College classes in special ed?

College classes in special ed? Topic: College classes in special ed?
June 16, 2019 / By Antoinette
Question: does anyone know where as a high school i can get good online college classes to become a special ed teacher
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Zachery Zachery | 9 days ago
You generally need to graduate high school and complete some general education college courses before you are allowed to take specialty courses in Special Education. However, there are a few things you CAN do! Your high school might offer AP courses- specifically: child psychology AP, which can count as a Gen Ed in your college coursework if you pass a test at the end of the semester/year. You could also take a parenting or child development course which helps you learn basic skills to help you work with children in general. Also, you can take perhaps an American Sign Language course at your community college course. I did while I was in high school and it helps me greatly while at work and school studying Special Education!
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The academic standards at the tribal colleges generally are not very high. It is completely up to the receiving school whether or not to accept their coursework. As for FVTC and NWTC, your academic coursework with acceptable grades ought to transfer with no problems.

Shimea Shimea
If you want to be an excellent teacher then I would not suggest an online college. You may have lots of good classes but you will miss the hands on experience with children that you get from the placements that college classes provide. If you are wanting to begin before you finish high school then you have to actually start college and quit high school if your grades are good enough, You will then graduate high and college at the same time, if you start college as a high freshman. Some colleges allow this. Good Luck!
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Obed Obed
I really don't think it will affect your chances... My brother has cerebral palsy and he is in special education classes and he does really well in them and he gets all A's...Well he is a senior in high school and this year and last he gets tons of college applications and call from colleges all wanting him to go to their school. These are normal 4 year universities, good ones at that, all wanting him to go to their school. They don't know that he is mentall and physically disabled and will never be able to go until my mom tells them.. If they don't know that he is in special ed, I doubt they will know that you take foundation classes...And if they do know, you could go to a Jr college for 2 years and then transfer. That way it would transition you and they will see that you did well, hopefully, in the Jr college and should admit you...Good luck!
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Langdon Langdon
1. College education programs are not offered online. You might be able to take a few classes on line, but that's it. 2. Take as many AP or community college classes through dual enrollment that you can comfortably pass. 3. Volunteer in a special education classroom, through Special Olympics and/or community organizations like the ARC in your area. The classes will make soooooo much more sense if you can draw from your experiences. Best wishes ***Edit - Before taking a degree online make certain that the state department of education in your state recognizes it. University of Phoenix, among others, offer such programs but they are not accredited by my state. They'll take your money but then the state doesn't recognize the program for licensure...what good is that?
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