You know what ? I'm so scared and depressed !?

You know what ? I'm so scared and depressed !? Topic: You know what ? I'm so scared and depressed !?
June 16, 2019 / By Anonna
Question: My problem is the English ...I've been in the US for 2 years and my writing is very weak actually ...like my essays are bad, I don't know how to start the paragraphs, can't use those big words...I need some help please if you know a good way? Now I'm scared cause I have an introducing essay to my new teacher and I don't know how to sort things out ...like should I start with the name, age, grade...etc??? and do I add the conj " and" between them or a "period" or a "coma" or HOWWWWWWWW !
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Yorath Yorath | 2 days ago
You start out by calming down and be relaxed. Try looking out good ways to write essays and grammatical questions on the internet by yourself, you will learn much better if you do the research.
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Yorath Originally Answered: I'm scared to tell my parents I'm depressed?
Telling your parents is a difficult thing to do. When we bottle these things up, we have the option to pretend they don't exist for awhile when we're around people who don't know, but that hurts us in the long run. I don't have depression, but I do have anxiety, and I worry about sharing the things I'm anxious about with my parents because I feel like I'll make them anxious too. When the anxiety passes, I realize that this isn't logical or true, but it's very hard for me to tell the difference sometimes without an outside perspective. So that's what I'm going to try to give you here. * You are not a disappointment. There is a difference between you CHOOSING to do something bad and some bad happening to you. If you ran off and maxed out their credit cards, they'd be disappointed in you. But this is something that happened to you. You didn't do anything to bring it on, so they can't be mad at anything you've done. * Treatment is not expensive. The medications used for these things have been around long enough that there are plenty of generics. With my parent's insurance I got a month's worth of medication for about four dollars. Therapy is usually covered too. Even if you couldn't, there are other resources. People online like me who can give advice. I can't go back to my doctor because I'm trying to get a military waiver for my anxiety, so I talked to my priest (for free) and that helped. Even if you don't have insurance, doctors usually get so many thousands of samples they could give you those. Each spring during my childhood my doctor would give me all the sample allergy pills pharmaceutical reps would give him instead of giving me a prescription only so he could clean out his office a bit more. * They won't get depressed because of you. Depression has more to do with your brain chemistry than anything else. There's even a blood test for it now. If your parents have made it this long without depression, you're not going to give it to them. They'll certainly be concerned for you, but that's not depression. I'm concerned for you but it's not making me upset. But they WILL be devastated if you kill yourself. Letting this get out of control would hurt them way more than telling them about your problems ever could. * You're not a burden because you're going to be the one who gets you through this. They're here to support you. If you're worried about being a burden, getting help is the best way to put that worry to rest. By conquering your depression, anxiety, and eating disorder, you can become a healthy individual who doesn't have to worry about that ever again. Telling your parents is a hard thing, and so many people on here struggle with it, but you have to remember that they love you and want what's best for you. And they chose to have kids so they accepted the fact that you were theirs to take care of the moment you were conceived. I know how strong these worries can be, but you have to trust the perspective of someone on the outside enough to muscle past them and not let them keep you from getting the help you need. Best of luck.

Shemuel Shemuel
If you feel that english is your weaker subject, I suggest that you ask for help from your classmates/teachers. Use transition words, such as Generally, yada yada yada.... First you should start off by a general statement. For example: Oftentimes a student is nervous about starting a new year, but all that changes once they learn to get to know new people. When people take the time to get to know someone, I shows their sheer respectfulness, and desire to get out of their comfort zone. A teacher also needs to get to know their students to find out what type of person the individual is. Then you could link yourself into the picture and go on from there. This is a suggestion. Bill's answer is amazing!!
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Norrie Norrie
HI baghi, Welcome to the US! English is a challenge for most people, even those born here! I'll do what I can. First, Start a paragraph with a sentence that announces what the paragraph is about. Like this. "There are five main reason why I like living in the United States." The next sentence could read: "The first one is that..." The best writing flows with one idea giving birth to the next, and then the next. This is called coherence, meaning the sentences stick together and flow and make sense. Try this. When you need to write an essay, write down all the ideas you can come up with, one after another, on a sheet or sheets of paper. Now cut them out. I mean cut them apart so that you have a pile of paper strips, each with one idea on it. You can also use 3x5" cards. This idea is to be able to arrange them easily. Now get down on the floor/carpet and play with your strips/cards. Try various orders. Look for the main idea, put it first, at the top of your arrangement. When you feel you have it right, get a piece of tape (clear, Scotch tape) and tape them so that the tape holds them in the right sequence. Now, if you want, you can re-write them on a new piece of paper. Be alert to new ideas that will come to you, likely, and include them in your re-writing. Try to write pretty much the way you talk, but with good punctuation. I would put your name at the top and your grade, probably. Now punctuation. When you have long introductory phrases, use a comma. Like this: "By the time I reached the old campus, I was thoroughly tired out." A tricky part comes when you want to separate two sentences. Here are two sentences--I'll keep them short to make my examples simple. "I went back to the old campus. I was really tired when I arrived." Now let's say when I am writing them, I decide I want to join them into one sentence. Here are good ways I can do that... "I went back to the old campus, and I was really tired when I arrived." "I went back to the old campus, but I was really tired when I arrived." In the above sentences, a comma is not enough to separate the "main clauses" (they are like sentences that can stand alone with a period after them. So you can use a comma and a coordinating conjunction--"and" is one of them. You can also use "but" or "or," "nor," "for," or "so". You can also write these two main clauses (sentences) like this: "I went back to the old campus. I was really tired when I arrived." It's really your choice. Don't worry about big words. Your writing is usually better without them. People who use them, too often use them to impress others. You get better with practice. Try to hear the words in your mind, and then write them down, and then make them as correct grammar- and punctuation-wise as you can. An idea, have a friend who knows punctuation well, go over your essay. Best wishes.
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Lambart Lambart
You need to get a tutor- one on one instruction will help and the learning isn't as overwhelming. You will never learn well if you are all stressed out.
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Lambart Originally Answered: I am so alone and depressed.my gf left me.i dont want to live.not possible to forget anything.i am so scared?
Hallo: I am not a native english speaker, but i wantted to help you out when i read your question. First,i need to tell you that truth are hurting sometime, and you are way tooo sensitive and weak. you failed a lot of things beacause of HER,... but i want to say that a smart, strong person deserves a better life, when you start to work,there are more than 1 thing for you to take care, you have to learn how to hanldle a lot of things at the same time, you failed your examns and you lost your dream, beacause you counted on her too much, as a independent man ,first you have to take a good care of yourslef,then you can try to also take care of others, otherwise you will just mess all thing up and in the end nothing is done. you even havnt taste the real taste of the life yet,.how could the suicide idea got into your head? as you keep growing day by day,you will find more things which is really important for us, you will find the meaning of life, in china, we have a sentence" you didnt creat your life. you was given by your parents, also you have no right to kill yourself. you should live in the best way you could to appreciat the chance to be born" i wouldnt say that you will get better when you find the right one, beacause what color your life is going to be,its all up to which color is in your brain, you cant all the time put your hope on someone else and make it like its their responsibility, so hang on there, and try to find your own way to live. good luck.

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