How would you solve this math problem?

How would you solve this math problem? Topic: How would you solve this math problem?
June 20, 2019 / By Anstace
Question: A cable network's policy is to cancel any show once the number of viewers falls below 50,000 people. In the first week that Variety Weekly aired on the network, it was viewed by 256,000 people. Each week after that, the number of viewers fell by 25% from the previous week. In what week did the network cancel Variety Weekly?
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Zaccai Zaccai | 5 days ago
After one week, the network viewers total 256000(1 - 0.25). The next week, the total is 256000(1 - 0.25)(1 - 0.25) After w weeks, the total is 256000(1 - 0.25)^w The question then is: at what value of integer w does the total equal or go below 50000? 50000 = 256000(1 - 0.25)^w ---> 0.1953125 = (1 - 0.25)^w ---> log(0.1953125) = w log(0.75) w = 5.677 ---> w = 6th week
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Sherlock Sherlock
WEEK 1: 256,000 Viewers WEEK 2: 192,000 Viewers 256,000 x .25 = 64,000 256,000 - 64,000 = 192,000 For week 3 you'll get 192,000 multiply it by .25 for 25%. And when you get that answer subtract it from week 2 to Get your week 3 answer. And do it until you fall below 50,000.
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Norwood Norwood
you multiply 260,000 by 0.25 to get the 2ND week, then that answer by 0.25, until you get an answer lower then 50,000. that will be your answer ( how many times you multiplies by 0.25)
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