How to deal with a sex offender? NEED HELP?

How to deal with a sex offender? NEED HELP? Topic: How to deal with a sex offender? NEED HELP?
June 16, 2019 / By Aretha
Question: My brother and I are 17 years old, twins. We live right down the street from a public lake that we go to quite often. Yesterday we were approached for the second time by this man. The first encounter with him, he went out of his way to come to where we were sitting to strike conversation and to eventually ask us if we were gay. This time he was a completely different person. The first encounter he had very distinctive blue eyes and the second time around he seemed a lot skinnier and had distinctive green eyes. His topic of conversation yesterday was politics, which is very strange. My brother and I are very interested in politics and it was a leap from how he acted the first time around. Almost as if he read our minds and knew how to approach us the second time. I filed a police report on both encounters, but I am still worried that this was not enough. He mentioned his name and the area he came from, so I was able to find him in the New York State sex offender registry records. He was sentenced to 8 years for sodomy first degree for approaching and assaulting a stranger with a weapon, the stranger was an underage girl. We know that he is gay, and if he were to catch one of us on our own, it could be a big problem. We are taking precautions, but since we live down the street there's only so much we can do. ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED that's like going to your bully and saying "Please leave me alone" it does not solve the problem. He is also 6 foot 3. I'm assuming he did a hefty prison sentence, so he could potentially overpower the both of us. Being realistic here, I forgot to mention he has manipulated his way to speaking terms with people around the lake. I am very concerned for not only myself, but the dozens of kids that come through the lake every day. Thank you guys for your suggestions. I have a lot more details but I was just trying the get the gist of what I might need to do. Speak now or forever hold your peace is how I feel about this Being 17, I figured yahoo answers would help. I am sad to inform you all that Melanie had the most helpful answer. None of you stated the fact that Registered sex offenders are not allowed around certain public areas involving children. This has led me to do more research and find not only has he not registered his address in north carolina, he also hasn't registered as a sex offender. His last address was a motel in New york state, so he's covering his tracks. I have spoken with the police and they are working towards a warrant right now. THANK YOU MELANIE
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Zak Zak | 4 days ago
1. I appreciate the fact that there is only so much to do in your area, but your lives are worth far more than having a good time at the lake! Stop going there!! And whatever you do, do not let him find out where you live. #2. Do inform people you know in the area that he is a registered sex offender. Believe me, they will care! #3. If you insist on going to the lake, take mace, pepper spray, a can of raid (it shoots a straight stream really far, so no need to get close), a whistle (to attract attention) or SOMETHING. #4. Can you talk to your parents/guardian and get them to go to the police with you? A registered sex offender should NOT (according to the law) be frequenting a place where children are frequently present. If you have no one to talk to to go with you, just GO AGAIN, and KEEP going, until they do something. #5. You will feel horrible if you do not keep trying to get something done about it, and something bad happens to you, your sibling, or another child from the lake. I wish you the best of luck. Please be careful!!!!!
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Shylock Shylock
All I can give you is the usual advice. Its up to the police to deal with him. However, if you were able to find him in the registry, you have a name to give the police. Stay in public. Stay together or in a group of people. If he approaches you again, make a lot of noise in some attention getting way. Its easier to attack the quiet ones. Since you are male and about the right age, consider attempting to bulk up. It may take you out of his preferred body type and muscle is always a good deterrent. Pick up some form of martial arts. There is no need to use it if he doesn't touch you and a basic 'no thank you' doesn't work, but it would be useful to have.
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Odell Odell
Let the authorities know about what happened and how he creeped you both out. Next, you and your bro should hit the gym and lift some metal while also developing some serious facial expressions in the process. 2 big muscular dudes with a "Don't f**k with me!" attitude are sure to have anyone intimidated. I know because I'm about 6'0 tall, been working out in highschool since 9th grade and I'm in college now and to this day, I never have strangers approaching me and just awkwardly talking to me out of the blue (unless the person asks me something important). Don't be afraid of him. Take advantage of the flight or fight response and observe his behavior next time he comes up to you two. Any sudden movements, and be prepared to fight.
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Larrie Larrie
Well the police should do something about this, Ide just stay away from the area for a while. If you do go back have your video recorder ready on your cell phone and record the conversation. Inadvertently face the camera toward him for a quick glance too.
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Ithamar Ithamar
ok now lets look at the facts, your both 17 all he has done so far is approach you both and have a conversation I really do not see anything wrong so far have you and your brother at any time asked this man not to talk to you ? there is no law against this guy talking to you, he may well find you both attractive, you just have to learn to read the signs and tell people where to get off
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It's very simple. Any privately owned retail business may choose to refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason. It is as simple as saying (in effect) "We don't want your money. Please don't take that as an insult. Have a nice day." In the highly unlikely event that he pushes you for a reason for refusing service, you should simply stick to the fact that you are not singling him out for any particular reason and that you don't desire his business. The advice that was given by someone else to contact law enforcement agencies is incorrect - unless you observe this person commit a crime. He is not doing anything illegal simply by being in a store. Of course, once you were to advise him that you did not want his business then you could legitimately say that he has no reason to be inside your store. If he refused to leave, local law enforcement officers should be requested to respond to escort him out and advise him that he may be arrested for trespassing. The fact that you were able to find his picture on a sex offender website indicates that he is complying with the terms of his release. You are absolutely within your rights and within reason to desire a comfortable setting for your clients - whichever individuals you select to be your clients.

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