should a college student get a macbook?

should a college student get a macbook? Topic: should a college student get a macbook?
June 16, 2019 / By Anngela
Question: so i just bought a HP last summer, a great one with 4G but after surrounding myself with macbook users, i cant help but wonder, is it worth to buy a macbook? i'm a business/management major-to-be, so how useful would the macbook be? and i don't know anything about computers...sadly. so tell me, is it worth it for me to spend 1500 on a macbook? or should i keep my HP? my little sister is in need of a laptop...so im thinking about giving her mine... any thoughts? i research, do my papers, watch videos, and facebook on my computer. oh and organize pictures. that's about it so far.
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Wystan Wystan | 1 day ago
A Mac is a good choice for anything. With the right software, you can do most things that you can do on a Windows-based PC. Also remember this: you can run Windows on a Mac via Bootcamp, or VMWare or Parallels. As for your business/management major, you can use iWork to make documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, and there's a database program called Bento that works amazingly with Macs. I don't know much about the major, so I really can't tell you much. I'm only 13. =) When it comes to research, there really isn't much difference between a Mac or a Windows PC. You can write amazing-looking papers with Pages (the word processing application in iWork). Watching movies might be a small problem. You might not be able to watch some types of videos like WMV files. I don't think that would be a problem, though, because you could probably just change the file extension to something that QuickTime could read like an MPEG file. FaceBook will become amazing with the Safari web browser. Last but not least, you can organize photos with ease with iPhoto, which automatically comes with a Mac. Macs can do a lot, and it's really simple and intuitive. Macs are extremely compatible with Windows, no matter what people say. You can export any iWork files you make into Microsoft Office files, so you don't have to worry about that. Also, you could just get Office: Mac, and not worry about anything. Good luck with your decision. Also, during the summer, Apple has a deal, where college students get a free iPod Touch or an iPod Nano with every Mac. You can also have your Mac customized to have more hard drive space, more RAM, and even more options. So think, would you rather have an HP, or a Mac with an iPod and more options to choose from?
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Wystan Originally Answered: MacBook Aluminum MB 466 for architecture student?
Well I was in the market about a year ago for the same reason as you. I was an architecture student and my previous laptop was showing it's age. I had a Compaq and it worked well for me but it was almost four years old and I really needed a performance boost. I never had an Apple before but I heard they were great for graphic designers and that sort of thing like you also heard, I guess word spreads around. Anyways, I did immense research since I was using my own money this time (parents paid for last laptop) and I wanted to be sure my new computer would be able to get the job done. For architecture students, the top priorities to look for in a computer, either PC or Mac, is RAM and Graphics card. Of course the processor speed should be as high as you can afford, but the first two stats I mentioned should be at the top of your list. The reason being, if you are going to be doing a lot of rendering and drafting on your computer you will want enough memory to get your computer through the task without freezing or taking forever. The Graphics card is there to be able to render things in 3D and to be able to fly around your model with no troubles. So, if you are really interested in going the Mac route, you will not be sorry I can guarantee it. You will definitely pay more than for a PC with the same specs but even after my purchase I never once regretted paying the premium price. I have to say one important thing though, I highly recommend getting the Macbook Pro. I can't stress it enough. You will want the 15" screen for drafting, unless you prefer scrolling around all the time on a smaller screen, and your graphics card needs to have discreet memory (not integrated as the Macbook is) Also, the Macbook Pros have a much more vivid screen and you will like that for movies and photos. You don't need it for architecture but it's nice. Finally, find out which CAD software you are using since AutoCAD only runs on PCs, but if you are using Vectorworks, you are fine on the Mac. With AutoCAD, you will have to also purchase Windows XP (NOT VISTA) and use the Bootcamp to put it on your Mac. I have that set up and it works fantastic for using AutoCAD, no problems. So you really have to weigh the pros and cons of getting a Mac. You can get a regular Macbook but it won't be able to handle 3D modeling or any gaming (if you're into that), but the Pro is obviously much more expensive. What I like about my computer which I forgot to mention, is the previous generation Macbook Pro, is the added features you get with a Mac like Spaces, Expose, Widgets, and Illuminated keyboard. All these features add to make me a very productive student enabling me to better multitask. Well good luck in your decision making! You are welcome to email me if you have further questions :) For the AutoCAD question, yes you can install it AFTER installing Windows XP to your Mac using Bootcamp. Like I said above, for 3D modeling you will need a dedicated graphics card (not integrated) so the Pro would be the choice to get. Otherwise, for standard architecture drawings and plans the Macbook is easily qualified to run it. AutoCAD Specs: http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/ind...

Shealtiel Shealtiel
How usefull the macbook - well, if you're just going to use it for editing (music, photos, etc) then fine... But, since you're going into business/ management, then you could just stick with your pc, unless you really want to spend 1500 on a macbook. The thing with pc's is that it's software compatible unlike a mac where you're limited to so much... If you're into programming, computer games, etc. - go with a pc... I suggest you just keep your hp instead of buying a mac.
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Niven Niven
It's possible that you may benefit from having a Mac, but I bet that of those that have a mac, a good portion of them are regretting paying the extra over a PC. Any good college nowaday uses software in their classes that works on both PC and Mac. In my opinion, it's not worth it to buy a Macbook. But I am slightly biased since I think every Apple product out there is extremely overpriced for what's in it. I doubt you'll benefit enough from having a macbook to where buying one is actually going to be beneficial.
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Kori Kori
stick to the MacBook because of the fact it would fit your desires extra beneficial. MacBook professional is a candy pc notwithstanding it quite is extra beneficial than adequate on your desires. i myself have a MacBook and it works completely whilst i exploit it for my papers, music, photographs and information superhighway. in case you quite prefer to spend that extra $800, try employing a number of it to enhance your MacBook with extra memory, annoying disk area or a speedier processor. stick to Macs! it will final longer than a computing device because of the fact it will by no skill crash. wish this helped!
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Ingram Ingram
Macs are definitely worth it, its like getting 2 computers, and running vista with a 45GB partition, and the 2.4GHz aluminum one, and the score was like 5.2 on the vista benchmark thing, plus, macs last a lot longer without going out of date
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Ingram Originally Answered: Which macbook should I get for college?
The 13" 2.4GHz will be fine for computer science. Unlike Vista Leopard is perfectly happy with 1GB so 2GB of RAM should be ample.

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