Is it okay to lie to your employer about getting a job to another company?

Is it okay to lie to your employer about getting a job to another company? Topic: Is it okay to lie to your employer about getting a job to another company?
July 20, 2019 / By Annamay
Question: I have been an intern in the last 2 months with no pay. This company offered me a project based employment. They already presented it to me, asked me about my travel allowance and they asked me to stay once my internship is over, I actually said yes to this even though I'm still not sure since they took care of me during my internship. No papers were signed, no salary has been discussed yet. Another company has offered me an interview, by company I mean far bigger company than I am right now. And the position they offered is full time. I don't know if I will be accepted or not but it's a bigger opportunity. Is it okay to lie about a bigger company taking me in, just to leave before that project starts? Or can I just say that a bigger opportunity came before they really offered me something?
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Best Answers: Is it okay to lie to your employer about getting a job to another company?

Woody Woody | 3 days ago
Don’t lie. Always leave on good terms. After all - they are a reference for you. After all - they gave you valuable work experience. Don’t gripe about not being paid - you signed up for that - if you wanted payment you should have said so up front. You will have them on your resume for years. Leave on the best terms possible. You never know - you might need a job there. What if the other firm turns out to be a bad experience? ...However - it is up to you to be a rational consumer and look out for your best interests. There are few ways to handle this - I will give two suggestions. I’m sure you can add to the list... 1) Simply give two weeks notice before you go. You ALWAYS give two weeks notice. 2) Tell them another company has contacted you and see if they will beat the offer.
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"I've contacted employers by E-mail to get my W2 form, but they didn't response me" Of course they didn't respond. The W-2 contains your Social Security number!!!! Haven't you heard of identity theft and spam/phishing e-mails? If you have moved since working there, contact their corporate office and update your information and request a replacement copy. The USPS should return the W-2 to them if you moved.

Shaul Shaul
First go to your current employer and get something in writing. If they stall, go for the other job.
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Nicky Nicky
why bother lying? - just tell them you have changed your mind and are leaving You have no obligation to tell them WHY you are leaving (course that would be really stupid you have actually got an offer of a job but would be throwing the offer away when all you got for certain is an interview for another job And a bigger company dont automatically mean more opportunity)
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Kohath Kohath
I wouldn't lie about anything, I'd just go to the interview and if it goes well and the other company offers you a better job then do what you think is best (switch jobs or tell the other company no). If you lie to your current company you could easily be left with no job from either of them so keep everything honest but also do whats in your best interest but again, with no formal job offer in hand there is no problem seeing what the other company might offer.
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