Should i weigh my cats newborn kittens? and another question?

Should i weigh my cats newborn kittens? and another question? Topic: Should i weigh my cats newborn kittens? and another question?
July 20, 2019 / By Annabelinda
Question: they were born this morning, and i don't know if i should weigh them, and also the mother cat has not left her kittens all day except for when i tried to feed her she came out for less then 2 minutes and she saw me looking at them and went back in, is this a good thing? she has not been to the toilet either all day ( i'm not sure if she went before she went into labor tho ) my cats food and litter box is right next to where she has her kittens,
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Winfrid Winfrid | 5 days ago
I like to weigh my babies at least once every day, but I rarely have the luxury of having the mom cat. The shelter usually gives me the orphans and hard luck cases (fading kitten syndrome) because I've been doing this forever and have an excellent record of saving the "unsaveable". Not everyone, but many who were considered "past saving". Sounds like your queen is a bit stressed, since she is not visiting the litterbox. Try ignoring them (especially her) and see if she calms down a bit. You can also try putting her litter box and her food and water very close to her nest. Is this her first litter? That can make a huge difference. PLEASE get her fixed in 8 weeks. Then keep her with her kittens for another 4-8 weeks and adopt them out. But...yes, once mom calms down you need to weigh the babies at least once a day. Kittens can go south in just a few hours, so it's critical to get a weight at least once a day, and always taken at the same time. Good luck! Edit: It might be time to call your vet since you think she hasn't hit the litter box yet....
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Winfrid Originally Answered: Serious question about cats smell?
it might be from his meds... but i would change him to a better quality food. that is an ok food but i would reccommend something like eukenuba or one of the higher quality foods. as far as the stink... once the change is over with... if he still stinks... i would really ask the vet. remember... he has been thru alot. a shelter is no place for an animal. maybe with a good diet it will change. they make intestinal tract health cat food. I think it is purina that makes it. I would not give him canned food... sometimes this makes a more gassy cat! i would offer him some cat grass... he might need the roughage in his diet.! good luck. please i hope you named him something nice... and STINKY is not nice! :D

Shallum Shallum
Of course you weigh the kittens for at least the first 2 to 3 weeks, every day about the same time, so you can ensure that each kitten is gaining weight. Not gaining weight is the first sign that something might be wrong...could be the kitten just needs supplementing, but watch him closely. A kitchen scale works fine, and keep a notebook handy so you can record the weights. And weigh the babies right beside the nest, because it will upset mama if you cart them off. Talk to her soothingly if she gets a bit upset, and tell her what a good mama she is. Mama cat should stay close to her babies for the first week or two, gradually leaving them for short periods as they get older. You might want to move her food, water and litter box near her so she doesn't have to go far.
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Neville Neville
your cat is a perfect mommy. There is no need to weigh the kittens. Just make sure their mommy stays with them and that all kittens are drinking. If you notice that one of the kittens is moving less than the others, you may bring them together with their mommy to a vet. Your cat went right back to her kittens when she noticed you watching them. This is a very good sign since she is really caring for her kittens. Therefore I would not interfere and not touch the kittens. Best option to be close is by grabbing a book and sitting beside the nest when mommy cat is in the nest too. If she leaves for litter box or to eat and drink, then simply move away from the nest. This way you show her that you respect and understand that she does not want you to touch her kittens right now. If she feels safe enough she will let you know that you can touch them by simply taking one kitten out of her nest and bringing it to you. Just take it in your open hand then and pet it gently for a moment and place it back into the nest. It's difficult to resist - but this way she will allow you sooner to interact with her kittens than if you "steal" them to pet them since she then may hide her kittens. You can feed your cat kitten food now since she needs extra nutrients to produce enough milk for her kittens. And kitten food contains more nutrients than normal cat food. If you place the litter box, the food and the water bowl into the room she has her kittens in, she also would appreciate it.
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Kip Kip
wait a few days i suppose. around 1 month of age the kittens should weigh around 1lb. around 2 months, 2lbs. 3 months, 3lbs. at the SPCA we deal with new borns, old cats, any kind of cat. but we cannot adopt out kittens unless they are EITHER 3 months or 3 lbs. i dont think you need to weigh them because you know when they were born. we weigh them to figure out their age! just let the momma be the momma. :]
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Kip Originally Answered: This question is for anyone who knows alot about cats.?
Either your dad scared your kitty, whether or not he meant to, or else something scared kitty while your dad was present, and now kitty is afraid of him. Sometimes cats react this way towards another cat in the household, either because the other cat scared them, or because something else scared them while the other cat was present, and they associate the other cat with whatever frightened them. This could take a long time to work out, and it's going to require cooperation from your dad. You have to treat this the way you would if it was another cat instead of your dad. First you need to keep them apart for a while, preferably a long while. At least days, maybe weeks. Then re-introduce them gradually. First let kitty see dad briefly from a distance. Then let them get closer. Each time, reward kitty with a special favorite treat, so that kitty will begin to associate dad with something nice. When kitty seems a bit less skittish around your dad you can have him offer the treats. Your job is to find a place, like maybe your room, where you can keep kitty when dad's around. Dad's role is to do his best to avoid kitty, and when he can't completely avoid him, at least try not to approach kitty directly and always speak softly to him in a soothing tone. It wouldn't hurt if he'd act like he was a bit afraid of kitty if kitty puffs up around him; that might help kitty regain his confidence. When it's time to re-introduce them up close, it would be a big help if Dad would sit down on the floor to offer the treats. That would make him a whole lot less imposing to kitty. The desensitization process could take a long time, and you must be very patient. Any attempt to rush it could make the situation worse. Good luck!

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