Multiple microphones on 1 PC for use during webinar's/web meetings?

Multiple microphones on 1 PC for use during webinar's/web meetings? Topic: Multiple microphones on 1 PC for use during webinar's/web meetings?
June 16, 2019 / By Annalee
Question: The company I work for has recently started doing a lot of webinar's and web meetings using services like WebEx and DimDim. We talk using VoIP (not a teleconference bridge) while sharing our presentation materials with all the attendees who've logged on. We are doing this in a conference room that holds 15-20 people using a PC that has a set of standard computer speakers, a webcam, and a microphone that is designed to pick up everything in the room (kind of like a speaker phone.) The problem we're having is that someone outside of our office will talk into their headset, their voice comes out of our speakers, travels back through our microphone, and finally back into the the person headset. This creates a very annoying effect that causes the person to hear himself repeat what he said a few seconds after he says it. When this happens, most people quickly decide they cannot tolerate it and refuse to continue until we switch to a phone conference. What I'm looking for is a solution that allows us to use VoIP without the problem of our attendees outside the office hearing themselves talk immediately after they say something. Because we require that our microphone be turned on all the time during the session (people in the room often say things spontaneously) I think the main problem is the speakers. I'm thinking a solution could potentially be that each person in our conference room has their own headset so that we don't require a single 'speaker phone' style microphone and a set of speakers to sit on the table. If this is possible, what do I need to purchase to hook 15-20 3.5mm headsets up to a single computer? The goal here is to make it so that everyone wearing one can speak at will and hear everyone else speak through the earphones on the headset. If that isn't possible, has anyone else experienced a similar problem and solved it? I'd love to hear your solution. Thanks in advance, I REALLY appreciate it.
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Wolf Wolf | 10 days ago
The mic effect is created because the speaker are close to the microphone. It creates a loop of sound, where the sound goes back and forth all the time. That's the same effect when someone call the radio station while listening to the radio at home.
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Shannen Shannen
hmmmm i know what your talking about, Gamers get it to when they have there speakers up loud. sometimes rolls into a repeated sound that ends up as a screeching. I'm rather sure though, that nice sound cards have features that compensate for this. My Sound card (Azuentec Foret 7.1 Platnium) will actually Mute the inbound Audio whenever i press my Teamspeak Key so this doesn't happen. I dont know if something like that would be up your alley or not, as the audio card is probably more expensive then purchasing all new headsets and what not (189.99$ USD) but its a thought, And probably would be a hell of alot easier to use, and a little bit more willing on the part of the employees. If you noticed standard phones (when on speaker chat) also mute the inbound audio. I'd also look into seeing if theres any intergrated features like noise reduction, or "Acoustic Noise Cancellation", My intergrated card has those features as well, and they are pretty common.
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