Do you think I'm mature enough to go to Florida for Spring Break next year?

Do you think I'm mature enough to go to Florida for Spring Break next year? Topic: Do you think I'm mature enough to go to Florida for Spring Break next year?
June 16, 2019 / By Annette
Question: Cos my Mum says I'm not when I know I am and my school mates are certainly nowhere near as mature as me, and my teachers and the people who work at my local youth club and even people on here say I'm mature for my age and seen as Spring Break is for College Students really I think at 16 I should be allowed to ditch my family for the Spring Holidays and relax and party on my own with a few mates. Do you agree with me and do you think I'm mature enough? It's pretty obvious I'm British as I say holiday rather than vacation. I mean, I avoid getting introuble by the police. I'm not a big fan of alcohol so I won't be getting drunk. I don't like making a fool of myself. I'm pretty shy. It ain't as if I'm gonna be getting in any trouble.
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Wyot Wyot | 10 days ago
Being the oldest of 5 children and divorced parents my mom was very hard on me and wouldn't let me do anything that I felt I was ready for. In my english class one year my teacher made me write persuassive essays all the time for homework. I started writing persuassive essays for everything I felt I should be able to do. I wrote not only my point of view but hers as well and I gave a paragraph for each thing I thought she might bring up as a con and tryed turning it into a pro. My mom was very impressed that I took the time to write the essay that I was able to do things she normally wouldn't let me do. I even got the prom dress I wanted with an essay!! If you was mature about it and dont whine and complain and bring it up in an adult manor you will be more likely to get your way :)
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Wyot Originally Answered: Should I go to Asia for spring break?
Go to Asia. Hong Kong and Tokyo are two of the safest cities in the world. so safety isn't an issue. You also have friends there, so won't be short of people to hang out with. I love travelling and wish I could do more but my career prevents that. Go travelling while you can. You'll be bogged down with work and commitments later on so do it now, while you can.

Shea Shea
Yeah, but the problem isn't so much you as it is them. When college kids go on spring break (and I'm about 8 years out of college) they have a tendency to act like complete and total jackasses (which I'm sure I did) What I'm trying to say is that you may be very mature for your age, but they may not and tat could mean some serious trouble. Drunk, over-zealous, post teens are a mixture for something bad to happen and I don't think I'm being over-reactive when I say that. If you are as mature as you and those close to you say then you're going to be mature enough to make the right decision and if you don't then you should be mature enough to learn from the experience, dig?
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Nivek Nivek
no, at age 16 you are not ready to go on a holiday without an adult supervision. I say that with the thought of what you would do if something happened while you where some where by yourself, you need to be a little big older. Maybe your parents can go as a chaperon, and be there without being there, if you catch my drift. Where they get you and your mates your own room. You would still have rules and certain times to be in and you would have to check in with them from time to time, but if would give you freedom, but still have the help there if you needed it. Well talk with your parents about it. if not them then maybe one of your mates parents can do it. but If you where mine I wouldn't let you go off by yourself. My oldest is 17 and last summer she went with a group from several schools to Australia and had a blast and she was 16, it was supervised in essence, but she still had fun. anyway I hope that you have fun.
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Korey Korey
Hotels in Florida won't let you stay unaccompanied until you are 18,sometimes 21. You will be classed as an unaccompanied schoolboy there.
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Indy Indy
no 1 ur age is mature enuff to go away by urself. to many things can go wrong and fast. im 15 and never would even think im mature enuff.
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Everitt Everitt
i think you are mature and plus if youre shy like you say are you wont be anything to crazy i think they should let you go.
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Everitt Originally Answered: I'm grounded during spring break?!?
I get the fact that your parents want you to do great and all but that is insane. you need to get out. even if it's going out with your parents they need to let you go somewhere. as for what to do....you can do homework (it might gain you some Brownie points lol) , watch movies play games, read etc. hope this helps chica. keep your head up.

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