Auto insurance help please?

Auto insurance help please? Topic: Auto insurance help please?
June 16, 2019 / By Arin
Question: ok... what is PIP for and how much should you carry? how much should you carry on the following to have good coverage? liability? coverage for damage to your auto other than collision? uninsured and under-insured? thanks to all who take the time to answer = )
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Zebina Zebina | 9 days ago
Personal Injury Protection coverage covers you, all occupants and pedestrians. Depending on what state you live in determines the policy limits available. MA PIP has limits of $8k, while NY Basic has limits of $25k. It pays for a percentage of medical expenses. lost wages and replacement services. It pays regardless of fault. You can waive your PIP, but you should carry the policy limits for passengers and pedestrians. The purpose of PIP is to reduce litigated claims. States with PIP usually have threshold requirements. Meaning the injured party cannot sue/file a claim unless they meet the threshold requirements. Some are monetary, some are verbal and in other states the injury must be serious. If you have any assets, you should carry at least $100,000/$300,000 Bodily Injury and Property Damage coverage. Anything lower you are really running the risk of "exposing your assets". Collision/Comprehensive coverage, there is usually no set limit unless the vehicle you are insuring needs a stated value. Your coverage will pay up to the Actual Cash Value less your deductible. Uninsured motorist coverage is the most important. There are far too many uninsured drivers. This coverage protects you should you be struck by an at fault uninsured driver. It is basically Bodily Injury coverage for you. Consider 100/300 for both uninsured and under insured. FYI - there may be an offset for your underinsured coverage. Depends on what state the policy is written. Meaning, if the at fault party has $20k limits, and you have $100k limits you are only entitled to an additional $80k. Also, in some states you can stack multiple policies. If you live in one of these states, you can stack every household members limits. If there are 4 household members and each has $100k, you have $400k in available coverage less the offset. Discuss this with your agent, becausing stacking is a complicated theory.
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Zebina Originally Answered: I need Auto Insurance help!? (there are too many options!)?
Focus on getting as much liablity coverage as you can afford; also, be sure to get uninsured motorist and underinsured motorist coverage for as high amount you get liability coverage for. These are the highest risks for any motorist. Go to an independent agent (one who represents more than one carrier) and get him/her to explain coverages and costs to you - that's what you pay them to do via their commissions. Then go to a couple of "direct writers" - agents who only write coverage for only one carrier. I would go to State Farm & Nationwide for that. Avoid Allstate like the plague - despite their ads, I've heard nothing good about them personally - and have found other, better carriers who are cheaper. You could try some carriers that write primarily or solely by phone, mail or Internet; good examples are GEICO and USAA. They tend to offer relatively inexpensive premiums; the only downside is lack of personal service - if you call a toll free number, chances are slim that you'd get the same person if you needed to call that number again. Good luck!
Zebina Originally Answered: I need Auto Insurance help!? (there are too many options!)?
Compare free quotes from dif companies at QUOTESTOINSURE.INFO- RE I need Auto Insurance help!? (there are too many options!)? I have auto insurance now but i think i rushed into it last year. My time is coming to either renew are go elsewhere. When looking for insurance, what should i look for? Im new(ish) in the auto insurance industry so please any advice would be helpful!

Sidney Sidney
All these questions, are dependent on a variety of factors, that you don't mention!!! You really need AN AGENT who can answer these - as the general answers I'm going to give you, might not be CORRECT in whatever state you are in. And, I"m not writing a 12 page book, which is what you really need. Pip, is personal injury protection. The actual coverage varies from state to state. ALL the coverages, vary from state to state. But generally, its medical bills and lost wages for YOU, if you are hurt in an accident. How much of everything should you carry, for good coverage? THE MAXIMUM OF EVERY COVERAGE. Do you NEED that much? Who knows. I don't know what your situation is. The other than collision, is called comprehensive - it includes broken glass in most (but not all) states, theft, vandalism, or if the car catches on fire. And other things. Uninsured/underinsured covers you, if you're hit by someone else, and they don't have enough insurance to cover your medical bills. Or, if you're hit by someone with no insurance. And a few other situations. Go talk to a local agent. They can give you state specific information, and help you select which coverages YOU need.
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Oli Oli
on account that drivers' licenses are state-issued, that is a state count, in spite of the shown fact that the federal government can impact the states by ability of threatening to withhold Federal street money (the way they did to get each state to develop the ingesting age to 21). in short, there's a philosophical distinction here. driving is a priviledge granted by ability of the State and whilst driving, one has a duty no longer purely to himself, yet to others on the line. Making automobile coverage mandatory could be considered as a cost of taking area in this priviledge, area of a electorate responsibilities for th regularly occurring protection of others. wellness care is a private undertaking. Requiring a individual to purchase a product for his very own very own use seems to many like requiring all electorate to purchase automobile coverage....no count if or no longer they rigidity or no longer. Somewill argue that the requirement will deliver down the fees linked with the uninsured getting care in emergency rooms etc, however a similar could be pronounced for mandatory automobile coverage. think of how quotes might circulate down if all non-drivers have been compelled to purchase regulations besides. So lower back, there's a philosophical undertaking previous the "will it deliver down expenditures" question.
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Oli Originally Answered: Auto Insurance Question: Please help!?
Your insurance will not give you any more money for it. Thats what your policy states. However, if you feel your insurance agent mislead you, you should go back to them to complain. It sounds like you feel its the agents fault so the agent would then be the person who owes you the difference. You agent should have their own insurance coverage to cover them for any mistakes they may have made (to cover them if someone sues them). You should attempt to make a claim through their insurance. That being said, keep in mind they may still deny your claim at that point you may want to sue them for it. However when you make your claim or sue them you will have the burden to prove they mislead you or made the mistake. It might be difficult to do considering your parents wrote a letter stating the value of it. You may try to argue that it said it was the value 8 years ago and that your agent should have known (seeing as how they often decide what coverage should be and any possible complications you may have) that it would have gone up or possibly down and should have told you to get an appraisal since it was 8 years old when it was worth that much. Although they may argue that you or your parents should have known as well. It will be tough so good luck.

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