My wife is doing a research paper on teen cell phone use for her adolescent development class . . .?

My wife is doing a research paper on teen cell phone use for her adolescent development class . . .? Topic: My wife is doing a research paper on teen cell phone use for her adolescent development class . . .?
July 20, 2019 / By Ashtaroth
Question: What are your opinions on teen cell phone use? Is it good or bad? Why? Do you feel like it has become an obsession? Do you feel it is detrimental to face to face communication?
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Zophai Zophai | 7 days ago
Actually talking on ur cell phone for too long is really harmfully to ur brain. These two guys did an experiment and they put a raw egg and a cell phone right next to each other (cell was on) and after ONE HOUR the egg was "cooked" this happened because of the radiation cell phones give off. And when u talk ur cell is right next to ur brain so all that radiation can hurt ur brain.
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Sodi Sodi
I have made it very clear I am anti cell phone, only in an emergency, is it practical. Cell phones are overly used, and the lack of face to face communication is dwindling. Which in reality, are leaving alot of the teenagers unable to cope with society as they are in their own little world with their "precious" cell phones. Who is to blame for this? The parents who allow their children to converse online to others and use their cell phones to text whomever. Next thing you know, their child has a online predator. The parents are left scratching their heads of how this could of happened. TIME TO GET RID OF THE INTERNET FOR THE KIDS AND THE CELL PHONES. THEY ARE NOT A BABYSITTER. It is the parents, up most responsibility, to know where your child is online or who they are getting text messages from and why. These new technologies are not your babysitters, parents. You are their parent. Its your responsiblity to keep your kids safe and communicate with them, ALWAYS! I know most parents feel they can "trust" their children. Please, I was young once. Stay more involved in the technology use. Its not your childrens babysitter or role model in life. YOU ARE. You wanted kids, time to take care of them, instead of letting them roam about, doing whatever, because the parent has no time. Parents found the time to create a child, time to take care of the child. The reason, the cell phone use, is an obsession, its the only communication that most kids get. WAKE UP PARENTS!!
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Orval Orval
I'm not a teen and I don't have one either, but I can't stand seeing them everywhere yapping loudly on their cell phones. The worst is when you're at the mall and they are all in a group talking on their phones at the same time. I don't know if it's good or bad. Guess we'll have to wait to find out, but it seems pretty benign considering a lot of other things they're doing.
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Lenard Lenard
I am still a teen and I need my cell. Without it my mother would literally stalk me. Also I dont make that many calls at home, I make calls in line at the bank or shopping at the food store. As technology accelerates teens will have to use it too because in the future we will need to.
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Jai Jai
I think its okay for a teenager to have a phone, but when they are at work they should have them off. I worked with a girl who had a phone and instead of doing her job she was talking or texting on the phone, instead of her jobs, there are a time and a place for them and work is not one of them,
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Florry Florry
for me and my kids it is great . i know where they are all the time. i can keep in touch with them. and i do believe that it is fine to let children take phones to school as long as they stay shut off. so when kids come out they can get in touch with you.
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As others have pointed out, teen pregnancy rates overall are down quite drastically. Nonetheless, among developed nations, we still have a very high teen pregnancy comparatively. In addition to contraceptive failure (and the far more common occurrence, human error and incorrect use of contraceptives), far too many teenagers do not use contraception, which is often the result of a mix of factors: 1) Ignorance. According to the Guttmacher Institute, 41% of teenagers (regardless of the type of sexuality education they received) know little or nothing about condoms and 75% know little or nothing about oral contraception. One in three teenagers claims to have never had any formal education on birth control, suggesting that even those not necessarily enrolled in abstinence only programs are still unable to access critical sexual health information. (http://www.guttmacher.org/pubs/FB-Teen-S... ) 2) Lack of access. "Conscience clause" laws protect pharmacists who feel it is immoral to provide birth control to teenagers, which means even if a girl gets a prescription for birth control, she may not be able to actually get that prescription filled: http://abcnews.go.com/WhatWouldYouDo/sto... 3) Fear or shame. For plenty of young people, if they are caught having contraception on them, it can mean punishment, disappointing their parents, or, in cases of abusive homes, risking injury and violence. Unfortunately, we live in a society where some folks are more likely to be lenient if someone comes to them saying "I'm sorry, I was trying to be abstinent, but we just got swept away and it happened!" as opposed to saying "I'm making the conscious choice to have premarital sex and take precautions to protect myself", but it's the truth. And that's just from one's elders- take a look at one's peers. Teenagers who carry condoms on their person are highly likely to be judged, as I write about here: http://cand86.tumblr.com/post/9320103791... 4) Pressure or coercion. Many teenagers lack the ability to confidently navigate and negotiate safe sex with their partners- girls may feel too shy to broach the subject, or if they do tentatively request that their partner use a condom, they may back down if he reacts negatively (i.e. some guys may shame her and tell her that it means she doesn't trust or really love him, or may imply that he will look for sex elsewhere if she won't give him the kind he wants). Considering the stereotype that condomless sex is more pleasurable, many guys may pressure their partners to not use condoms. 5) They want to get pregnant. Like it or not, some girls idealize teenage pregnancy and intentionally seek it out, or are okay with the possibility of it happening. Sometimes, if youth in a community have no opportunities awaiting them after graduation- if they do not have to look forward to college or a career, they may not see any reason to be particularly careful in avoiding pregnancy, not the way that middle and upper-class girls have a very compelling reason to not get pregnant. There are also girls who think that having a baby will make their partners stay with them, or will prove their love. 6) They took a risk. Young people are risk takers; this we know. Combine all the information above (particularly #3), and let's say you have two teenagers in the backseat of a car who find themselves wanting to go further, but without a condom- at this point in time, they're far more likely to say "It'll be okay." and go for it than to stop. Hope that helps!

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