Would Wellsfargo bank give short term loans?

Would Wellsfargo bank give short term loans? Topic: Would Wellsfargo bank give short term loans?
June 16, 2019 / By Annona
Question: My friend told me that she's able to get a short term loan with her bank (us bank) and they will just take it out of her account the day she gets paid next. Does anyone know if Wellsfargo does that too? It's not overdraft fees. It's just basically getting your paycheck early. I do have direct deposit. Which bank do you have?
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Yehowah Yehowah | 9 days ago
Wells Fargo does have a loan that you are looking for, called the Direct Deposit AdvanceĀ®. The current amount available is between $200-$500. You must have your paycheck (or other recurring direct deposit) automatically deposited into your Wells Fargo account to be eligible for the loan. You can consult Wells Fargo Web site at https://www.wellsfargo.com/checking/dire... for more information regarding the exact terms of the product. However please note that even Wells Fargo warns you against misusing this product due to its expense. They write: "Please be aware that this service is expensive and must be repaid quickly. Direct Deposit Advance is not intended for use as a long-term financial solution". The fee is about $7.5 for every $100 withdrawal. That is a hefty fee. This type of service is commonly called a payday loan. Private payday lenders are even more expensive charging both high fees and high interest rates. The main problem is that these loans just become another debt burden to service. I recommend you read the Bills.com article about payday loans http://www.bills.com/payday-loans/ to understand the problems with this type of service. If it is a one time draw, the Wells Fargo Direct Deposit Advance, is cheaper than paying overdraft fees. However, a line of credit, if you qualify would be cheaper. If you are having debt problems, then I suggest that you read about debt relief solutions at Bills.com article http://www.bills.com/debt-relief/. After reading the articles and looking at Wells Fargo, you should contact your banker to get more information.
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Shelton Shelton
If you bank with Wells Fargo and have direct deposit then you should see the "cash advance" option when you go to the ATM or do your online banking. Wells Fargo allows you to get up to half of your expected pay check ahead of time for a nominal fee. Just ask your banker to activate this feature for you. I have seen the option... but never had the need to use it... so I really don't know too much about the fees, etc.
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Norm Norm
My bank also does that. Payment advance. You need direct deposit to get this. (an expensive way to get money). --- I cannot mention the bank I use. Not in this site. But it is a regional bank and I know that all big-boy banks offer these. The fees might as well be overdraft fees - VERY expensive to do this loan.
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