Do you find the following obnoxious?

Do you find the following obnoxious? Topic: Do you find the following obnoxious?
June 16, 2019 / By Ashlynn
Question: You ask a question that can be answered in one or two sentences and somebody decides to write an essay.
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Best Answers: Do you find the following obnoxious?

Zion Zion | 6 days ago
i saw a question "why do i look in the mirror and see myself?" supposed to be just a random question. and someone answered a huge, long infomatic paragraph about mirrors and light reflection, and how mirrors are made.
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Zion Originally Answered: How do i get them to stop with their obnoxious PDA's?!?
any advice on what? how to ignore these morons? stop obsessing over a boy who isn't interested. ignore them. there are 7 billion people in the world and there's no reason to obsess over 2 of them (or one of them). Stop focusing on your social life, this isn't nearly as important as you think it is, everybody in school thinks that they're social life is important, IT ISN'T, none of it matters, you'll probably forget it ever happened in 5-10 years and you wont even meet most of these people again after you graduate. Plus relationships between people younger than 20 are usually very short and the school year isn't very long anyway. you will look back on this and laugh at the fact that you even cared (regardless of how emotional it might be for you). The human mind always seems to look for problems in life, its like we cant live without some sort of problem to solve and as a result people without any real problems create or exaggerate problems so they can feel the same as people with normal problems (known as adults). The problem may feel real but it isn't, just ignore them. JUST IGNORE THEM. you cant make them stop.

Sly Sly
Yes I find this very obnoxious because if you narrow it down to its core the pshych of the people who do this is affected by the notion of getting best answer because they have a long answer. In addition the pencil will not accept the moon as a gift from the stapler unfortunately. Therefore my thesis of shastafas is proven.
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Orson Orson
Depends. Was the question stupid and easy to look up on their own in the first place? Then I believe THAT is obnoxious. The answer simply answers the question, is that not what you want?
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Len Len
No not really. It's unlikely that I'll actually read their essay answer, but I don't find it obnoxious if they write it.
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Len Originally Answered: VOTE- Which is the most obnoxious Y!A behavior?
E. People who frickin copy and paste their WHOLE homework page because they're too stupid to do their own homework and they want us to solve the problems for them.

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