What is an amazing book i should read?

What is an amazing book i should read? Topic: What is an amazing book i should read?
June 20, 2019 / By Ashlee
Question: I am looking for a great book to read where i just feel like saying, "wow! that was so good!" I recently read the time travelers wife, and that was my reaction. I always say im looking for a "life changing book" that's just so amazing, but i can never find one. Not necessarily life changing in the way "the five people you meet in heaven" opens your eyes, just a really great book! I would greatly appreciate it. I'm a senior in highschool, but i am open to any kind of book out there! any suggestions?
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Zephania Zephania | 10 days ago
I read Catcher in the Rye while on break from school. I'd heard many allusions to the book, and many people said they liked it, yet I didn't really know what it was about. It is fascinating, a true inspiration. Holden is so complex that you can't stop thinking about him when you're not reading. Salinger's amazing insights into human nature and his clever style of cynicism is unique to much of literature and better than all contemporary literature. As Holden starts to spiral down, you can't help but feel incredibly sad thinking about his situation. A boy, on the brink of breakdown, speaking of things that make so much sense. It makes you wonder if he's the one going crazy or if it's the way society is that is truly crazy. I will always love this book and I plan on going over it again to underline all the lines that I adored. For the people giving bad reviews, and as I've analyzed their comments, I must say that you missed the boat. I'm sure that you are the people that Holden is making his social critiques on. No symbolism, a boring character that is whining? Come again? Salinger's phrasing of his words is simplistic, but his message is not. Read it again, try and be more perceptive, and think harder about what is really being said. There is enlightenment waiting for you.
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Zephania Originally Answered: What book should I read? (WW2)?
Summer of My German Soldier by Bette Greene This would be perfect. The author based the book off of her life during WW2 living in Tennessee. The book is on 8th- 9th grade reading lists. Here is a summary I found. Born June 28, 1934, in Memphis, Tennessee, Bette Greene grew up in a small town in the Arkansas Delta during World War II. Her friends thought her lucky because in this era of food rationing, her parents owned a country store stocked with candy and chewing gum. She, however, considered herself unlucky because her family differed from others in the area. Like the family featured in Summer of My German Soldier, hers was Jewish in a community full of Protestants. The era, as the novel indicates, was one of strong American prejudices against religious and racial minorities as well as against Germans.

Skye Skye
Roswell High by Melinda Metz Roswell is also a TV series called Roswell. There is 10 books in the series. The books are old thus hard to find. But this a great book series, short books so, quick reads. Hope I helped.
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Orian Orian
I learn an fine publication a few years in the past that I might now not placed down! I do not do not forget the writer, however the identify is "Flags of Our Fathers"--just like the film directed by way of Clint Eastwood approximately the warriors who placed the American flag up on Mt. Suribachi over the Island of Iwo Jima for the duration of World War II. The writing was once so good performed and the tale was once gripping. I might now not placed the publication down. It was once the high-quality publication I have ever learn, fingers down!
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Lehi Lehi
13 Reasons Why That book really changed the way I look at things && The Outsiders by S.E Hinton That is a book about hero, friendship and all that jazz. It's simply amazing.
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Jaden Jaden
The beckoners I dont remember who its by and im not going to find it its a really good book its about high school bulling and it does make you tihnk about the effect i recomend it highly
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Jaden Originally Answered: Have ya ever read this book?
It's always at this time of year that YA gets a flood of questions from kids who haven't done their homework. I have no sympathy for any of them.

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