i want to work with special needs kids.?

i want to work with special needs kids.? Topic: i want to work with special needs kids.?
June 20, 2019 / By Ash
Question: ok so i really like volunteering with special needs kids. i really would like to work with them as a career but i really don't want to be a special education teacher. what is something else i could do?
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Zeph Zeph | 9 days ago
There many careers that work with people with disabilities and these are a few; Occupational therapist Physiotherapist Speech & language therapist Disability support worker Behavioural therapist Educational psychologist Teachers aides Residential worker/House Parents Social Workers Social Work Assistants Counselors Welfare Officers Health Care Attendants Home Care Workers Therapy Aides Disability advocate Allied Health Assistants Special Education teacher The qualifications can vary from country to country. In most cases their would be at lest a 2-6 year study period, earning either a diploma, degree, masters degree etc. Speak with the educational/training bodies, to see what is required to gain the relevant qualification. You will have to do field/work placement where you put into action some of what you have learnt.
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Zeph Originally Answered: How to work with special ed kids?
Hey, If you are CPR certified along with those other things the next thing I think you need the most is your CNA (Certified Nurses Assistant) that will really open some doors for you. You can start by talking to someone at a nursing home and see if they have any connections to special needs facilities they work with sometimes they may even help with staffing needs from time to time. So that would be a great place to start. Hope that helps!

Sky Sky
You could work as a teacher's assistant in the classroom and work with special education students. It's a very fun and rewarding career.
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Oran Oran
I trust interest as a prevalent step. although, you additionally must carry a determine in to talk with the instructor and the significant. the instructor is utilising you as an unpaid aide, and depriving you of the preparation that your mum and dad' tax money are determining to purchase. working with those youngsters is sturdy journey for each guy or woman, so there ought to be a rotating time table for pupil guidance and you all ought to get community service credit for it. that's extreme high quality which you're extreme high quality, and she or he'll possibly supply you a good grade, yet you have the impressive to be challenged and excel at your guy or woman point.
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Leeroy Leeroy
If your still in middle school or high school. You can ask your guidance councilor if you can set aside a study hall or 1 class a week to volunteer in your own special needs classrooms in your school.
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Jade Jade
Hey this isn't a answer, but I would really want to volunteer with Special Ed kids too, can you message me? Thanks
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Jade Originally Answered: What do you think about special ed kids?
Hey, I am so glad you asked this question. And I'm really proud of you for wanting to stick up for special ed kids. In the school where I work (I'm a speech therapist), kids are placed in the special ed program because they learn differently. Just like we all look different, sound different, and act different, we also think differently and learn differently. There is nothing wrong with that. In school, we focus on math and reading/writing skills, so kids who are weak in these areas are most often the ones placed in the special ed program. But you know what? Many of them have super-duper skills in other areas, such as music, art, sports, computers, etc. The teachers in the special ed program realize that everyone has strengths and weaknesses -- everyone, not just kids in special ed. But our kids need help with math and reading/writing, so we help them out. Sometimes they also need help with study skills, organization, and learning how to to help themselves by asking questions. Congratulations for graduating out of the special ed program. Maybe someday you will be a special ed teacher and help kids who learn differently! Best wishes to you!

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