Can I have help on the french verbs/grammer?

Can I have help on the french verbs/grammer? Topic: Can I have help on the french verbs/grammer?
June 20, 2019 / By Ariel
Question: I do not get how the sentence works: " Je fais mes devoirs." I know devoir is homework, where do the "fais" come from? Can you answer these questions? Je _____________ a' 6h. and this one. Je___________ aux cartes. What do I put in the gaps, I know you have to put in a verb and also a thing like fais. What does aux cartes mean and what do you called those words like "fais" and "vais" Thank you sooo much. I am trying to understand how the french sentences work and I am stuck. Thanks/ merci! :P
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Zebadiah Zebadiah | 7 days ago
Note that "Devoir" is the verb meaning "to have to" and "les devoirs" is homework. "fais" is a from of the verb "Faire", which means to do. Don't forget that you have to conjugate verbs, just like in English. So "Je fais mes devoirs" means I am doing my homework or I do my homework. The most like ly answers for the blanks would be "Je ME LÈVE à 6h." meaning I wake up at 6:00am. "Je JOUES aux cartes" Which means I play cards. The "aux cartes" literally means "at cards". It comes from à les cartes (= at the cards, cards is plural so it uses "les"), but because when "à" and "les" go beside each other, they are combined to make the word "aux". You say "Je joues aux cartes" and not just "Je joues les cartes". That is the expression you use. The words like "fais" and "vais" are forms of verbs. Remember when you go throught Je, Tu, Il, Elle, Nous, Vous, Ils, Elles and write the forms? That's where they come from. Faire: =To do / Make Je fais = I do/make Aller: =To go Je vais =I go - This one's tricky because it's a irregualr verb (meaning it doesn't follow the regular patterns) and it doesn't look at all like the infinitive.
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Zebadiah Originally Answered: French grammar- 2 verbs. "can exist," "can encourage?"?
Correct. When the subject is the same, but you need two verbs to express what you want to say, only ONE verb (the first one, the "helping" verb) can be conjugated. Any others that follow must be in the infinitive. Il peut exister et encourager et manger et de'corer et sortir et prendre. Je peux manger mais nous pouvons boire. Above: Two subjects, then the first verb is conjugated accordingly.

Sibbe Sibbe
Heres how the sentence works: Je = the subject fais = the verb. The infinitve is "faire", which means "to do, to make". You have to conjugate it according to the subject. Je fais Tu fais il/elle fait nous faisons vous faites ils/elles font mes = this word shows possession devoir = the thing you're doing. I do my homework. Je "me leve" a 6h. you have to fill in the verb. thats pretty easy, just look up the verb you want in a dictionary or online and then conjugate. you can also conjugate the verb online if you don't know how. however, "me leve" (a conjugation of the infinitive "me lever") is alittle confusing because its a reflexive verb, which is why the 'me' is there. reflexive verb just means that you do it to yourself. "je me leve a 6h" means I wake myself up a 6 o'clock. Je joue aux cartes. I play cards. I hope I helped you understand a little better how French sentences work.
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Ofir Ofir
"Fais" IS the verb in that sentence. It means do or make, depending on the context, so the sentence means "I do my homework." So what do you do at "six heures" (6:00)? Get up? Evidently for this assignment you do, so the verb for that blank is "me leve" with an accent grave on the first e of "leve." And what so you do "at" cards? Play, n'est-ce pas? So find the first person singular form of the verb for "play," and there you go. Not really so hard now, is it?
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Ofir Originally Answered: I need help writing a letter for my French class? (French 1). Is this translation correct?
1. To say "I am doing well" use "Je suis bien." 2. Je vis en UNE tranquille...DANS LES Etats-Unis et J'AI quinze ans. 3. Again, "j'ai", not "je n'ai". 4. Instead of saying "Ma famille a" use "Ma famille se compose de mon frere..." (my family consists of..." 5. To say we don't get along well, use "Nous ne sommes pas d'accord sur beaucoup de choses." 6. Take out the "aller" in I "like to shop". 7. Take out the "a" in "Je n'aime pas a prendre cher vacances..." 8. "Je prefere simplement rester chez moi." rather than "je voudrais..." 9. Vacances is the word for summer vaction, not a day of importance such as Halloween. The word to use is "fête". Say "Ma fête favorite est Halloween." 10. I like to be scared = J'aime avoir peur. I know I don't have all my accent marks in there but I am typing from an English keyboard. Your translations are for the most part technically correct but I have a feeling you used an online translator for some phrases because the way you worded things was not the way a native speaker would. Hope this was helpful and have fun with your pen pal!

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