Did Napoleon's failure in Russia lead to the rise of communism?

Did Napoleon's failure in Russia lead to the rise of communism? Topic: Did Napoleon's failure in Russia lead to the rise of communism?
June 16, 2019 / By Antonette
Question: I just need to be able to make an argument for this in an essay, and would like to know if anybody else educated in the topic can make a point for or against my statement. I agree the generational gap would potantially poke holes in the argument, still the majority of the political upheavals in the 1800's were inspired by the French revolution, and they led to some degree of progress, albeit the progression was sluggish at best. Still, the only two major European powers to escape political uprisings were the incredibly progressive England, and the thoroughly backwards and oppressive Russia. As a result, when the new ideas were spread to Russia, a country wherein the majority of the population was still subject to serfdom, they were adopted in the extreme leading to the communist uprisings and the rise of Marxist communism as the dominant political force in Russia.
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Zack Zack | 10 days ago
I think any link between these two events would be tenuous at best, being that there is about a three generation gap between them. I think you would have great difficulty developing that theory
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Zack Originally Answered: Why do some people argue that communism failed but did not bother about failure of capitalist societies?
Well, the people who say communism "failed" are wrong from the beginning. Communism is a global system of classlessness and statelessness. This existed for millions of years over 10,000 years ago. Capitalism is a young system that has existed for a lousy 200 years, and people are declaring it the "epoch of human nature" and all kinds of other silly nonsense. This system hasn't existed for 10,000 years. I'm curious to know when exactly this system "failed." People are also wrong when they say socialism failed. In order for socialism to fail, a system has to be socialist, doesn't it? Well, the bourgeois conception of what socialism is false, so again they are wrong from the beginning. Socialism is a system where the working class dominates the capitalist class, and where the property is collectively owned. When the USSR was socialist, it was largely a successful country, despite the hardships of war and the glossing over of contradictions within the party. Capitalism was restored 40 years prior to the USSR's demise, because of the rise of revisionism. Revisionism has a bourgeois class character to it. It was a revisionist state capitalist system that collapsed, not a socialist system. The socialist system was simply reformed out of existence prior to the collapse. The claim that any system fails or succeeds misses the point...failed or succeeded at doing what? An economic system arises as an anti-thesis to a previous mode of production, as well as a specific set of conditions.

Shimei Shimei
Napoleon lost in Russia in 1812. The communist revolution took place in 1917. Not much connection there, except that had Napoleon won and eliminated the czars there may have been a different outcome (very difficult to occupy all of Russia in the early 1800s).
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Obed-Edom Obed-Edom
I'd say that the rise of communism in Russia had more to do with the Russian aristocracy and their distance from the increasingly unhappy peasants (or serfs or whatever) than from their brief exposure to Napoleon. There's such a gap between the two events that it would be difficult to trace a direct line of correlation, even.
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Langford Langford
Too much time in between I think. It war the uncaring attitude of the Russian Ruling Class after Napoleon that led to the peasant classes becoming a fertile area to plant the seeds of Revolution.
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Issachar Issachar
No that is ludicrous. You obviously comprehend no longer some thing of communism, socialism, politics or faith. no longer to teach the bloodiest ideology in historic previous yet is Catholicism. Marx and Lenin did not envision what befell with Mao, Stalin and Pol Pot, they observed the capitalist and imperialist exploitation of the staff and observed it replaced into incorrect. Socialism is about equality, no longer totalitarianist regimes. faith for the era of historic previous has been used to regulate the persons, the elite administration the clergymen, and the clergymen administration the persons. that's why faith replaced into created in each and every case. do away along with your head out of your rear end please.
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Ferdinand Ferdinand
The communists dated their movement from the Paris Commune in 1871. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paris_commune
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Dale Dale
These two events are so disconnected that you're veering from history to alternate-history with this topic.
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Dale Originally Answered: History essay: i need to write an essay about Russia now and under communism?
Hi!! I can help you. Pay attention,Russia is a big country, during the creation of the Russian empire there were many factors that conformed their culture, start with the zares , giving like consequence the socialism, Russia has one of the best economies, after the socialism and the creation of russia his economy has had great changes an example was the quinquennial plans imposed by mijael gorvachob in which all worked a single activity, the society russa considers one of but outlandish by its tastes they are governed by a politic of expression and protest by the vote, its paper in the world says to us that this country has very lethal arms that I keep during of the cold war , without doubting russia is a nation prospers, with an excellent Navy and army and a stable government governed by opinion publishes

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