HELP! Will I be able to get into my dream college?!?!?!?

HELP! Will I be able to get into my dream college?!?!?!? Topic: HELP! Will I be able to get into my dream college?!?!?!?
June 16, 2019 / By Annie
Question: I have wanted to go to NYU ever since I was little... I got straight A's freshman and sophomore year, but this past year (my junior year) my grades dropped drastically. Now, don't think that I just let them slip, I was diagnosed with major depression in October of last 2008 and was hospitalized twice since then. Now I am back on track and my grades have gone back up to mostly A's, but I'm wondering whether this past year will affect me getting into NYU. I know that Junior year is the most important year, and colleges want to see improving grades, but will I be able to explain that I went through this whole ordeal when applying, or will it just looked like I slacked off? I am freaking out about this and any help is appreciated!!!! Unweighted cumulative GPA: 3.6 Weighted cumulative GPA: 4.1
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Xzavier Xzavier | 3 days ago
If you continue to keep your grades up and take challenging courses senior year, you certainly have a chance. Have you taken the SAT yet? You should take it soon in case you need to take it over again. Also, SAT subject tests & AP classes would be good if you can manage it. If you haven't already, go the the College Board website (collegeboard.com) and make a profile. You can manage all you exam scores there and they can compare your grades and scores and everything to the average for NYU students. Make sure that you're taking all the required courses that NYU would expect. Browse around their website and sign up for mailings. When you do apply, you can mention what happened to you in your personal statement essay or sometimes they will actually have a section where you can add any info that you want the college to take into consideration. You can also ask teachers to mention it in their letters of recommendation. However, you don't want to make too big of a deal out of it, to be honest with you. If you can, I would suggest talking to your college counselor about how they think that you should approach the subject (or if you should at all for that matter). In addition to your academics you should mention how much you want to go to NYU & WHY, what you want to do, any extra curriculars, volunteer work, etc.
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I would not say this is my speciality but your question drew me and I think I may have some possible insight. My number one quesiton is how real was the dream to you. If the dream was realer than real it seems like it could occur in real life and our perception of time is not like our dreams. So the relevancy of your curent situation may not relate. My second question is do you have a history of seeing things proir to their happening? If so the dream could be a precurser to your future given if the dream seemed very real and you have a history. On the other side of this dreams usually solve problems and pregnancy means and relates to ideas. Individuals can be preganant with possibilities that they need to birth or asssit in developing or coming into reality. So my next question becomes do you have an idea? It could be alomost anything, a book idea, a writing, etc. If so you may need to allow these ideas to frution and be birthed.

Shelah Shelah
There's actually a section in the application to NYU and most other schools where you are asked if there's anything important they should know about you. This gives you an opportunity to explain your situation to those reviewing your application, so take advantage of that. You can also write about it as an essay topic. NYU is a great school (excluding the fact that they give little financial aid & aren't big on sports at all)- I applied there and got in- but its not the only school out there and if they don't take you there will always be some other school that will, just apply wisely. Don't worry about it too much. Just keep your grades up for senior year and make sure that you are involved in extracurriculars, community service, etc. Talk to your guidance counselor and make sure that you're applying to reach, target, and safety schools.
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Noble Noble
i'm a senior in highschool..already went through the application process and i took a look at the nyu application as well so i know first hand you should be ok im pretty sure 1. you have the opportunity to explain why if for any reason your grades feel they have dropped and the reason for it in your application. 2. dont forget to tell your guidance counselor when asking for a recommendation about your situation 3. not only do you need to have good grades but you should really be involved in your school b/c thats one of the things NYU looks at 4. if anything, apply to the liberal arts part of the school (easier to get in) and switch into the school you want in sophomore year ull still graduate on time 5. just so you know nyu's application is a pain in the butt so get started early (you can start in the summer just so you know) 6. apply for early DECISION (binding process) so they know you're serious and get your application in ASAP (seriously this reallyyy makes a difference otherwise you have a possibility of getting waitlisted) 7. and dont forget its not just your average that counts, you need to really pull it off on the SATs/ACTs/SAT IIs. they also look for challenging courses in your hs career (ie. APs, honors, accelerated programs) 8. dont slack senior year they WILL withdraw your acceptance talk to your guidance counselor let them know whats going on (you dont have to tell details just the jist of it so they know the reasons for whats happening) as well as your teachers so they'll ease up on you. if you cant go through with telling them you can have your parents give them a call and let them know. good luck NYU is a great school.
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Kory Kory
I have a feeling there is some sort of document which you could fill out. I know that my school has an attendance record that records specifically why you were out and maybe there would be a way of sending something through the school. However, if you are a good student and get really good test scores I am sure that that will redeem you to a certain extent. Keep it up! I am sure you will be fine.
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Innocent Innocent
What is cumulative GPA as of now? 3.63 is the average GPA for a student entering NYU. You are fine
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i dont no if colleges go 4 that r not, but since it IS ur dream school, myself, i wud use it. i wud just end it with--attending the (name) would be my dream come true. r u cud go step further--attending the (name) would not only be what I've been hoping and praying for...it would be my dream come true. (altho that 'may' b a little 2 far :-)

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