Why are doctors such assholes?

Why are doctors such assholes? Topic: Why are doctors such assholes?
June 16, 2019 / By Angie
Question: I am a pre-med student but am seriously re-considering my future plans due to my experiences with doctors. I have shadowed at least 10 different docs over the years and every single one- no exceptions- seemed miserable, tired, self-conceited, and just plain unhappy with their lives. They all seemed to take their anger out on their secretaries/nurses/anyone and everyone. I just can't seem to understand why people want to be doctors. I have a 3.9 gpa and 39MCAT, so pretty good chance of getting in somewhere if I apply, but I don't know that I even want to. I have also worked as a CNA/med aide and nurses just seem so much happier. I don't know, I guess over the years of talking with/shadowing docs I'm starting to feel like it's all a big conspiracy. It seems like docs are trying to act like/trick themselves into thinking they have a great life to hide the fact that they are miserable and made terrible life decisions. Please, please give me any input you may have. I would especially love any input from a current physician (is giving up happiness in your life really worth the "prestige/money"?). Thank you so much!
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Willy Willy | 7 days ago
As an RN I would say that not ALL doctors are ******* but they can sometimes be very irritating. I have worked with both MDs and DOs and I definitely prefer the DOs. For some reason the DOs are younger, happier, have wives and families and will actually talk to the people around them, including RNs as real people. MDs and DOs have basically the same training, however, the DOs have the advantage of training in chiropractic. This at least gives you an option to consider. Also if you do go the MD route, remember what you have learned and how you felt about these inconsiderate doctors and DO NOT let yourself become one of them. Nurses will help out a doctor they really like, but the ******* we tend to just go about our business. This does not have any effect on how we care for their patients, just how we react to their doctors.
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Willy Originally Answered: Is it just me?.or are there assholes in this world?
Yep, definitely an asshole. Sounds like a thwarted life and he's taking it out on you. Advice, pity him and move on.

Selah Selah
If you have an intelligent, thoughtful and experienced physician, you won't care so much whether she is a jerk. You'll be very grateful when cancer is caught and handled before it's too late -- even if the physician was rude or whatever. Find a doctor like that, and keep the relationship. The problem is that, as in all professions, most physicians are not intelligent or thoughtful. That's what is infuriating -- the grade "C" medical students who slither into the profession because they think it means social status and money. For many, it's about prestige and worse, it is undeserved prestige. A tool is still a tool even if they've gone to medical school. And yes, we all know that they can ruin your life with excessive billing, needless medications and procedures, and just general incompetence. The bottom line is that it is important to carefully select a physician, just as you would any service industry personnel. Yes, there are a lot of bad ones. It doesn't mean you can't be a good doctor yourself.
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Nekoda Nekoda
Please change your career goals if this is a real post (I have my doubts). I love my job. I don't have anger to take out on my co-workers, and we get along well. There is precious little prestige in medicine now, and I could make a lot more money doing other things. I know a few docs who are unhappy, but most of the ones I work with also like what they do. I guess you're just meeting the wrong doctors.
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Killeen Killeen
You are generalizing. I newly was allowed to practice medicine and I don't intend to take my personal issues onto others. I did not become a doctor for the money or prestige, not at all my friend. My happiness is in this career. I know it is a cliche but I truly DO want to help people and have a postive effect on people's lives. To do good, no harm and improve the quality of my patients lives- That's the main reason why I am a doctor. Becoming a doctor shouldn't make you an angry, depressed person. Quite the opposite. I hope you still want to become a doctor; it is rewarding when you heal people.
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Hugh Hugh
I don t care if they re assholes, as long as they can help you. But as some one who has suffered from an Iatrogenic (caused by doctors) disease for nearly decades, I can tell you: if they don t know what it is, they are some of the most useless pricks imagineable. Our death-terrified society confers all sorts of lofty allowances onto medical men an women, but all they really are is someone who kept going to school for seven years after the rest of us quit and starting earning a living. They aren t gods, hell they aren t necessarily good people, and some them are as big of **** ups and dog **** stupid as anyone else. Our society tells us to trust Police, and Doctors, and while you pretty much have to when your life is on the line, it doesn t follow that they are automatically good or competent people. The world is a ****** up place. Anyway there should more GD doctor jokes, and less lawyer jokes, lawyers only **** with your money, doctors **** with your health.
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Erick Erick
Why is it you're bent on the general practitioner and now not the coverage organization that waited every week to ok fee at the surgical procedure?? Had the general practitioner already performed the surgical procedure earlier than then, and your pal's mother used to be watching on the fix invoice, you would be hollering approximately that. As some distance as informing the pal approximately the mum's situation, that specific subject is protected beneath sufferer privateness and the general practitioner's palms are tied. He cannot inform, it is as much as the mum to do this if she comes to a decision to. Doctor's most likely do not love to eliminate any remedy they believe integral, however you'll thank the pencil necks at coverage firms and HMO's for that pleasure now. We've had sufferers with appendicitis ought to look forward to an HMO to ultimately conform to allow us to do surgical procedure, given that they do not believe the indications are particularly adequate to justify it. We are all caught within the center- sufferers and medical professionals. So do not get too uptight approximately the general practitioner. It would be his palms had been as tied as anyones. Be happy it wasn't nationalized wellbeing, or she'd on no account most likely have the surgical procedure performed.
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Erick Originally Answered: Are my parents assholes?
no, they are not and you could use an attitude adjustment, seriously dude i think your parents care for you and want you to get good grades if you don't, you can't get into a good college try to help around the house if you are ONLY taking two courses in your senior year you should be getting better grades just my humble opinion i work, go to school full time, take care of my family, i am writing two books, do the cleaning, gardening, cooking, shopping, and volunteer work and i have a 4.0 out of 4.0 gpa if i can do it ? you certainly can peace

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