I absolutely hate my life and I am at the end of my rope (please read)!?

I absolutely hate my life and I am at the end of my rope (please read)!? Topic: I absolutely hate my life and I am at the end of my rope (please read)!?
June 26, 2019 / By Arden
Question: Today, I went to see a counselor at my community college and all along I thought I had close to 60 semester units. She tells me today that I have 45 when every other counselor was telling me differently. Now I have to spend an extra fall and spring semester to take courses to get to 60 units and transfer. I wanted to transfer to a uc but it am unfortunately transferring to a csu which I did not want to do. I feel like my life is in shambles! Everyone I know went to university and they are almost graduating soon and I have been at community college for 4 years! I want to honestly crawl in a hole and die. If it was legal I would just die off. My major is English and I want to just transfer already. I feel like I failed at everything in life and I am a smart girl. My parents I am sure are extremely disappointed in me and I hear success stories everywhere I go. I still live with my parents at him at the age of 21. Please I am at the literal end of my rope. I despise myself!
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Zadok Zadok | 3 days ago
Its totally fine trust me. You can get those units and transfer, its just another season there And I know people older than you who still live with their parents, although it may seem normal to leave at age 18 you should be happy to be with your parents and family a little longer Trust me, it will all work out in the end you are still young. you're only 21. you have soo many great expeirences ahead of you! please know that even though I do not know about you, I can tell just by reading this that you are a smart and intelligent girl and I hope for you to be happy
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Sholto Sholto
Hello Owlxxeyes!! I'm Kenneth! You already have an awesome answer to your question which made you feel better which is awesome!! =) I know I haven't been answering your questions as often as a lot of people probably have! And I'm so sorry about that! It's just because of study and all! =( But I was just wandering if you could enable your email on your profile?! =) I was wondering if we could be friends?! =P (Fingers crossed you say yes!) I know that you're going through a rough time, because your mum and dad didn't let you date at an earlier age and now it's harder because you've always been kept safe in the home! And you have been at community college for 4 years and you still haven't graduated and it stressful, because you see others graduating and you haven't! I completely empathise with you because it's been 3 years since I finished high school!! I'm 20 years of age turning 21 this July and I still don't have a job! But I'm doing a Hospitality Qualification so that I can get a job in the industry. =) I also know that you were given a job but then after a while they never called you again! I can't remember the job name, but I know how unfair that totally was!! =) I'd really like to be friends with you if that's okay with you! All you do is go to edit my profile and enable emailing by clicking on the second tab at the top and click in the email tick box down below! =D I know that stupid feeling of knowing how smart you are, yet not achieving the goals that you set for yourself! It's the same for me as well!! I know that you're a talented dramatist and singer! When you had to sing once, your teacher told you that you have a lovely singing voice! And you've always been a talent actor as well!! If you enable your email, I promise I won't be a boring friend!! =) From Kenneth! =)
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Oded Oded
I'm so very sorry u are going through this pain and idk if words would be enough to change ur view but everything in life happens for a reason. Sometimes we dont understand the good behind a situation, but something worthwhile is always to be gained. You just get your 60 units done & move to csu and work hard & u will get its fruit. Just cuz u didnt get to a uni doesnt mean u cannot be successful? Unless u wana wait more & reapply to a uni? Idk the extent of ur situation so i dunno if that can be done or not. But i know many people who like, reapply to a different uni if their first plan fails or some even change their major and start over again to do what they love. As for living with ur parents, quite frankly, its no big deal. I know a lot of kids in the west are expected to leave their homes by 18 but if ur parents are fine with it, its a blessing of sorts. U can share ur sorrows and joys with them and dont have to come home to a lonely house. The only person who can do whatever ty want to do with ur life, is you. Think about how u can get to a solution rather than giving up. You're too young to give up! Good luck
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Larkin Larkin
What are you asking people to do for you? I mean who post their drama...what are you after to? :D I think you should just break bad. I mean stop listening to anyone and stupid succes stories. It might sound bad, but don't know; I did it few months ago..and it's the best thing I could do for myself in the last 3-4 years. Now I live my life how I want, my parents let me to do whatever the hell I want to do. Let me ask you something: IF your parents were not acting as they were very disappointed in you, would you have been feeling so blue right now? Let me asnwer: no you wouldn't. But now you're feeling guilty and that puts a lot of presure on you
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Ithai Ithai
Hey man, chill i had that 3 years ago, before u know it u will be back on track and then some! just enjoy the ride! seriously once your done and have a job. Your thinking mann what was i worrying about! Seriously trust me!. just step by step. you do your best and i promise you everything is going great. que sera sera, what will be will be, Float with the wind, and go with the current no point in struggling the entire way when u can be on a airbed chilling when u are getting there no matter what u do if u just do it step by step.
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