Can I begin my MBA while finishing my BA?

Can I begin my MBA while finishing my BA? Topic: Can I begin my MBA while finishing my BA?
June 16, 2019 / By Annitta
Question: I'm currently a junior at a CSU & would like to begin coursework towards an MBA or a Masters in PR. Is that possible? I wouldn't mind going through an online program so long as it is an accredited university. Thank you for any insight. :) I also already have 3 years work experience as an assistant manager at a bank.
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Best Answers: Can I begin my MBA while finishing my BA?

Yancy Yancy | 7 days ago
No, you need to complete a bachelors before you start working on a masters unless you are already enrolled in a BS/MBA program. Also, most MBA programs require several years of work experience before applying.
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Shelley Shelley
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Noland Noland
You have to complete Bachelors degree and after that clear GMAT, then you can go for an MBA in a good B-school. Regards
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Kurt Kurt
not likely that you can start an advanced dsgree while still working on the bachelor's, but you may halp yourself by getting into an advanced book and seeing what sorts of questions are significant at the MBA level. just don't spend too much money onbooks you may not use.
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