Is sharing files on torrent illegal or legal?

Is sharing files on torrent illegal or legal? Topic: Is sharing files on torrent illegal or legal?
June 16, 2019 / By Antonia
Question: I live in Germany, and when you use torrent Law firms send you a letter that you have to pay a fine or have to go to court for it. My question is, if it is illegal in Germany why is it legal in other countries?
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Best Answers: Is sharing files on torrent illegal or legal?

Zackary Zackary | 1 day ago
If the file being shared is covered under copyright and you don't have permission to share it, then it's illegal pretty much everywhere. There are some files that are legally transferred by torrents, such as Linux distributions. It's not the mechanism that makes it illegal, but rather the content.
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As long as you arent breaking any requisate laws such as breaking and entering, or hacking via internet there is no such law federally (USA) prohibiting such an action. basicly if your "friend" lets you use his computer you could snoop all you want.. the morals of such an action are questionable however.

Shimhi Shimhi
It's not legal in most countries. Sharing files means illegal copying of those files. In a few countries, certain types of files, such as music can be copied and shared, because users pay a fee attached to the sale of things like blank CDs, and the fees are used to create a copyright fund to pay artists. But generally, sharing files is illegal.
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Oberon Oberon
You can share any file that you want in any way that you want, even on Torrent, IF you own the rights to what is in the file and have the right to share that content. What is illegal is sharing files you do NOT own the content to, such as copyrighted material: Music and movies for instance.
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Lanny Lanny
Torrent files in themselves at the on the spot are not unlawful in any respect--they are only a record type. although, torrents often distribute copyrighted fabric, it is unlawful. although, you're by no ability in all danger to get sued for downloading an unlawful torrent.
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Itai Itai
It depends on the file. The tool itself is legal to download, and has plenty of legal uses. It is sharing copyrighted files that creates a problem. Most countries have laws against software piracy, and most that do cooperate in international piracy cases.
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