I dont kno watto get my husband for christmas?

I dont kno watto get my husband for christmas? Topic: I dont kno watto get my husband for christmas?
July 20, 2019 / By Anna
Question: i dont kno wat to get him ..theses are things he likes ... well he is in love with his car , he likes shades, loves eating chinese food , likes it when i cook for him it makes him feel special he says, piercings, he had always ask for me to do a sexy dance for him and then sex (but i feel wierd doing that) , ughh i dont kno wat to giv him as a present any ideas?????
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Windsor Windsor | 3 days ago
You feel weird having sex with your own husband? Maybe you should get him divorce papers, I'm sure he'd be happy. Are you sure you're really married or did you just say that? Either way - why not get him a tablet like an iPad or Kindle. Or a nice speaker for his iPod. You could get him gadgets for his car like an air compressor, new CD / TV player... you could get him a gift card, or clothes, shoes, etc. Obviously the sex part comes along with whatever the present is. You can not give your vagina to your own husband as a present though, that's a rip off on his end, and you glorifying puzzy in which he already owns. Makes about as much sense as picking up his favorite sweatshirt and giving it to him for Christmas.
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Windsor Originally Answered: Please help me. I dont know what to do with my husband!?
DearFriend, i can only try to feel what you must be going through. You are going through a lot, and this must be very painful to you. It seems you are a very strong willed female. Hats off to you. You see, you almost diagnosied the root to his behaviour pattern. You see, he is behauing in a pattern. It lies somewhere in his childhood. From your text i feel he never had any warm healthy bonding with his parents. The fall-out is now. I wil cut short. 1. He is under tremendous stress, and the reasons only he can tell. 2. His procrastination, lethargy, disinterestedness, indisciplined way of life is due to stress 3. His accidents are due to stress 4. He has lost interests in his life because of his faulty perception "I/we donot have a happy future". 5. Etc. Good to know that you love him and that you are trying to bring back happiness in your life. Hats off again. I still see rays of hope ahead. Would you like to take him for counselling? It will help. He might refuse. Make him go. Go to a Psychotherapist who specialises in Transactimal Analysis (TA). Only TA can address his issues effectively. Anniversary wishes for you. Happy birthday,and Merry Christmas, all in advance. Best wishes to you and your family. May the happiness return fast.
Windsor Originally Answered: Please help me. I dont know what to do with my husband!?
Wow! You have a lot going on and it is not in the right direction. My oh My! Sounds like the beginning of my marriage that I am still in but separated after 20 plus years. From experience, and this is hard hard lessons I wish I knew when I was in your stage, STOP assisting him. You assist him every time your parents give you a loan, every time to help bale him out, every time you make things easier for him. Stop Stop, he will only get worse and for the lying goes, he always lies and always will because you always take it. He plays you just the way he knows how to do it. See, these types are experts at manipulation and he's got your number. Mine had mine for soooo many years and it has taken 3 plus just to repair the damage it has caused my mental being. If someone would have told me these things when I was just starting out, I probably wouldn't have believed them because I was already whipped. He had me mentally dependent on him so much that he basically could do whatever he wanted and I would still stay. He knew when I was getting really really fed up and then he would be good for awhile and the perfect husband making me think it was me. etc... You have to watch your emotions cause they will mess with them and he will always be the way he is until you stand up for yourself and give him the fear that you are something of value and he will lose it if he doesn't act like a man and be one. Who in the world wants to live with someone who cannot show the children what a man is and how they are supposed to care for his family. Trust me on this too, it will mess up those beautiful kids you have. Don't do it unless he changes and it has to be a change that is almost like a miracle. Don't be fooled by him any longer. You don't need to waste your money on counselors, you will only get into bigger fights and it will get turned on you. I can promise I can tell you what he says about you etc... they are all the same. Anyway, to be totally honest and blunt, your only hope is in God and his transformation. That's it. I am still praying for mine to change and not yet but at least I saved myself and kids. Good luck.
Windsor Originally Answered: Please help me. I dont know what to do with my husband!?
Hi, to make it efficient and short, here we go Give him: 1. Option to change immediately and without fail; ask him to explain you his problems, giving you a promise it will all change. or; 2. Move to your parents and get divorced. This way you will give a chance to save your marriage. At the same time you will have a way out for an ever repeating reality. It is not easy. You need to decide what you want out of life. That you have children it is of no excuse. They might be happier in normal household. No matter what excuses your husband has or had in a past - they seem to be there and for ever. Every adult is responsible for his/her actions. It is time for him to wake up; or; for you to move on. Wish you a good decision

Seymour Seymour
often times i think like that too, yet i'm not a woman. Get extra clothing, or some iPod upload-ons. per chance an iTunes song keep present card?? also, my sisters (a at the same time as 12 and 16) both love Webkinz. this is fairly exciting, and this is designed for pre-youngsters yet women your age could like it too.
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Seymour Originally Answered: I dont know what to do with my husband?
First of all, your husband makes enough money to live on provided you are willing to make some significant changes in the way you handle your money. Many couples struggle with financial issues when they go from two incomes to one. Since hubby has relied on his parents for all financial issues, he hasn't had the opportunity to "mature" financially. It is essential that EACH OF YOU develop a willingness to develop and stick to a realistic budget for your money. (And just because he is working doesn't mean he makes all of the decisions about the money! You are caring for his children!) Also, you mentioned that you are both in debt. CUT UP YOUR CREDIT CARDS! If you are unable to pay them off in full each month or within a reasonable amount of time, then they create more problems than they solve. STEP ONE: STOP accepting help from his parents!! STEP TWO: Cut out all luxuries! Many people don't consider things luxuries just because they have always had them. You CAN live without a lot of 'stuff' but you have to be willing to make proper choices. STEP THREE: Seek out through public, government or religious entities for financial planning assistance. You BOTH have to be willing to not only go for the help but do what they say in order to make and stick to a workable budget. STEP FOUR: Look into Federal Financial Aid for College! They may very well be able to help you with a Pell Grant or other source of funding that can pay for your return to school, your books and incidental expenses. (The college may even have a day care for your child on campus!) Before leaving try ALL of the above! Being married means that you stick with each other through the good times and the bad and through the times with money and without. If you have cable tv but don't have heat, TURN OFF THE CABLE! If you have internet but no food, TURN OFF THE INTERNET! BOTH must be willing to make changes, shop for bargains, and yes, sometimes do without. Brown bag lunches instead of eating out. Drop the membership to the gym and walk around the block 50 times instead. Use coupons when you shop and be willing to try the off brands. Limit trips in the car and if you have two cars, consider selling one of them and use public transportation or carpool. If, after doing all of these things TOGETHER you are still unable to make ends meet, look toward other job circumstances and the possibility of more training to improve job skills.
Seymour Originally Answered: I dont know what to do with my husband?
It doesn't make sense that he would make 40 + a year and not be able to afford to provide for you and his children. Ask yourself if you think he's doing something he's not supposed. If you really believe he isn't then ask him where all his money goes. Because YOU want to know why his kids dont have heat on in the house. That's ridiculous. I'm sorry. I am a mother of 2 and a wife and I tell you what if my husband and the father of my kids couldn't provide for them I would separate and see where that gets you. Just take a break from him. Is there anywhere you can go for a few weeks? If so do it. Leave him and let him suffer. Let him figure out everything on his own. Or just be real with him. Let him know he needs to help. Make him get 2 jobs.. or you get 2 jobs. Something needs to happen. your baby needs heat, food water ect. Plain and simple looks like you need to start wearing the pants in the relationship and whip his *** into shape! Good luck to u and ur kids!

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