How to drop a baby shower politely?

How to drop a baby shower politely? Topic: How to drop a baby shower politely?
June 20, 2019 / By Anona
Question: Some friends have invited me over for a baby shower. Before I dropped two invitations to parties too. Because I'm not a party person and don't enjoy it. I like to be with close friends with whom I have something to share. These people will have to speak English just because of me which makes me feel bad, because I think they'd like to speak their own language. Besides I don't like baby showers and had planned to spend the long weekend reading, exercising and working on two languages I'm learning and meditating. How can I drop it politely? One of the people told me oh we know the answer already. I don't want to sound mean just I have also the right to have plans, right?
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Ywain Ywain | 1 day ago
"Thank you for the invitation to the baby shower but unfortunately I won't be able to attend". You don't have to go if you don't want to - it doesn't matter what other guests might assume about you. It's your decision and not their business. And if someone asks why you aren't attending - sometimes you just have to tell a little untruth..."I have a prior engagement, it's personal, my relatives are in town, I'll be out of town that day, I have an appointment I cannot change, I have a family event, anything!
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Shemaiah Shemaiah
Dont let people intimidate you by saying ' we know the answer already'. That is rude. Just formally rsvp that you wont be able to attend due to prior commitment. That should end it but if someone is actually rude enough to ask you what you have to do, say I have a class project to meet for.. Actually you could simply say 'Im not a party person like you did here but most people dont like that. You would think they would respect your decision. Good for you for taking care of yourself and not catering to pressure from others. All showers are boring and should be defunct.
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Normand Normand
I can't believe you're being so selfish and self-centered. Friendship is like a two-way street. Part of BEING a friend is attending their showers and giving gifts. See it from the pregnant person's perspective. What if everyone declined to attend because they'd rather do other things??? It would hurt terribly and there'd be no shower at all. Do the right thing. Attend, give a gift, and make her feel like people care about her.
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Lake Lake
that is very trivial. i've attended showers in which men have been reward. it occurred to be an "older" crowd as good. we had alot of a laugh. permit the mommy to be have her bathe the best way she desires. do not permit your emotions get in the best way of getting a well time.
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Isador Isador
I would rather my friend tell me the truth that they would rather have a weekend of rest and relaxation as opposed to lying. Be truthful. It also wouldn't hurt if you got your friend a baby shower gift if you don't want to be around.
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I think that having people write letters to your baby is extremely personal, so having them sign a stuffed animal is about as good as you'll get. Now if your family or close friends want to write a letter I think that'd be really sweet. Later on down the road you can have a quilt made of the letters (I'm not sure how it could be done, but knowing technology today it can and probably has been done). You could have the guest's write something great about you and your significant other, things that the baby will like to know, or their words of wisdom would be pretty neat as well.

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