii! You're NOT Japanese, stop pretending to be one! - Naruto is better than Bleach because the characters are stronger If we're rating shows based on which has stronger characters, then Dragon Ball Z is easily the best anime ever. - Bleach is a better show because Byakuya is a badass! (this is an example) Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop, Dante from Devil May Cry: The Animated Series and M. Bison from Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie are way more badass than Byakuya could ever hope to be. - One Piece is the best anime evarr because it's ranked number 1 in Japan. What about the rest of the damn world? Don't they get a say on what they like? Gundam UC0079 is number 1 in Japan but you can't deny that Gundam Wing is the more popular one elsewhere. - Best anime EVAAAAR!! ......Dumbass! - You're a total hentai! 'Hentai' is NOT a verb, retard! I don't care if it can be one in colloquial Japanese, but that's another language! - I named my cat Pikachu! ......You're a waste of thought! - It's not cartoons! It's anime! What the hell is the difference? Anime like cartoons are drawings on a piece of paper put together to form movements. And please don't say 'it's a STYLE' because a) different context b) there are so many different styles in either anime or cartoons that some of one could pass off for another. - Anime is about mature stuff. Cartoons are just for little kids! Um....Family Guy? South Park? The Simpsons? The Boondocks?! The Life & Times of Tim?! Need I keep going?! Although I will say that anime is better than non-anime cartoons. - ALL DUBS ARE BAD! Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, Trigun, Baccano! Hellsing, Black Lagoon, Outlaw Star. These anime are better suited in English because they take place in more western settings, so the language I expect them to speak is anything BUT Japanese. Therefore, there's no way they'll have speaking mannerisms like that of Japanese. Moreover, at least Adult Goku doesn't sound like a girl in the English dub of Dragon Ball Z! - Gundam AGE is the worst Gundam series because it's kiddy What the hell do you call G or SD Gundam? And don't say 'there's violence' in G Gundam because there's also that in AGE and MORE SO than Wing which has the least amount besides Turn A and it's the most well-liked - English-dubbed hentai suck! First of all, they usually get porn stars to do the voices and the important thing to note is that porn stars are NOT ACTORS!! - English dubs use the same voice actors all the time! So do the Japanese! How many times has Kappei Yamaguchi voiced a character? Or Daisuke Kishio, I hear them A LOT! Why don't you start LISTENING to your anime instead of reading the subs and ASSUMING it's as great as you think it is. - Fangirl: I think Naruto and Sasuke/Edward and Roy/Ichigo and Byakuya/ or any 2 male characters in any anime, are gonna be yaoi-paired Get over your sick fancies, you're talking about SHONEN ANIME!! Anime aimed towards BOYS!! What the f*ck makes you think boys want to see yaoi relationships?! This is what you hear all the time as an anime fan. I just wanna watch an anime show without some people bringing up stupid statements or arguments like these. @abcde...z Of course you don't, you're a BlTCH.
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Wilfrid Wilfrid | 10 days ago
1. Even though those terms are overused just let them be they're not hurting anyone. 2. I know it is really annoying when people say this anime is best that anime is best but it is all just their opinion. 3. Wow, the context they used hentai in didn't make sense at all. They could've meant total hentai fan. 4. I don't see anything wrong with naming it that, it's their preference it's the same as naming a cat Pepsi or any other name. 5. Anime is made in Japan, it literally translates to animation. So it would be incorrect to just call it a cartoon because it is basically like calling all candy a milky way, same type different recipe. 6.Basically what I said for 5 but there are different genres of anime so what they said is wrong because there are several children anime/ anime for all ages. 7. It is the individual's taste of voice, I don't mind some dubs like some of the examples you showed because I was used to it(prefer subs though). Also it sounds more normal to have the language the series was made in anyways. You wouldn't watch a spanish dub of PPG because it would'nt be the original. 8. Again peoples thoughts and opinions. I can't speak for myself about that series though. 9. ....again preference 10. I have never encountered that voice actor before, there are many voice actors for both Japanese and English, some voice actors are just more popular than others. 11. Ugh, I hate most fanfiction personally it's just the pairings they ship/like. Please try not to sound rude, I understand what you are trying to state but many fans would be quite upset. Some people can be really mean to these questions, anime fans and anime haters alike. Usually I really hate when anime-haters answer these questions why are they even here?
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Wilfrid Originally Answered: Anime fans, is this anime essay comment true?
He's wrong because my opinion is that anime is not like the other tv shows and cartoons. I think that because they teach you things like to never give up, and to believe it! I love anime and I think your essay cool and was well thought out . You did a great job!

Scottie Scottie
Yeah you're exactly right but wait ''- You're a total hentai! 'Hentai' is NOT a verb, retard! I don't care if it can be one in colloquial Japanese, but that's another language!'' You're a total hentai: You included the ''a'' so it makes it a noun which is correct in that sentence form but you probably just made a mistake so I understand what you mean. Hahah the kawaii one annoys me the most.
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Nebuchadrezzar Nebuchadrezzar
baka!!!! kawaii!!! ur a hentai!!! naruto is better than bleach!!! byakuya is a badass!!! one piece is the best selling in japan!!! see anime is mature stuff...cartoons are for kids dubs suck!!!...i prefer subs gundam ACE is the worst gundam series english dub hentai suck english dubs use the same voice actors all the time yaoi is cool!!..but naruto and sasuke is not yaoi:P --------------------------------------... YEAH IM ANNOYING!!!!
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Kevan Kevan
Yes!!! All of your arguements are EXACTLY how I feel! I personally like dubbed better than subbed... I was begining to think I was the only NORMAL anime fan in America! Thank you.
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Hudd Hudd
I've been making all these same rants for years! ;-D Trouble is, the kind of person who doesn't get all this on their own, isn't any more likely to get it just because someone else points it out to them.
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Hudd Originally Answered: Why are there so many anime fans on here?!?
That's atuatly a really good question. I've only been an anime fan for about a year now and I can honastly say I've never been happyer. To behonast there are so many great TV shows we watched as kids that were perity much anime or based off japanese anime. For me it was Winx Club when I was 8 and Avatar (last airbender) when I was 13. Although Winx Club was Itaian and Avatar (although american created) had artwork done in Korea. They both were lossly based off of Japanese anime and I always remebered wishing there were more shows like that. Before I got into anime I was very critical towards it and hated the fact that some of my closest friends were into is. I still remeber calling Manga, anime books and thinking when they talked about Fruits Basket (an aborable Shojo or girly anime and manga) that it was the stupidist thing ever. Finaly my friends had it with me and litleritly dragged me to the manga section of Books a Million and forced me to read the first volume of Fruits Basket. Then I was hooked. People who don't watch anime or read manga (the comic version of anime) seem to think of anime as a genra reather then a median. It's like a book... there are thousands of books in a liberry and usually everyone can find at least one they like cause each is so diffrent. I'm not going to force you to like anime and it's true not everyone likes anime but I feel a vast majority of people who don't would enjoy it. Anime its self is intresting and fun. But I have met several close friends because of this commen intrest. I find that many anime lovers are some of the friendlyist people out there and it's like werever you are you still have a family. It has personaly gotten me out of my shell and I feel thankful. 1. Why do people like anime? Its diffrent for everyone but i personaly think its because the way anime is ploted (if it is good writing) is even if your unsure of the characters at first when you spend so much time laughing and feeling what they feel you become attached to the characters and then when back storys or hard siduations are through at you your like Oh my goodness and it so amazing. 2. What's the appeal? Well I was secretly always fasinated with the artwork and love to draw anime and manga. It's just so beautiful and detailed unlike most tv animations. Also story plots got me into it and the way you can feel connected to characters. I also love the fact it got me closer to my friends and gave us another thing to talk about... btw I have never once been bullied for loving anime... even my friends who don't like it are ok with me likeing that and say it makes me who I am. 3. Why is it all over the internet? Around this genoration (a little before it) anime boomed and became huge. While it's still thought of minor comapred to the TV indestry it has a large fan base of happy people who enjoy such an awsome thing. so of course people are going to talk about it on the internet... Sorry for taking so long to answer... if you do want to give anime a try here are some nice recomendations (aka the gateway drugs to anime) Fullmetal Alchemist Fruits Basket Ouran Highschool Host Club Clannad

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