main organs in body - homework help?

main organs in body - homework help? Topic: main organs in body - homework help?
June 26, 2019 / By Annemarie
Question: well basically do you think that maybe you could just quickly some up these organs in like a line i.e breaks up food, something short like that. thanks 10 points for best answers. heart stomach small intestine large intestine kidneys liver thanks you
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Wynn Wynn | 8 days ago
heart-pumps blood round body stomach-digests food small intestine-nutrition gets absorbed into blood here and also does little digesting large intestine-digests food kidney-absorbs all the minerals from liquids, such as water, juice, etc. Its the one that produces urine, so once the nutrients are absorbed, the liquid is transformed into urine and the kidney releases bad chemicals that are in the body so that they can come out of your body with the urine it also produced. This is a bean-shaped organ that filters blood to form the waste liquid called urine. OORRRR. It cleans ur body. (short summary!! :). ) liver-stores fuel for body and Helping to process fats and proteins from digested food. Making proteins that are essential for blood to clot (clotting factors). Processing many medicines which you may take. Helping to remove or process alcohol, poisons and toxins from the body. Making bile which passes from the liver to the gut and helps to digest fats.
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In general most skin cancers will spread if not protected from bright sunlight. Basal cell cancer is one of these. It occurs on the skin surface & spreads to surrounding tissue. Squamous cell cancer has lesions that become open sores & will penetrate the skin & metastasize.It commonly involves the tongue & mouth.Melanoma is the bad one.This one develops from moles & unlike the others will metastasize far from the original site.It travels & spreads by the lymph & blood vessels.Paget's tumors are a rare skin cancer that involves the breast tissue, mostly the milk ducts & nipple areas.It also can be seen as a red, crusting rash in the groin, anus, and sweat glands.

Shaye Shaye
Heart - Pumps blood and transports oxygen to the brain and rest of the body. Small intestine- The final chemical breakdown of food as well as the place which absorbs nutrients. Large Intestine - The main function is the re absorption of water to prevent dehydration. Kidneys- Filter out liquids in the body. Liver- Produces bile and then stores it in the gallbladder. The bile is injected into the duodenum and helps to emulsify fats from foods. Stomach- Food enters through cardiac sphincter. The stomach has 3 types of muscles. Circular, Longitudinal and Oblique. The stomach then rolls and sloshes the food to chemically break it down into a soupy mixture called chyme. Then exits the pyloric sphincter and enters the small intestine.
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Nimbus Nimbus
There are 2 lungs, and one heart that fill the chest cavity. The heart is a pump that moves blood throughout the body, called circulation. The lungs are the organs of breathing, and they provide oxygen to and remove carbon dioxide waste from the blood brought from the heart. That should get you started. Now you can do your own research to find out what systems the heart and lungs belong to, why their functions are important to keeping body tissues alive, and you can isolate a tissue from each organ and elaborate on on it.
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Korah Korah
you should really do this yourself its the research that helps you remember for exams etc heart - pumps blood around the body stomach - breaks down food small intestine - where digestion occurs, and food nutrition is absorbed large intestine - where water is absorbed kidneys - regulate water - maintains balance
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Korah Originally Answered: Homework help. The human body?
Gas exchange in the capillaries is found in the lungs. It compliments your blood stream because it absorbs the oxygen and releases the CO2. The oxygen is vital to keep all cells in the body alive. Blood vessels are as long as your body is. They will vary in length. Red blood cells carry oxygen through the blood stream. White blood cells contain anti-bodies which help your body's defences against infectious cells. Veins, arteries and capillaries are related because they make up all the vessels in which your blood flows. VeINs carry blood back INto your heart. Arteries take the Away from your heart. And capillaries delivers blood to your cells. Veins being the biggest vessel, arteries 2nd and capillaires the smallest.

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