What are the odds an ear infection is a brain tumor?

What are the odds an ear infection is a brain tumor? Topic: What are the odds an ear infection is a brain tumor?
June 20, 2019 / By Angelle
Question: Im a bit of a hypochondriac and probably just freaking myself out :( Ive been dealing with pressure in my ears (doctor confirmed bulging ear drum in one ear) and sinus symptoms for the past 2 weeks. Hoping its nothing serious like a brain tumor?!?
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Willis Willis | 5 days ago
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Willis Originally Answered: Have i got a brain tumor? am very stressed about that.?
It sounds more like migraine headaches than a brain tumor. These are caused by tension within the musculature of the neck and skull, which causes pressure on the brain and cerebral spinal column, and therefore, headaches. When your boyfriend shows up, you feel relief of anxiety, so the muscles relax and the headache goes away. Still, only your primary care physician can tell for sure--and, if this is the problem, they can prescribe anti-anxiety medications and/or muscle relaxants. Many people that have endured years of unbearable migraines have been completely cured through the use of Botox injections. Hair loss is not a symptom of brain tumor, (although it is a side effect of radiation treatment.) It can be a symptom of a number of other things though, including stress and vitamin deficiency. College can be very stressful. Most universities have a campus health center. If you don't have a primary physician, go there and get yourself checked out. If the problem is stress, then simply knowing that will decrease your worry and therefore the stress. Don't assume that simply because someone in your family had a brain tumor that you will too. Every onocological case of is different, and few types of brain tumors 'run in families.' However, some research regarding the dyscebo effect seems to indicate that you can actually cause your body to develop an ailment simply by worrying that you might catch it, so don't worry-just go get checked out.
Willis Originally Answered: Have i got a brain tumor? am very stressed about that.?
You would need scans & other tests to determine whether a brain tumour is involved. I am not a medical doctor, but as a psychotherapist, I can tell you what stress can do. You sound like you're under an enormous amount of stress at this time. Stress can very easily cause bad headaches, migraines, even terrible chest pain. Let me give you an example. When I was in college, a friend of mind was really freaking out about failing a test. This was someone who was, and I''m sure still is, a perfectionist. The night before the exam, she stressed herself out so much, she ended up in the emergency room. Her whole arm became completely paralyzed. She didn't know what was happening which made her even worse. She was given a lot of tests and scans, all of which showed nothing. A psychologist was brought in and told her that her paralysis was caused by all the stress she was under. The brain is an amazing thing. Interestingly enough, the arm that was paralyzed was her writing arm/hand. She was so scared of failing the test she became literall paralyzed with fear causing her to be unable to write. When she did finally take the test, she got an "A". Stress causes so many different symptoms, which can also include hair loss (a lack of certain vitamins can also effect hair) that it would be impossible for me to say whether you do or do not have a brain tumour. My suggestion for you is that you sit or lay dow somewhere, close your eyes, take some deep breaths and go to a place in your mind to a time or place where you felt safe, happy, and at peace. Focus on that place. Hear the noises you might hear; see what you might have seen there, and let the beauty, safety and peace that are there surround you in God's love. When you open your eyes, take that tranquil feeling with you everywhere. All your struggling and stressing about whether you have a brain tumour or not is only going to stress you out the more. When you can, go to your doctor or even a neurologist for tests. Again, I am not a doctor. But in my many years of practice, it sounds very much like you could just be stressing out. When (if) you ever get a moment, you might find a book called "New Mind, New Body" by Barbara B. Brown, Ph.D helpful. I really do think stress is the culprit in your case. Stress only causes dis-strss. Be kind and gentle with yourself.
Willis Originally Answered: Have i got a brain tumor? am very stressed about that.?
You are overworking your creativeness. The small quantity of radiation is insignificant, and could no longer intent a mind tumor. The complications are much more likely from strain. You sound like a man or woman who's overly frightened and does not reply strain truly good. You must uncover a different profession to your brain whilst you begin overthinking matters. You can speak your self into something if you happen to preserve pounding away on the ideas to your brain and focusing most effective on the ones ideas. You do not need to do this, there is not any cause to overcome your self up with ideas of dangerous matters taking place. Go take a stroll subsequent time you suppose careworn - take a deep breath and stroll, depend backwards from 29, and appear at all of the matters round you. You brain will self-destruct except you uncover a technique to relieve a few of the ones ideas.

Sefton Sefton
Nearly impossible. According to the NHS, ear pressure is not even a symptom of a brain tumour. As well as that, even if you have the symptoms of a brain tumour, it's unlikely you'll have one! Plus that, the doctor knows what they are taking about so don't worry! :)
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Sefton Originally Answered: Friend won't tell her parents that she has a brain tumor please help!?
Did she go to the doctor? How can she tell it's a tumor and not a cyst? It's very hard to believe your friend isn't being truthful, sorry. Tell her to see a doctor and take a chill pill. Also tell her that if she dies now she'll be remembered as going down whining, not fighting. Instead of RIP in her tombstone, it's: Here lays .... She used to whine a lot. Now she doesn't anymore.
Sefton Originally Answered: Friend won't tell her parents that she has a brain tumor please help!?
I'd be a little skeptical...while tumors in the brain do cause personality and mood shifts, I find it a bit odd that he doesn't have any kind of paperwork proving that he indeed does have cancer. Brain cancer is something that shouldn't be lied about and is very serious. However, there are people out there who are mentally ill and like to lie to gain sympathy from other people and in your case this seems like that is the case. If I were you I'd stay far away from this guy because you don't know what he is capable of. Good luck!

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