How can homeschooled kids be properly prepared for college?

How can homeschooled kids be properly prepared for college? Topic: How can homeschooled kids be properly prepared for college?
June 26, 2019 / By Arleen
Question: How are parents, who themselves are not highly educated, possibly educate their children better than teachers? Don't kids suffer disadvantages from failing to be exposed to multiple viewpoints, classroom competition, social interaction, and independence? Thanks for all of your answers. I appreciate those of you who answered without assuming that I believed the inferred statements in my question. Those of you who have answered the question at face value are much more persuasive than those who think that I was attacking someone.
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Zebulon Zebulon | 1 day ago
As a high school teacher, I saw several students homeschooled students come to high school for specific coursework...namely the advanced sciences, math or arts courses which would have been extremely costly to provide at home. or require expertise. At 16 or so, these students had never attended school before and there was no problem. Many went in wide eyed the first day, but after the intimidating first day, were regular students or better. Homeschooled students are generally more self-reliant and confident than kids in the school environment. There self-esteem hasn't been dragged through the mud with unnecessary competition and social interaction from maladjusted students and teachers.
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Zebulon Originally Answered: Why don't liberals know that homeschooled kids outperform public schooled kids on all standardized tests?
the libbies, know that those home-schooled kids are not brainwashed to the libbie standard. that is the biggest problem that the libbies have, they hide behind the 'critical thinking' argument. logic is more important, public schools indoctrinate kids into the idea of social justice. they don't teach personal responsibility. Many schools don't even teach, they just pass Johnny so that there is no emotional damage by being held back because Johnny didn't want to do the work. This is also why charter schools are doing so well, performance based promotion. -... ....

Silvester Silvester
Just to see the results, I started a question worded just like yours... "How can homeschooled..." Y!A displayed 724 similar questions. A quick perusal of the answers to the similar questions would have answered you. Why do you ask this same question when it has already been answered so many times? Why does it even matter to you? Plus... where did you get the idea that homeschooling parents are not highly educated? Many that I know are current or former teachers themselves, some are college professors. What multiple viewpoints are you talking about? The viewpoints from teachers who are similarly trained? Textbooks that are, at least in part, evaluated based on political correctness? Students all from the same general location grouped by same age? Classroom competition? You mean competing for grades? All the homeschool parents I know are looking for mastery of subjects not a particular grade. What social interaction are homeschooled students missing? A half-hour at lunch, a rushed 5 minutes between classes? Independence?!!! What independence opportunities are homeschooled children missing? Being told by a stranger when to sit, when to stand, when to speak, when to be quiet, when to go to the bathroom, when to eat, etc.?
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Ollie Ollie
How can public-schooled kids possibly be prepared for college? The presentation of knowledge and expectations are completely different, which is why so many freshmen suffer the first year away from school. For once, teachers don't care if they do the work. In my experience with dozens of homeschooled children, they are much more advantaged with being able to work independently, learn on their own without being forcefed knowledge and taught to the test. Teachers are not more educated that parents. They are educated in mass education, not necessarily in more academic arenas. They are taught how to follow the curriculum that schools provide, they are taught how to apply tests, they are taught how to do group think and discipline. Trust me, I started a teaching program at the state university, it did not help at all with academic knowledge. As for the disadvantages listed, I know very few homeschoolers who are actually at HOME. LOL! They learn competition, interaction, independence and multiculturalism the same way that people have for millennia, by being out in the real world, dealing with real people. In fact, I'd wager that it's more useful than the artificial socialization that exists in school programs Hope this helps
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Law Law
Question 1: The same way public school kids are properly prepared for college. Question 2: I am highly educated. I graduated from public high school but my real education came from life long learning. I read. I understand. I can educate better than a certified teacher because I know my son better. I can help guide one child rather than trying to guide 150 a year. (25 in a class times 3 classes a day times 2 semesters a year) Question 3: Homeschool students are exposed to multiple viewpoints, group competition, social interaction and more independence than public school students. Thanks for asking.
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Jabez Jabez
Given that the way universities teach has far more in common with the way most home-educated kids are used to learning, maybe the question should be: 'How can public schooled kids be properly prepared for college?' |How are parents, who themselves are not highly educated, possibly educate their children better than teachers? (sic)| Actually research demonstrates that children from families where the parents failed to finish high school achieve better educational results if they are home-educated than if they were to attend school. Do you know how many teachers are teaching subjects in which they themselves only have high school level qualifications? It's a not insignificant number. |Don't kids suffer disadvantages from failing to be exposed to multiple viewpoints, classroom competition, social interaction, and independence?| No. There are 'multiple viewpoints' in books, articles, websites, journals, research papers, newspapers, magazines, radio programmes, television programmes, friends, neighbours, family members etc etc. 'Classroom competition' does not exist in my country's public education system. Social interaction? My parents would love me to have *less* social interaction, heaps less social interaction, as they struggle at times to keep up with me and my social life (in addition to simultaneously keeping up with the social lives of my home educated siblings). Independence? Are you kidding? My parents employ a number of people to work in their businesses and the one thing they'll tell you is that it is the kids who went to school who just stand around expecting my parents to tell them what it is they should be doing and when they should be doing it!!
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Jabez Originally Answered: What will I need to get into college since I am homeschooled?
Yes, you need to take the SAT or the ACT. Keep a portfolio of your work and create a transcript. Here's some nice templates: http://www.hslda.org/highschool/academic... You can also use a record keeping program to track your grades and create a transcript: http://www.homeschooltracker.com/tracker... Or https://www.homeschoolreporting.com You will probably not be required to explain your curriculum, but the admissions department may want to see a portfolio or samples of your work. By all means do not take the GED which has the stigma of being a high school dropout. Good luck

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