Should religious individuals be allowed to run for president?

Should religious individuals be allowed to run for president? Topic: Should religious individuals be allowed to run for president?
June 16, 2019 / By Aubrey
Question: Let me begin by clarifying what I mean by religious individuals. I'm not talking about politicians who keep their personal beliefs out of their political decisions. I'm talking about politicians who clearly mix their religious and political decisions. Politicians like Michelle Bachmann. Why is this a problem? I think our country would be better off if all of our politicians did not refer to their personal beliefs but instead critically analyzed our nation's problems and came up with solutions that benefit as many people as possible. Our former president Bush was an individual who mixed religious and political beliefs. At the end of his term he said that he did not regret any of his actions because he answers to a higher power and look what that got us; multiple wars and the precursory events that led to the current economic and job crises. Michelle Bachmann is the same way. She has said that she believes that being gay is a mental disease and a form of bondage and suffering (a contradictory statement). It is on these grounds that she has determined that gay marriage and gay adoption is unconstitutional. She is willing to treat people as second class citizens to satisfy her personal religious beliefs. On top of that, she is willing to ignore the separation of church and state since she supports government funding of adoption agencies that discriminate among potential adopters, namely gays. Clearly Michelle Bachmann and other politicians like her lack the ability to put their personal beliefs aside and think critically to produce solutions that will benefit the nation. Do we really want someone like her running our country? Would America be better off with politicians who are not religious?
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Abaigael Abaigael | 5 days ago
No, because they're infringing on personal freedoms and rights and running the country in her own interests, not the interests of the American people. Bachmann is a bully and social tyrant, and she should NEVER be voted in. Same goes for such people as Rick Perry and Sarah Palin. If someone is religious but keeps it personal, that's fine. Just like if an atheist ran but kept their non-belief in their personal life, it's fine. It's when their personal life becomes part of the public life (through such things as government), THEN it's a problem. Also, gay marriage and gay adoption isn't unconstitutional. Actually her withholding it is, because she's holding back civil rights (violation of the Fourteenth Amendment) and enforcing religious beliefs (violation of the First Amendment), and basing it off of emotional reasoning, which is very, very bad.
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Spencer Spencer
Michelle Bachmann is horrible. She is ignorant, small-minded and petty. She lacks any depth whatsoever and the idea that she could run the country is laughable. I really don't care whether or not my politicians are religious. I just want them to do a good job. The ones who try to use the power of their elected office to force their personal religious beliefs on everyone bother me a great deal.
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Osmond Osmond
Of course. Running for president is about ideas and ways to change how the environment and health care and etc. The difference is not in intelligence. It's on the foundation of their education. Intelligent people who are indoctrinated into a faith can build marvellously intricate palaces of rationalization atop the shoddy vapour of their beliefs about gods and the supernatural; what scientists and atheists must do is build their logic on top of a more solid basis of empirical evidence and relentless self-examination. The difference isn't their ability to reason, it is what they are reasoning about.
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Leopold Leopold
people who dont have any belief in god scare me as narcissistic and selfish, to stand up to a higher purpose is of its self a more noble purpose than any godless candidate conversely if a candidate uses a political bend to ostracize a non affiliated group (such as nazi's and ew's) or a catholic to ostracize a mormon or vis versa im just as disturbed in short im always disturbed at the political fodder that is shoveled on me every election
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