How did all of the great actors start off?

How did all of the great actors start off? Topic: How did all of the great actors start off?
June 16, 2019 / By Anima
Question: I wanted to be an actor ever since I was 13 (but I wanted to age a bit before wanting to do something about it. I'm 15 now). I did acting school but the school I went to wasn't exactly what I was looking for (It was pretty childish and we worked with child like commericals) How did great actors like, for example, C. Eastwood, Denzel Washington, or Clive Owen get there star in acting? Basically any extremely talented actor Also, I live in Virginia. Any info on acting classes or anything? (question for people who also live in VA of course)
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Wilmer Wilmer | 8 days ago
First, I know about one of the actors you speak of . . . his history, a bit. And information on the other two certainly is available on-line. That said . . . Clint Eastwood is a great example. Clint didn't do well until he started MAKING HIS OWN FILMS. He started a production company and cast his family and friends. How do you think Sondra Locke ended up in film after film? She was living with Clint Eastwood, his girlfriend/wife!!! She wasn't a bad actress . . . but, certainly, there were better. And Clint, of course, cast himself, in HIS film as the lead. So, the real successes in this business make their own opportunities. The version today is the FILM SCHOOL way and/or INDEPENDENT FILMS. Today, you find some people your age . . . you, or one of them, writes a short and simple script; but good! You borrow, rent or buy video equipment . . . Get your friends and/or yourself and make a film of that script . . . You put that film on YouTube and/or, if you want it more professional . . . you put it in student film festivals, etc. You may first consider one of those film schools . . . The one year program ones: The New York Film Academy: For the price of tuition, you get the camera equipment and learn about making films. or The Los Angeles Film Academy Denzel Washington . . . his story is the normal one, which you can do, too. Denzel began by taking acting classes in his HOME TOWN through the Boys/Girls Clubs of America. He didn't think of his classes as "childish" . . . he LEARNED from them. Virginia is loaded with community theatre and you're in school. Most successful actors begin in their school drama classes and school plays! Some graduate to community theatre productions, in their home town. And many go on to study THEATRE in college. Although, I suggest you minor in Theatre and do something else for $$$ Acting is competitive. BUSINESS is a perfect degree for those interested in show business. Remember that 2nd word is the most important. Show BUSINESS. If you have a solid business plan and understand it. You will do well in most anything you do. Maybe you will have your own production company! I'd love to work for you, too . . . when you need a 30-something "Mom" type in your films! And read these books, they'll give you some good insight: "Respect For Acting" by Uta Hagen "Ask And It Is Given" by Jerry and Esther Hicks "Being and Doing" by Eric Morris "Acting Professionally" by Robert Cohen
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Wilmer Originally Answered: Why are there so many great actors from Australia? ?
The National Institute for Dramatic Art (NIDA) can be thanked for kickstarting the careers of some of Australia's most famous Actors and Directors. Admission to NIDA's courses is extremely selective with only 24 students admitted for acting each year. It has a ratio of 1 student admitted for every 100 applicants. Some of their graduates include: Mel Gibson (2 x Oscar Winner - Braveheart) Cate Blanchett (Oscar Winner - The Aviator) Nicole Kidman (Oscar Winner - The Hours) Pamela Stephenson (comedienne, and Mrs Billy Connolly) Baz Luhrmann (Oscar Nominee - Moulin Rouge) Judy Davis (Oscar Nominee - Husbands & Wives, Multiple Emmys). Hugo Weaving (Lord of the Rings, Matrix trilogy) Toni Collette (Oscar Nominee - The Sixth Sense) Sam Worthington ( Bootmen, Terminator 4 - Salvation) Miranda Otto (Lord of the Rings, War of the Worlds, Cashmere Mafia) Australia has a long heritage in film production and the arts in general. The first feature film ever made was released there. The government at both Federal and State levels also helps fund the Arts in a major way. Australians can be quite critical of their home grown talent. It is probably because of this brutal directness that Australian actors have to perform well or go under, especially with so much international competition all around them. Note: Russell Crowe almost joined NIDA but decided against it on advice from a friend on staff there (He was advised he already knew everything NIDA could teach him by that stage). Heath Ledger is another who didn't join NIDA either (but everyone seems to think he did). The only acting classes he took were in High School as a teenager. Like Russell Crowe, his is a natural born gift.
Wilmer Originally Answered: Why are there so many great actors from Australia? ?
Well did you know Mel Gibson was born in American and Russell Crow born in New Zealand......even Nicole Kidman was born in Hawaii !

Selby Selby
They went to audition after audition and didnt give up even when they got rejected the first 10,000 times. I know Hilary Duff went to as many as she could find each day and got rejected every single time and when she finally got the part they cut her and picked up someone else. All you need is that one opportunity and to do your best in it.
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Nelson Nelson
they all got famous by luck... trust me I know...... but they all started off by going to those childish classes. you need to have some experience to put on your resume.... that's how you start. then you need a head shot and an agent.
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Nelson Originally Answered: Great Website Idea, How to start?
The first thing to do, so I am told, is to start writing down everything you do about this idea. That is the original thought, with dates and any subsequent thoughts or actions. This might come in useful if there is any dispute about your idea in the future (if someone copies it). Then it probably needs to be more than an idea. How would it work, who would use it (age groups), how would you monetise it? etc. Once you have more of a plan show it to older family members or friends of your age group, if that is relevant. If you think it would cost millions to develop then I think you have a problem. It may be possible to run a smaller version to see if it works (I appreciate this might not work if it relies on millions of visitors). If you get really good feedback then maybe go to some inventors conventions and listen to a few people until you find someone who you think could help you. You can always get people to sign a confidentialty agreement although that might not be 100% watertight. Read this book (I have no connection with it) 'From Inventor to Entrepreneur' by Celia Gates (or one of her other books) or 'From Brainwave to Business' (about £9 on Amazon) If you buy this book through Amazon please use the Amazon link on my website below.

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