Model T fords or Mules, what would we be driving?

Model T fords or Mules, what would we be driving? Topic: Model T fords or Mules, what would we be driving?
June 16, 2019 / By Anise
Question: There have been many that have made statement about people on welfare and It made me wonder about our generations and their past work histories. If this country was just beginning, without the technology we have today, but had the same people we have and the present mind set, which would we be driving , model T's or mules? A brief history of the things I did to exist, and mind you that, I have not had any college and only an average high school education. Caddy at a golf course, dishwasher, cook, dirt track racer, U.S. Marine, 6 years, Taxi driver, truck driver, automotive sales, automotive warehouseman, home construction, machinist, welder, Food service warehouse man and load master, Hot tar roofer, sewing machine operator, sewing machine mechanic, automotive mechanic and body man, deputy sheriff, professional musician, ordained preacher, factory manager, heavy equipment operator, assembly line worker, fence builder, farmer, livestock handler, gardner/yardman, lumberjack and father. I am now 67 years old and retired. I have used my body like one would a demolition derby car, having drove the wheels off several time and am now on my last set. Many of the jobs I did were part time but I always had at least one full time job and several part timers at the same time. Shouldn't we expect the same out of our younger generation or will they be content to ride the mule? serenly someone, you are correct and this is what I was looking for. Excellent! L.T.M. that was my life too. in my list I forgot about my short stint as top man on a rig. very dangerous job. Biichi-girl, you are so on the nailhead. I always figured that if the job was worth doing , it was doing right the first time. Bluelotus, I know that feeling, because my work ethic didn't rub off on my son as well. I left my fathers house at 12y/o and have never regretted it. I could have gone back at any time but had to do it my way. Yes I had a few little problems but nothing drastic. but there are many in today's generation that are fine people. These we never hear about, usually. Thanks, Doc, I'll take you comment about you Dad as a compliment. And you are right because there are some my age that never had it tough. Any time a person has to work over 80 hours a week just to make it something is wrong. I am torn between these answers, but will not let it go to community. I ask, so I must make the decision, so S.S. you gave the first answer and it was excellent. Doc, yours was last and we have much in common, also excellent. Bluelotus, our stories are near mirrored images. Biichigirl, yours makes perfect sense. And last but not least, is the comedian, Levon, you described my elementary school exactly and much of my life through your eyes has passed.
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Wilmot Wilmot | 9 days ago
Ha Ha Ha! Too funny! This crowd today would have seat belts and a muffler on the mule and the Model T Ford would never make it to market! I was raised on a ranch out west and we weren't given much slack as kids until the chores were done and after every breathing thing was fed and watered. Left home and went to work on the oil rigs in Wyoming. I've worked in 5 countries since and Wyoming is a rough place to be a Roughneck. Joined the Army and they got more than their money's worth out of me. Started my own little business which incorporates all the skills and experience I've gained along the way. Like you, I did whatever it took for work to fill in the gaps along the way and holding my hand out for the Gov. to fill wasn't one of them. We do have some damn good folks among the younger gen. and many of them have volunteered for service to their country. I LMAO when I hear things like..they have outlawed dodge ball in school because some kid got his feelings hurt, wow! Hell, we played tackle football on a gravel lot with no pads or helmet and if a fistfight broke out the teacher would finish his or her smoke before strolling over to break it up. If you didn't carry a pocket knife..yes in school..you were considered a pansy or a freak and it Never crossed our minds to pull it out and use it to settle a problem. My seventh grade teacher, Mr Logue, once caught me insulting a girl and he snatched me up by the throat and held me against the chalk board w/feet dangling and calmly proceeded to give me a lecture about conduct and respect. To this day, he's my favorite teacher. He was also the first one to praise me and give me a pat on the back when I did something right. Most teachers were that way and they had the support of the parents! I remember when they first started the BS of sending home permission slips to spank kids in school LOL my Dad got a real kick out of that one! Good question as usual!
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Wilmot Originally Answered: What model of motorcycle should I buy?
Since you're a new driver with little or no experience riding a motorcycle, the first thing you need to do is to take a Basic Rider Safety Course. These are offered in one form or another in all 50 states. They vary in cost, but you usually receive your motorcycle license when you pass the course. The safety skills you'll learn will be well worth the cost. When considering what type of motorcycle to purchase, you need to think more about what you want from riding and less about what manufacturer's you're interested in. First, ask yourself a few basic questions about what you want from riding. What kind of riding do you want to do and what capabilities do you want your bike to have? Are you attracted to the idea of riding the winding, twisty roads? If your answer is yes to this question, you should look for something in a sport, standard or even a sport touring bike (more on this later). Or, do you think you just want to cruise along at a modest pace so you can soak in the experience of having the wind in your face? If this is what you like, a cruiser or larger sport touring bike might be more to your liking. If you like all things chrome and you think a bike should be thunderously loud, then a cruiser is most definitely your thing (again, more on this later). If you chose a sport bike, standard or sport touring bike, then you should consider machines in the 600cc-800cc range, and NO larger. As a novice, you simply do not have the skills and experience to ride anything above that class. Personally, I'd suggest you stay in the 600cc class if a true sport bike is what you choose to purchase. Something like the Honda CBR F4i (which you'll have to buy used since they are out of production) or the Honda CBR600RR are good machines, as are the Yamaha R6 and Suzuki GSX-R 600. All are very capable machines, with plenty of power for a novice to enjoy. Power delivery to the rear wheel is fairly smooth so with a reasonable degree of control you won't be likely to spin the rear wheel (though it is possible). If you choose to go with a cruiser, go with something in the 650cc-750cc range. Again, Honda, Yamaha (Star motorcycles) and Suzuki all make decent models in that range that would suit a novice. All would serve you well until you've outgrown them through sheer riding experience. That should take a few years unless you ride everyday, everywhere you go for the first two years. At that point you might be ready to move on to something else. If you live anywhere where it snows, a rust bucket car would be enough to get you through the winter until riding season starts again. Buy yourself some reasonably priced protective gear (Cortech makes some great stuff at affordable prices and it's pretty good in the rain, too), a full-face helmet, leather gloves and above ankle boots. Full protective gear will give you the best chance to survive a mistake (a crash of your own doing) or an accident cause by some @ss in a car or truck. Don't let anyone tell you you don't need that stuff. It saved my life and it saved the life of a professional instructor I know. Both of us survived head-on collisions with cars because we had full protective gear on. And last, but most importantly ... never, EVER, ride over your head!!! Never, EVER, let your friends goad you into riding at speeds you know you can't handle. That's a sure fire recipe for a funeral. Yours, and probably some innocent bystander's as well. Do yourself and everyone else a huge favor and just don't go there. And, always view your riding with a critical eye. That way you can review your riding with the intention of improving your skills. Do that and with any luck you'll survive 35 years on two wheels the way I have. Good luck!

Sennacherib Sennacherib
Amen, Someone. I can't claim to have done as many things as you, Foolosifer, but I do believe in carrying your own weight and making your own way, whilst saving for the future and possible need that you may, some day, be unable to continue. I haven't done as well as I'd like, but I have worked since I was 15, I'm now just 60. It's all about work ethic. I have a niece who has been entirely too content to sit on her well padded ---mule for several years and, now that she's been forced to get training as a cosmetologist, she says she doesn't want to do that all her life. The end? She's back to sitting there, letting someone else support her. Again. I think instead of whining that we can't find any jobs worthy of us, we should take some of those jobs from those illegals who 'take the jobs we won't' and carry our own weight. It's the way that made America great; and we need to get back to it. To quote Robert Heinlein: It's not the job that demeans the man, it's the man that demeans the job. Ain't it the truth?
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Neo Neo
Wow! Y'all sound like my father! Of course I echo everything said here. I've been busting my rump since I was 13. I had as many, if not more jobs than you and if Osama-Obama's reign turns out the way we expect, I'll happily take a job as a dishwasher or bus-boy if I can get it. (I'm a bench jeweler now and have been for 30 years). My wife has also worked some shite jobs while going to school. We're both of the same ethic as y'all. Youngsters these days, and some folks my age as well, have been coddled and when the shite hits the fan will be as useless as titsona boar. Maybe we should just eat 'em?
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Kim Kim
3 years ago, my son lost his DL because he got into serious trouble - twice. He refused to either walk or take the bus to get to school/work. So I drove him. For 15 months. That coupled with a lot of other attitude incidents, I finally the threw him out. Disrespectful kid. I thought I was going to kill him. When all was said and done, I think it killed me more than him to see him go. Now he is 20 and on his own and discovering just how hard it really is. The generation we have now would never drive a Model T nor would they ride a mule. They have no respect. Their sense of entitlement is unbelievable. Partly because of parents, partly because of environmental factors.
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Hughie Hughie
There is another word for "mule" and anyone content to sit on it needs a fire put under it. The jobs many once did may have gone the way of the blacksmith but the work-ethic, whether applied to quantum physics or loading 60" LCD HDTV's onto trucks, never loses its crucial, foundational importance. ...
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Hughie Originally Answered: I'm growing up and I still want to be a model. Help?
Sounds like you are gorgeous! Well you can always send pictures out to agencies (look them up online for addresses). They like black and white shots of you without makeup and without really stylized hair. If you're heavy, you'd need to slim first, but I don't think dieting is really appropriate for a 13-year-old. You probably have some baby fat left, which will go away on its own. Eat well, don't starve yourself. Maybe wait a few years. In the meantime, maybe see if any stores need models for catalog work or print ads? That may be more local and more reasonable for your age. Whatever you do, don't put other aspects of your learning, socializing, and development on hold for a dream that is potentially many years off. If it happens, your confidence will serve you well. Being rejected and turned down can be brutal, esp. when hearing critical remarks about your appearance. Be aware that breaking into any industry can be difficult, but something that depends on your physical presentation can be especially hurtful. You DO realize that psychiatrist means going to medical school, right? That means not making a lot of money for MANY years. Explore more options and enjoy life before choosing a career!

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