I got suspended from my school until April?

I got suspended from my school until April? Topic: I got suspended from my school until April?
June 16, 2019 / By Ansonia
Question: This isn't fair. In January some friends and I were trying to make a point to the Principle by failing classes intentionally, but we realized that that would get our college acceptances revoked. I said that we should quit because I got into Stanford and didn't want to get revoked. So, instead, my friend printed off a petition to get "Mr. Baker" fired. Last year 60% of his students got a D or an F, He also swears at our class and says that we have no future. The office refuses to believe. So: My friend went around the lunchroom and got 573 signatures. When she took the petition home that night, she put it under a copier and replaced "Get Mr. Baker Fired" with "Who's a Fag?" Now. 573 kids have signed themselves as "fags." She got expelled when someone reported her after she showed it off to everyone. She said I was involved, so now I can't go back to school until April 5th. Is this fair? Will I get revoked from Stanford?
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Zabdi Zabdi | 4 days ago
You definitely need to find a new friend if you truly were not involved in changing that petition. If you were unjustly suspended, you need to have your parents talk to the Principal. Being suspended for almost 2 months seems pretty extreme if you were not actively involved in this! Unfortunately, I would be surprised if they would listen to you without an adult advocate and I would try to persuade your "friend" to come clean with your involvement/lack of involvement for the meeting (even if it is just a letter you can bring with you.) You clearly are a very intelligent young person with the fire and passion of righteousness which is something that needs to be fostered....but it is also something that needs to be tempered with common sense of what the potential recourse of your actions and who you are involved with could be. Hind-sight is always 20/20 and maybe getting several people in your class together to go to the counseling office or Principal's office to report what this teacher had been saying would have been a better choice. This way you would have put the administration in a position of strength to be able to do something rather than put them in a defensive posture and reject the entire matter. Was your purpose to change his behavior or to vindictively have him lose his job/income? Would you have felt good about having him suddenly be fired putting him & his family in financial turmoil (even though it is clear he should not be teaching)? I would spend this time writing up a pretty good persuasive essay for Stanford in case they do revoke your admission. I really hope you don't need it, but what I really think you do need is an adult to advocate for you to the school so maybe you won't have to miss so much school and potentially put your grades/admission further at risk. Good luck to you. Things will get better.
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Sheridan Sheridan
Your parents need to get involved. You may need an attorney. If they are just going by the word of one student about your involvement they need to provide proof of this fact. If other students "ratted" you out then perhaps there's less of a chance. All educators want to see you succeed. It was silly that you would intentionally fail your classes to prove a point...but then you are a teenager and should be forgiven for silly mistakes. One month's absence is more like a preliminary expulsion. I would be curious to know what if any action have your parents taken? You can fight it with the help of a reasonable and responsible adult who believes you and who has the resources for legal aid. I am sorry that you are going through this. I doubt that Stanford will "revoke" your acceptance unless you call and tell them of your situation. They are still going by your previous scores. Get help from an adult. Good luck and God Bless.
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Norton Norton
Okay, you're young so I'll say this because maybe you don't know it yet (but this is a good lesson for you): You reap what you sow. Call it kharma or God's divine wrath or whatever, but you would be so much better off if you worked hard and had been honest. The best thing you can do now is stop playing games and take your future seriously. Life isn't fair, but if you repent and committ your life to God, He loves to be merciful if you try to do what is right and He'll shower you with blessings, favor, love, honor and respect. That may be a big step for you but it's the truth. Find people who give better advice if you like to follow the crowd. Don't be afraid to listen to "old people" or your parents. They've been there done that and they are right 99% of the time. Lastly, find some better friends. It's your life. You might have to suffer this round, but please learn from this and do better. Good luck!
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Lamont Lamont
do the school officials have proof that you were involved? I would dispute this decision in writing to the school. You did participate in the petition, but you had no idea that your friend would change the top of the petition, and this was a mean trick that you would not have gone along with at all. I would also apologize to the school officials. (trust me on this one) You were trying to get a greivance against a teacher heard in a democratic fashion, and you should apologize that the greivance petition got changed through no fault of your own. This will make you sound mature, and it is mature to own up to the part that you did take in gathering the signatures for a legitimate greivance proceedure. But you are being harmed by the school's treatment of you, because you were only trying to right a wrong. However, if you appeal in writing to the school and request that you are allowed back, they might listen to you. Good luck with this.
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Ishmael Ishmael
difficult one. while you're in a private Christain college, that's a no-brainer. If not, they could not droop you for the non secular area and legally harm out with it. it extremely is achieveable that arguing with the guy approximately no evidence of Jesus replaced into grounds in keeping with some style of insubordination. they have huge discression in this and are probable having a guess you will take your suspension and don't something approximately it. it extremely is volatile for them in a public college while it is composed of something surrounding faith. superb element to do on those subject concerns is be respectful with reference to the way others see your artwork. it extremely is an extremely ingenious and outstanding piece. purely act humble and say which you oftentimes desire your artwork to spark communicate in any different case it purely gets lost interior the pile. A extra significant communicate could happen extremely than a suspension. the excellent authors have continually courted controversy and your poem is obviously arguable. maximum of all, you could not apologise for offending others. it extremely is there situation and that they ought to very own that. in case you like to offend, it fairly is yet another element. yet right here, it appears that evidently such as you're purely expressing your self in a manner which you comprehend gets interest. purely be careful while others have the form of ability over you that they do top now. shop the main deadly stuff to your self and tone down the regular public works. you have already got here upon their limits.
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