What party do you represent and what do you do for a living?

What party do you represent and what do you do for a living? Topic: What party do you represent and what do you do for a living?
July 20, 2019 / By April
Question: i am a republican and i am a hairstylist/makeup artist and going to school to be a social worker to work with foster kids :) way different things i know.
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Zackery Zackery | 2 days ago
Non-denominational, hehehe ; ) I dunno actually I am all over the place when it comes to politics. Stay at home mom (by choice), taking college course online and studying to begin my midwifery apprenticeship. ~Divine
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You're a conservative. People will ridicule you for admitting that. Be brave or allow the country to fail.

Shimi Shimi
Well I am a Democrat, work as a web developer and a bus driver for our local school district, also a full-time student in college. The Republican party likes to cut public school and college grant funding, while also allowing jobs to be shipped overseas as I have many Indian developers move in on my field. The Republican party does not benefit me anyway what so ever so there is no point point in me voting for them based on these few reasons. Take it as you will, it is just straight facts.
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Ocean Ocean
IM a member of "the no party party" and work tirelessly (well ok when I have free time) to get their word out. I used to be a republican until they found out that they could buy peoples votes like the democrats have been doing for decades. Seriously if you want to see a great idea go to www.goooh.com. Anyway I was a research chemist for a major US research collective on lithium ion batteries. Ive sold out for he big bucks now, I do research for a big *** oil company that rocks. YEs, Ive prostituted myself for the big bucks and when I did the research and found out that global warming does not exist.
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Lark Lark
I am medically retired and not with a party. I liked Regan and Obama, hated Bush and Clinton. I vote for who I think is best for America overall. I do not vote for some one over gun laws or abortion. The reason is.. they will not take away our rights to have guns and Abortion is a dead issue. < No pun intended. To me freedom comes first and so far Obama has actually extended the gun laws by making it legal to carry a fire arm in parks. Action means way more then empty words when people have not taken the time to do the research. Abortion laws are not going to change, it has been an issue in every election but nothing major has been done since Roe vs Wade. They keep the people fighting over it just to keep them busy so they don't notice whats really going on.
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Itamar Itamar
I am a Libertarian and I work with Alzheimer's patients, and I love my job and I make a difference in the lives of the Elderly before they pass. Contrary to what a Liberal would think of a conservative, I am neither rich, greedy, uneducated, and I am proud to have a big heart.
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the only ones mentioning the issues were vague, mostly I heard people who can't be bothered to learn facts, if they don't know Obama its because they've totally closed their minds, aren't listening,and are going by what McCain has said, very sad and very scary.

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