Teens: Do your parents.?

Teens: Do your parents.? Topic: Teens: Do your parents.?
June 16, 2019 / By Annamaria
Question: ...expect you to make an A on every assignment, test, quiz, exam, project, etc? If so, how do you feel about this? BQ: What are you planning on doing this weekend? I'm probably just going to rest all weekend. :P
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Woodrow Woodrow | 2 days ago
I'm currently a senior in high school and I've always gotten A's, B's, and a couple C's here and there. My cumulative GPA is a 3.29. My parents have never been "strict" on my grades because I think they just kind of expect me to do good. If i fail a test, they won't get on me about it because they know that I will find a way to raise my grade. If not, I stress out like crazy because doing good is so important to me. For example, last year in Algebra 2, I worked my *** off. I went in and got extra help for 2 hours per day, I took excellent notes, I studied, turned in every assignment. and I STILL got a D in the class. I just have a really hard time with math and it never really clicked to me last year. My dad understood and talked to my teacher. I got my grade changed to a C and the class shows up as "Intermediate Algebra" on my transcripts. If I didn't turn in assignments or if my dad knew I wasn't trying, he would probably get mad though... I think it's okay for parents to be strict with grades but I think it's awful when parents ground their kids for failing a test/project/etc. As long as the student is seriously trying, I don't think it's right for them to get upset...unless the student is just failing every single class. Instead of grounding them, they should get them help to improve. BQ: I am working :'( I work at a grocery store...two 8 hour days ahead of me...yay...Plus I have some homework to do and I have to clean.
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Woodrow Originally Answered: Teens with divorced parents do you have your own room at both of your parents houses?
My parents have been amicably divorced for most of my life, and I've always had my own room at each of their houses. When I was younger I primarily lived with my mom during the school year and would spend the majority of summer with my dad. As I got older I began to attend enrichment programs, dance intensives, and art camps and wasn't with either of them for around six weeks out of the summer. I've always gone on a vacation with each of them every summer, though. I primarily live with my dad now, and I had intended to move into my mom's house to be closer to her and my siblings. Unfortunately I currently have a contagious virus so I can't be near my younger siblings until my health is completely clear. I haven't been able to go to her house or see my brothers and sisters since May 19. I'm optimistic that my health will improve soon and I can finally move in with them. "Absence makes the heart grow fonder." 1. How long have your parents been divorced? ~ They divorced in 1996 when I was three years old. 2. Why did they get divorced? (if you know) ~ My mom's brother was my dad's best friend, and he'd always been the glue that brought them together. When he died the week before I was born they slowly disintegrated. I think they had both been growing out of the relationship for a while but hadn't realized it until my uncle's death. They're British, and it's customary in the UK for boys to go off to boarding school when they are only eight years old. My dad and uncle went to school together for ten years, and were as close as brothers themselves. My parents became a couple when they were in their teens, and stayed together for well over a decade. They'd temporarily broken up time-to-time, but neither had ever been in a serious relationship with anyone else. I think they married each other because they were expected to, and because they were still in love with how they used to be instead of what they were at the time. The way a relationship works in adulthood seems to be very different, and much more complex than in adolescence. They both had very demanding, stressful careers, a newborn, and grief. My dad went to business school in the States when I was one, and when he got back they divorced. 3. Do they get along? ~ Yes, they're still close friends. I've never witnessed a single argument or dispute they've had with each other, or any form of acrimony. They dealt with everything privately, and have always treated each other very well. My paternal grandpa is still very close to my mom, and he's gone on family vacations with us. Every Thanksgiving the entire family stays at our lake house together. It's a tradition I love. 4. What's the custody arrangement? ~ There isn't a formal arrangement anymore. I primarily live with my dad now, but I stay at my mom's often. 5. Has it always been the same? ~ No. I lived with my mom during the school year from the time I was little until I was 13. I usually stayed with my dad every other weekend, but would also come over at other times. We used to travel together over the summer before I became too busy. When I was 13 my mom and stepdad had to move back to the UK because both of their parents were very ill. I choose to stay in LA and move in with my dad. I spent every school break and part of the summer in London with them. 6. Do you have brothers and sisters with the same custody? ~ No. I'm the only child they had together. My mom has four other children with my stepfather, plus a stepson. 7. Do you have stepbrothers and sistes? What's their arrangement like? ~ I have a 24-year-old stepbrother. My stepdad is half-British, half-Swedish, and his ex is Swedish. My stepbrother lived with his mom, and would join us on family vacations or stay with us during breaks. He's now going to medical school in LA and living at my mom and stepdad's temporarily. 8. Do you get along with them? ~ Yeah, he's awesome. 9. How long have your parents been remarried (if they have been) ? ~ My mom and stepdad married in 1999, and my dad and stepmom married in 2009. 10. Do you get along with your stepparents? ~ I adore them. My stepdad is like a real parent to me because he's been in my life so long. I love him like I do my mom and dad. I really love and respect my stepmom, too. She's much younger than my dad and they married when I was a teen, so I don't see her as being like a parent at all. She's more like a friend. 11. What's your plan for the summer? ~ I was supposed to be living with my mom. I'm working as a consultant part-time for my dad, and working part-time as a research assistant in a local university's psychology department. I'm also doing a two week internship at a media production company later this summer, and I'm going on vacation with both parents. 12. Whose house are you at right now? ~ I'm up at my dad's lake house recuperating. ~ skylark : )

Shaquille Shaquille
My parents only excepted that I'd do my best. BQ: I have to get started on a few personal projects... need to get off my ****, first.
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Nickolas Nickolas
In High School they did. Now in University, knowing they're paying over $50,000 a year for my schooling, *I* want to ensure I get a 4.0. I got a 4.0 last term, and I'm confident it'll happen again this term. : ) BQ: My friend is coming to visit... but I need surgery on my knee and can't do much. =\
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Kody Kody
Yeah my mom does. She knows I'm smart, so she wants me to apply what I know. It pressures me and stresses me out, especially now since I'm a junior. It's hard to do. BQ: I'm really sick so I'll be staying home.
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Ike Ike
No. My mom never EXPECTED a grade from me. If I got an A or a B, she's always proud. If I get anything below we try to work together to bring whatever it is that brought me down. It's ridiculous when parents do that, it sets so much pressure on the kid. BQ: Probably going out tonight or tomorrow. Then rest/homework the rest of the weekend. c:
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Ike Originally Answered: Teens: what were your parents like as teenagers?
My parents were both nerds as teenagers. Like, my dad spent 99.9% of his time doing homework, and coming up with new 'theories' and stuff like that. He would always try and build/invent stuff that always failed. He was terribly shy and introverted. He played video games in his spare time. My mom was very, very shy and also loved school. They met each other at fourteen, and have been together ever since.

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