Is environmentalism becoming the new Communism?

Is environmentalism becoming the new Communism? Topic: Is environmentalism becoming the new Communism?
June 20, 2019 / By Annabell
Question: An article written by Czech President Vaclav Klaus on what he sees as the new communism. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/9deb730a-19ca-11... Robert Tracinski uses that article and provides evidence to back the President's own words. http://news.yahoo.com/s/realclearpolitic... Yes these are opinion pieces, but would you agree that they make very valid points about the attitude and mind set of modern environmentalists? Do you think that a man who lived through Communist oppression would make such a comparison if it did not have some validity? Do you agree with his suggestions at the end? Fancy that: Care to explain how it will lead to more prosperity? What kind of jobs? I am not mocking you but I would like a more detailed explanation. blueridgeliving: I never said what side of the argument I was taking. And yet you found it prudent to attack me? I was asking YOUR opinion. As for your comment, I am educated in the facts, I have been for years, although I imagine my facts conflict with your opinions. Sorry if my question did not appeal to YOUR position. Correction: I only implied my position. I wanted your opinions on his words, not mine. John Doe: I never said being environmentally conscious is bad. However the article is about the direction the environmental movement is heading. Remember, Communism too started with good intensions. Blueridge: You should look in to the HISTORY section of your local library and look up the following. "The little Ice age" 1300-1800. The Famines in Europe 1700-1800. Investigate why Europe has a long alcohol drinking tradition and why they did not drink "fresh water" until the 1900's. The fall of the Babylonian empire starting around 6000 bc and the decline of it's agricultural system. The decline of the Vikings on Greenland. Once you have actually come to understand human development and how weather has affected what we are and have been then please feel free to make a judgment call on my understanding of the facts. Lets see you have Al Gore and a move with 30 years of information, I have nearly 10000 years of Human history, archeology, geology and Anthropology on my side. Looks to me your more of a reactionary than little ole me… Blueridge: LOL so you are saying that despite the fact severe climate change has been recorded for thousands of years of human history (and all over the world) that it is moot because it is not happening today, because the people that it affected had no understanding of climate or weather? They had understanding enough to record the effects too know the change was severe and different than in previous years. The Climate changes I referenced were globally felt but the best records fall in the areas I mentioned. Facts show it happened much like it is happening today and long before industrialization! But you ignore those facts because they contradict your opinion! Talk about being uneducated! Here is another little piece of historical fact and irony for you. During the little ice age people were being burned alive at the stake because it was believed they were responsible for climate change! Sound familiar? Blueridge: Hey I think there is a tree that needs to be hugged over there, why not go and play with it for a while. The grown ups are talking now. Blueridge: Funny, I have provided several historical events where severe climate change happened on a global scale and out side of the industrial revolution, and yet you continue to attack my intelligence. Please, please, please explain how Climate change, that happened beyond the scope of human control occurred before industrialization... Because despite the fact I can PROVE severe climate changes have happened repeatedly since the big bang, you still seem stick with this egotistical notion that we are now responsible for events that have been occurring naturally for millions of years. But it seems odd that you have this notion that the environment is, was and is forever static, when I can prove other wise. Try providing facts this time, rather than the garbage you picked up on "Inconvenient truth". I am going to guess you never took debate in school, because you would know the key to an argument or debate is facts, of which you have provided NONE! blueridge: You made me realize something... President Vaclav Klaus was 100% right. You used the same tactics he mentioned and I fell for it. Ahh well, I will leave you to your sad dark little world, I am going to stick with real facts and evidence and listen to his ideas. I think I will start with living my life as I see fit and not letting petty little people like you distract me from knowing the truth. Rememeber to look up the Time periods I mentioned, you may learn something.
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Winslow Winslow | 6 days ago
He is not the only one saying it. He is just the first to boldly say it like it is. Read Michael Crichton debunking environmentalism for the quack religion that it is. There has been critical studies done of this mindset as well. Environmentalism IS the new Communism. It polevaults over the facts. How is it possible that the glaciers on Mars and other planets are receding? How would anything else but sun variation explain this? Sure there is warming. There has been Ice Ages as well ----long before man got here. Our sun is the culprit. Environmentalist bend the facts too. Our rivers are much cleaner than they were in the early part of the last century. There are more trees on this continent than when Europeans first came and explored this land. Environmentalist have their facts jacked up. No body want to drink poisoned water or polluted air---no one that I know of. If you don't think that ending all fossile fuel engines is a bad idea then you are labeled as a pro pollution---that is BS. I also have never met anyone who would like to starve to death or freeze in the winter or die of suffocating heat but that is exactly what would happen. Ask the environmentalist what the solution is and they will tell you something that if carried out would bring out the death of millions-----just like Communism.
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Winslow Originally Answered: Who wants communism to exist?.REAL communism.not what had happened in Russia.?
I don't really know much about communism, but socialism would be ok too. Of course, I'm an anarchist at heart so you might not want to listen to me. It is possible to make a world that's not obsessed with money, and I think that there are many parts of the world who are not obsessed with it. Capitalism is a system in which money provides power, and it does not matter how you get that money (cutting down rainforrests, starting wars with and killing the innocent civilians of countries that have lots of oil, using money to buy lots of cheap stuff to throw in the trash and provide a service while doing it, etc...) I think that life is much easier without money, until you run into unseen disasters, and the only way to get out of them is to pay someone to help you; and, I believe that a communist or socialist party would make people learn to get along and ask for help, and be more satisfied with what they have, rather than wanting more and more and more. I think a real communism would be great, it would mean everyone would be working together, something like they are now, only towards an idealistic goal, rather than a material gain; but, I really don't know if communism is realistic for such large masses of people, and for tit to happen right now seems almost impossible, since we have been away from a structure of that sort for so long. Before America was discovered and invaded, I beleive the natives were living in a lifestyle that was very similar to communism, and what was so great about it was that they cared for the earth like it was one of the community, and seemed to be thankful for everything that they had. I think greed is what sort of wipped them out, wanting more and more and not caring to share. There are plenty of societies I'm sure that are not obsessed with money, and I think they are the ones who have never had any of it. If currency did not exist, I do not think there would be a problem with drugs being diluted with unknown substances, because there would be very little to gain from doing so, but on second thought it might still happen, because what is most imporntant is not the money, it is the state of mind; what we're dealing with here is of an idealistic nature, I believe. I just want to say that capitalism is not necessarily any better, people stopped worrying about quality and just want to do more business to make more money; I'm sure you've heard of planned obsolescence-or making things with the intention of them breaking and having the consumer buy new ones. Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful to live in America because things are a lot worse some other places, but what has capitalism gotten us right now- a massive debt that we cannot pay off (so, we're basically bankrupt,) we're facing a depression because the most greedy (and possibly the best capitalist) president to date was in office for 2 terms, and a lot of people all over the world hate us because of our accents. Ideally capitalism is a good system too, just not the way things are working out-it's not what you know, it's who you know etc..... I'm all tapped out

Shamer Shamer
My first reaction is that the same argument can be made re: the Patriot Act, but apparently a lot of people are perfectly willing to submit to any number of reductions in personal privacy for a taste of false security. Are there what one could call "hasty" reactions regarding the environment? Of course. Are there also a lot of people whose anti-green rants are merely a thin camouflage for not being environmentally responsible? Again, yes. Please don't lump all environmentalists together. We're not supposed to stereotype conservatives, right? So why stereotype environmentalists? There are hundreds of grass-roots efforts going on that support responsible land use and preservation of habitat. And I would remind you that a LOT of those sportsmen are Republicans!
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Nevin Nevin
The best point to be taken from President Vaclav Klaus article may be more concerning ideology than the current controversies of environmentalism and global warming. Communism grew out of writings concerning the problems of early industrialism. But Communism was not first successful in the advanced industrial countries, but in a primarily agrarian country, Russia. An ideology about a supposedly frightening possible future can be used by political opportunists to take power for their own limited purposes. So, perhaps, we should be wary of political objectives of environmentalists.
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Kipp Kipp
No. Communism is an ideology. It is a theoretical system of common beliefs, behaviours and values which are thought to provide simple and united methods of achieving the economic and societal needs of nationalised people. Environmentalism is an awareness or a concept if you like, not an ideology. Environmentalism panders to a much lower order needs basis than communism does, which is survival itself. The environment sustains everything we need to survive at the most basic level so without a supportive environment we will wither and die. The systems we put in place to protect the environment (or environmentalism) are mostly reactive behaviours, because so much damage has already been done. This opposes the nature of the proactive or intentional system of changes imposed by communistic ideology, which are desired to alter an existing economic setup.
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Huntley Huntley
Why not ask Mikhail Gorbachev? He's currently head of the United Nation's council on the Environment. The former commies are now using the environmental movement to control the world's economy via the control of the element Carbon. Why don't they control oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen too , while they are at it? We can't explore for energy in the ANWAR wasteland. We can't drill offshore. We can't build new refineries. We can't use nuclear power even though the cowardly French have over 100 nuclear power plants. McCarthy was right fifty years ago. The commies ARE trying to bring our country down any way that they can. Whatever happened to 'Kill a Commie for Mommie"???
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Huntley Originally Answered: What is Communism? Right now I am doing my homework. And it mentions Communism as being against God, etc.But.?
Karl Marx wrote "The Communist Manifesto" in which he outlines the idea of communism. This is a big fat book that most people have heard of but haven't read. The basics: 1) the working class (the proletariat) at the time was oppressed. Marx predicted they would rise up against the rich and redistribute their property creating a socialist system. 2) Marx saw institutions such as marriage and religion as money making institutions, he didn't say they should be abolished, only that they would be between individuals and not subservient to the government. Though when Communist revolutions later took place in Russia, China, and Cuba, ect... these institutions were abolished. 3) eventually the people under the socialist government would become mature enough to not need government, and they would live without a government sharing their resources with each other freely in the perfect society. This hasn't ever actually been implemented in a communist society. What happened in Russia, China, Happening in Cuba, is that if one person can't own more than another person there is no motivation to work hard, as a result farmers don't farm, workers do the minimum amount of work and the country can't compete with capitalist nations, and the government fails with the economy. As a result the government begins evolving into a capitalist system.

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