Al queda is busy today ! This guys resume must be really, really good!?

Al queda is busy today ! This guys resume must be really, really good!? Topic: Al queda is busy today ! This guys resume must be really, really good!?
June 16, 2019 / By Annemae
Question: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090123/ap_o... I'd like to thank all of our elected officials for not having the common sense to know that this was going to happen.... And Barack wants to let all of them go...foolish. 1. They are not citizens and therefor do not deserve protection under OUR constitution. 2. The Geneva convention applies to identifiable military personnel. Since they are NOT definable as to which military they serve the GC doesn't apply to them.
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Wymond Wymond | 6 days ago
They just can't wait to turn them loose, the libs have been on here for days whining about these uncharged men being held ! I've said repeatedly that some do have charges but they can't show the evidence in open court without sacrificing national security. Doesn't matter they just want it gone, they worry to much what other people think Why do the libs not understand they do not have the rights of an American citizen ! Nor should they be given that right!
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Shawn Shawn
He does not want to let all of them go. You are the foolish one. The first order requires that Gitmo be shut down within a year, grants detainees rights under the Geneva Conventions, and sets up a review to determine whether detainees may be transferred to other countries. If they cannot be transferred, another review will determine the venue in which they may be prosecuted. The desire is to prosecute them in federal court or under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, but military commissions remain on the table. The second executive order requires a special task force co-chaired by the Attorney General and the Secretary of Defense to review detainee policy and file a report in 180 days. The third order requires all U.S. agencies to follow the Army Field Manual for interrogations, though the field manual guidelines will be reviewed by another task force. The CIA must also close any prisons it is operating.
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Nigel Nigel
barack Obama is an inexperienced idiot. I don't even need to call him "Hussein" anymore... he proves that FOR us P.S. I want the best for every citizen in this country... I think that killing those terrorists truly would be the best option FOR US in america! if you thumbs down me you're either a victim to stupidity, a traitor, or u just hate america and ur life
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Kolman Kolman
Interestingly, it was al-Quaida itself that made the announcement: your cited article says the news is "according to a purported Internet statement from the terror network." Meanwhile, in another article (http://af.reuters.com/article/worldNews/... "Afghan President Hamid Karzai welcomed the new U.S. administration's decision to close Guantanamo prison, saying on Friday it would help build international support for the fight against terrorism. "'This good decision of the United States government will help find support among the international community for the fight against terrorism and include all nations in this fight,' Karzai said in a statement. "'Closing this will have a good impact, a significant impact on the minds of Afghans here in Afghanistan,"'said Karzai's spokesman Humayun Hamidzada. 'We see it as extremely important and timely and we appreciate the decision taken by the new administration.'" Interesting that the bad guys -- Al Quaida -- are making statements to scare Americans into thinking that closing Guantanamo is a bad idea, but the good guys in this fight -- the ones on our side, the ones who would be most at risk for any released terrorists to return to fight on their soil -- are saying it's a good idea.
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Immanuel Immanuel
What these liberals who are responding don't seem to understand is that the ones that we can't prove beyond a reasonable doubt are terrorists will either be released to their own countries where they will be free to re-join their terrorist nations, or within OUR OWN COUNTRY. And anyone familiar with the justice system will tell you that just because you can't prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, this does not mean they're not guilty.
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